Thursday, February 28, 2013

Life Takes Over Sometimes

 Just a quick check in with all of you
Life has been busy
 The kids are growing, laughing, screaming, fighting
playing, schooling, smiling and crying....

I'll try to get Simeon outside for the next picture!
(It's just that I had to kick the kiddos out for some peace and quiet
and Simeon requires me to go too)
In other words, life has taken over
I'll try to post soon....some Thankfuls are in order!
In the meantime, God bless you!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Here's an update from my friend Lisa's CaringBridge site:

The Dr. came in this morning and requested that she be disconnected from the machines.  She still has regular blood pressure checks and occasional oxygen.   The Dr. said that she is doing remarkable and that the surgery could not of  gone any better. 

Lisa is doing well, she has moved from the hospital bed to the chair :)  The physical therapist will be in shortly to help her try and stand/walk around. 

Thanks for the continued thoughts and prayers!

(written by her sister in law)

Friday, February 22, 2013

Please Pray

I  have a friend, Lisa, who is having a tumor removed from her brain on Tuesday, February 26th.
She has 6 beautiful living children, the youngest being about 9 months. (she found the tumor when he was just 3 days old)  She's just weaned him, which has been emotional for both her and her sweet baby.  She is flying out of state for this surgery and her First Sergeant husband is on active duty at a training school, in another state, until March.

She is fighting the insurance company because of a technicality of same numbers for 2 completely different surgeries...of course the insurance company won't recognize this and wants her to have her surgery in Rochester.  (the wrong surgery)

Please pray for her, her insurance issues, her beautiful family, her husband who so wants to be by his wife's side, and can't, and for the surgeon, doctors and nurses caring for her, and also for safe travel for all coming to help her during this time of need.

Thank you so much.  She appreciates any prayers you could spare.
I begged her to let me post this for her.

I'll try to keep you posted when I find out anything after Tuesday!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

I'm Sorry


So sorry.  It was P.M.S.  
Really.  I should have known.
It came today.

Dang hormones.

Thank you ladies.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Even in Minnesota...

 2 of my favorite things:
1. Babes in the sink
2. fresh cut flowers

I'm feeling a little down about, oh,
the weather,
 (it's almost March and no melt-down in sight)
 my weight, 
ADD/ODD stuff, 
marriage stuff,
 another surgery coming (next month), 
 in the slumps with our schedule,
 our meals, 
swim lessons to figure out,
I think I only have enough frozen milk to get Sims to the end of March,
(maybe into April a little)
Doctor appts,
(you name it, eye, dentist, therapists, plastic surgeons-x6 kids)
I miss my friend Sarah (she lives in Fargo)
The fears and worries I have constantly, like
do I show enough attention to each child?
Do they feel loved or lost?
Christine stopped blogging

I'm not feeling very "Thankful"

(but I am thankful)

I've got a painting job in the upstairs bathroom half done.
I don't like half done things.
I can't find one of our library books (anywhere)
(yes, I prayed over and over to St Anthony)
(we just paid like $12 in late charges on one of Jedi's books)
The library and I have a love/hate relationship

The kids--all of them--at the same time
have coughs--up all night coughs, since last Friday.
(They are getting better though)
(and thank goodness it was at the same time, otherwise, you know,
a cough could go on for weeks with 6 kiddos)

Anyone ever read
Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day?
(And did you catch my title?--Get it?)
  (And, I can never remember how books/movies/plays, etc are supposed to be emphasized)

At least the toilet did not overflow with pee and poopie all over today (yet)

I'm failing LENT miserably 

What's a mama to do?
Forget it all
and play!
Play-dough and play restaurant on the agenda!  

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thankful St Valentine's Day Thursday!

