Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thankful Thursday

 Thankful for girls who turn 3
and the fun they bring to our family
 Thankful she can't always figure out how to open the fridge...
 Thankful she has built in friends!
Ava did not want Sweetie Pie to dance with her
she wanted to dance alone, 
the girls had a Kidsbop CD on and she definetely
was not used to dancing with lots of little girls 
and made it clear she wanted to dance alone!
(so funny)
 Thankful she's such a good mama to her babies...
 Thankful for Christine's Pinterest...I get lots of ideas there!
 This is those canned cinnamon rolls, easy peasy in the waffle maker
the kids like these on "Waffle Wednesday"
 (only once in a while)
 Thankful for sharing ice cream cones in the summer with sisters...
 Thankful (still) for piggy tails...
 and play times at the park....
 Thankful for newly 8 year old girls...with angel kisses
 and the sweetest disposition ever.
She's growing up right before my eyes...please stop growing!
Lord, help me to savor these days....
 Thankful for fall leaves and preserving them best we can....

 Thankful for gymnastics, our new sport, something they all love!
(it's so fun to watch them!)
 Thankful for apple painting....
 and trampoline games!
(Jedi jumps now but not when others are on, 
he made up a game called "wolf attack"
 where the girls are jumping and playing in the woods, 
and he is the wolf and attacks them)
Thankful his foot fully healed!
 Thankful for bright blue eyes, curly curls and 3 year olds
 and 6 year olds, and 
Thankful for homemade cookies
(I asked the kiddos what they prefer, store bought cookies,
 like the Sam's Club yummy ones,
or homemade ones, hands down, they all picked homemade! 
I feel the guilt just typing this)
Thankful I found time to bake some!
 Thankful for the man of my life that is also the love of my life
 Thankful for babies in the sink (bye bye baby tub)
 Thankful for back fat, can't you just feel it through the picture?
soft as can be, how cute is that?
 Thankful for sweet little red heads that can sit up now!!
Thankful for 7th grade boys 
he's not only not late for school 
OK, yes we homeschool,
but, he is very diligent and works really hard 
to finish in a timely manner every day!

Thankful for so much more, 
but hopefully this catches you up a little!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
God's blessings to you all.

Great Movie!

Finally in video!! 
 Tom took Jedi when it was in the theater.
  I finally got to see it last night!
It did not disappoint.
I will not give any spoilers, but I will say
The Hulk has the greatest part, 
If you've seen it, you know what I'm talking about, 
If not, well, 
you need to see it. 
I rewound it and watched that particular part twice.
This movie has great one liners.
"Hulk, SMASH!"

Monday, September 24, 2012

Oklahoma Audition Dance 2012-2013

My 10 year old, daughter is finally old enough to try out for our Homeschool Theatre and has been memorizing this dance!  (I think we all have it memorized now!)  The young man in the video was homeschooled himself and is the director.  He's very talented and we are very blessed to have him!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Give Me Five!

Giggles, bounces and high fives!
(Sorry Google Reader People, you need to come over to see these!)
Last one, I promise!

Baby Cuteness

Baby chubs, super soft skin, giggles, bright eyes, baby fuzz
 and baby tumminess!


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Attention Google Readers!

New header picture!
proof that age 3 should be the "terrible 3's" instead of age 2 being called "terrible 2's"!!
(hee hee, just kidding, with a little truth to it)

This was taken the 2nd day of school....mid August, before Sim's chubbed out!

Simeon Update

This is the fuzzy head Christine was talking about!
It's one of those blessings that come with babies!
I love the fuzz head time, it goes away so fast, 
so I'm kissin' it as often as I can!
(you might have to click on the pictures to see that red fuzz!)
Gosh, where do I start?
I'll start with an update on little Simeon!
He, as of last Friday weighed 15 pounds, 11 ounces!!
That supplementing breastmilk with formula is chubbing him out, 
and we are loving it!!

He will need surgery, on his Ureters.  They are both obstructed.
Both kidneys are fully functioning though, which is good.
His surgery is scheduled for December 18th, 
he'll be in the Minneapolis Children's Hospital 
for 3 days and home in time for his birthday!
(and Christmas)
Prayers much appreciated!!

Here's Christine, on my 43rd birthday!!
I'll try to "catch up" in  "Thankful Thursday" type posts

Monday, September 17, 2012

YLC 2012 - A Joliet Vocations Story

My friend Kim, posted this on her blog and I just had to share, it had me laughing and dancing in my seat!!  Our computer is finally up and working after a summer basically without it!  (it was up for a day last week, then down again, just enough time for me to charge my i-pod)  SO, hopefully, I'll have some time to post once in a while!

Until, then, watch this til the end, it's great!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Grandpa Shuffling

I heard this song today and it reminded me of Grandpa shuffling and had to share it with you!

Our computer is dead.
It got fixed in June, but not really.

I can't do pictures, but wanted to post something.

Life has been busy
As it has been for everyone, I'm sure.

Sweetie Pie turned 3 last week.
My sweet little curly haired girly, is 3. 
She's such a big girl now.

Mary Hannah turns 8 tomorrow.
The loooong awaited number 8!

Next weekend is Tom's 45th birthday
my 43rd birthday, which will end our 4 birthday in 2 weeks marathon!

Simeon weighs (as of Friday) 14 pounds 7 ounces!! 
He's chubbing right before our eyes,
He's getting rubber band hands
and chins galore!
He turned 8 months last week!!
8 months!
I've been catching myself wondering what I'll do with all the extra time I'll have next spring when I'm done pumping breastmilk all the time...(I pump 2 1/2 bottles each time, which sometimes takes over an hour, but am down to every 5-6 hours now only)

We started school 2 weeks ago
The first week went OK
The first day of the 2nd week didn't go so well
I ended up screaming, a crazy mama scream, literally,
and took the 4 youngest to the park for a picnic to escape
the 2 oldest complaints and arguments they had for the teacher (me)

I cried all the way to the park
and then, prayed, with the 4 littles.
Begging for God's mercy.
and Grace,
the Grace He gives to us when we ask.

And then,
The rest of the week went pretty good.

Grace, I tell you
And Mercy.

Simeon goes to the Minneapolis Children's Hospital this Thursday for his tests.
Those long tests that are awful, but very much needed to see how his kidneys are doing.

Not sure what to pray for, if he needs surgery, I'm fine with it, if not, I'm fine with it.
I accept God's will whatever way and am praying that way.

If they put him out for the Lasics Renalgram, they have not told us that, if you were wondering.
That's the test, he will have to lie still for 50 minutes, while dye goes through his IV.

Grace and Mercy
That's how I pray.
That's what I live on

God bless you, with Graces and Mercy!


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