Thankful for these sweet kiddos!
With each child, my heart grows fuller and I am able to love more
and more!
More than I ever thought possible
Thankful for all the virtues that God is working on in me through these!
Thankful for this idea found on Pinterest!
Morning heart cinnamon rolls (from a can!)
 Thankful for our Love tree!
Thankful for all the beautiful love quotes and love Bible verses...
Thankful these were done years ago and we can take them out every year!
 Thankful I got my Valentine done for my husband!
I had to keep it clean, all the kids read it!  
He told me this morning it was the best gift he's ever been given!
(Thank you Pinterest)
 Thankful We got our Valentines done yesterday!
I found this cute idea for Mad Lib Valentines HERE
I'm Mad About YOU!
The little ones did not understand that one at all, 
"Why would you tell someone something MAD?"

 Thankful for our beautiful snow today!!
Thankful for beautiful pink and white flowers!
(they make the snow even prettier, don't they?)
 Thankful it looks as if God painted our world 

 Thankful for cute Valentine snacks!
Thankful for Valentine parties, I'm hosting!
Last year, I was not up to it at all, 
this year, I'm up for one family! 
(plus a friend for Jedi) 
Small and simple...treasure hunt, decorate Valentine bags,
 do some Valentine crafts and play play play
 If Love were a color....or a food....
 My little Sims
Thankful he is aware of being up on things and being "stuck"
It's time to teach him the stairs...down on the tummy, feet first!
I teach them young, then I don't need to worry so much!
 Colleen had a fun Love interview with her kiddos and asked me to do it too!
Jedi age -almost 13
Who loves you? 
 Mom, Dad, my family & God
When do you feel the most loved?
My birthday
Whom do you love?
My family and God
How do you show someone that you love them?
If love was a color, it would be:
If love was a food, it would be:
If love was an animal, it would be:
A deer
What's your favorite love song?
50 Ways to Say Goodbye
(my kids have NOT seen the video)
He later recanted and said his favorite love song would have to be Star Wars...

"Rosie" age 10 1/2
Who loves you? 
All the people in Heaven and my family
When do you feel the most loved?
When someone hugs me.
Whom do you love?
My family and God
How do you show someone that you love them?
By being nice to them
If love was a color, it would be:
Light pink
If love was a food, it would be:
A box of chocolates
If love was an animal, it would be:
A horse
What's your favorite love song?
 "Mary Hannah" age 8

Who loves you? 
God, my family and my angels
When do you feel the most loved?
On family game night because everyone is having fun
Whom do you love?
God, my family and my angels
How do you show someone that you love them?
Draw them pictures and hug and kiss them and by helping out
If love was a color, it would be:
If love was a food, it would be:
(finally someone picks FOOD)
If love was an animal, it would be:
A Love bird
What's your favorite love song?
 "Colette" age 6 1/2

Who loves you? 
When do you feel the most loved?
When mommy takes me on mommy dates and 
when daddy takes me on daddy dates!
Whom do you love?
My whole family and everyone! 
I love everyone!
How do you show someone that you love them?
Hug and kiss them and I like to give people pictures
If love was a color, it would be:
Pink and red and yellow and orange
(her favorite colors)
If love was a food, it would be:
Chocolate chip cookies

If love was an animal, it would be:
A dog. Not big ones that jump on me though.
What's your favorite love song?
Sweetie Pie 3 1/2
Who loves you? 
When do you feel the most loved?
Reading books
Whom do you love?
Mommy and daddy
How do you show someone that you love them?
Big hugs and a kiss
If love was a color, it would be:
She pointed to bright pink
If love was a food, it would be:
If love was an animal, it would be:
A deer
What's your favorite love song?

Thankful for the love of my life!

Happy St Valentine's Day everyone!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Great Pro-Life Movie!

I watched this movie over the weekend, 
every time I folded clothes, little by little.
(Via Netflix)

I was so impressed with the pro-life message, with famous people
in this movie!  

Dean Cain, you are my new Hollywood Hero.

P.S.  I'm posting like crazy today...see more posts below...and hopefully 
Thankful's coming next....

Lent is More

I'm feeling a little like my mailbox here
Today is Ash Wednesday
I had big plans, big plans
(not really)
Well, they never got out of my head and onto a list
I'm out of scotch tape, 
(because of our Valentine's)
so I can't hang up our Stations of the Cross or
our Countdown of days til Easter
And that countdown of days?
Our printer is out of ink,
so it can't be printed anyway.

These little things can make me feel like my mailbox
It seems everyone in Blog world had plans
Big plans 
for Lent

Giving up things right and left
Writing meal plans for meatless Fridays

When trying to think inbetween kiddos
needing things constantly
(which is near impossible to get one complete thought out)

I decided that Lent is More
It's not less
It doesn't have to be "giving up"

It can be 
More prayer
More exercise
More sacrifices
More patience
More Love
MORE of anything that brings us closer to God

These little things done every day
can add up to be a very fruitful Lent

I might not have all my meals planned for 6 weeks,
or great lists and links of things to do
or even any great spiritual reads
my lent might already seem like it's going to be a long 6 weeks
and things might not have gone the way I planned for today,
That's OK
God knows my heart
He meets me right where I am

Even if I'm feeling like my mailbox right now.

(for Lent Inspiration from past years go HERE)

Little Maestro

"Perfecto, now let's do it again!"

"What?  No more Alleluia's til Easter?
Well, OK, it's going to be a long 6 weeks..."

Monday, February 11, 2013

Do Your Kids Do This?

I would never, ever, ever getting back together
Oops, I got carried away there.
 I mean I would never ever ever do this.
They act like it's warm water or something!
(Google Readers: there's a video here)
I will gladly video tape though, and snap pictures!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Nostalgic Reasons

 I started working out (after a 1 year,10 month break)
and realized I needed some workout shoes.
I couldn't resist and had to buy these blue and yellow Nike's
Because, they were in my price range
My very first pair of Nike's were in, I think 6th grade.
I saved all summer
and bought them for $28
(which was a lot back then)
They were these same colors
for nostalgic reasons,
I had to get them
Here they are!
My old shoes!!
I was so cool.
I thought I was, til 
the first day of school,
everyone else had these.
I got these the next year.
I was so cool.

I still am.
Did you see my new shoes?
(up top)

I started Weight Watchers Monday
I didn't join or anything
I know the point system,
I just count the points (calories)
and write it all down

I'm done pumping.
(as of today)
It took me all of January to go from every 6 hours 
to every 2 days
As I am pumping my last ounce, right now.

Did you hear me?

I am done pumping!!

I'm emotional about it.
I'm not going to talk about it.

The last week and a half or so,
my body has needed me to start exercising again and to 
start lowering my calorie intake big time
I didn't really need to watch it while pumping so much
I could actually eat whatever I wanted and not gain anything.

Not anymore.
Now that I have more time
I'm not pumping for hours
I can focus on losing this accumulated weight from each kiddo

I walked yesterday on the treadmill for 23 minutes
did 24 push ups (on the treadmill while stretching--do you do this?)
and jumped on my mini tramp for 5 minutes

I can't move today.
It felt so good to exercise yesterday that I kind of over did it.
I love to exercise.
I had to make myself stop
(the baby needed me)

I tried to make this short
I have so many posts in my head

***I have to add to this, that I actually got one whole bottle, 
4.5 I might keep doing it every other day like now, it's so hard to give up!***


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

His First Step Caught on Tape

While doing "So Big!"
My little brave boy, who is afraid of nothing
(except doctors touching his face)
just out of the blue, took his first step!
I keep watching this and it makes me laugh every time!
I do not think the kid will actually walk
I think he will run
He's such a busy boy!

We are going to the doctor today for a 6 week check up-post kidney surgery
I'm nervous.
Please, could you spare an extra prayer for him and the mama?

We also need prayers, for his next surgery coming up
We meet with his plastic surgeon again the beginning of March
(we met with him last week)
He wants to do surgery end of March, first part of April
Which means his premaxilla, (that front part sticking out) 
needs to move quite a bit down and into his mouth in the right place.

His surgery will be on his palate.  Closing it.
He needs it done, and the doctors prefer doing it before 18 months, 
because it puts babies quite a bit behind in speech, without it done.

He'll then go from a bottle to a cup
and his food will no longer come out his nose!  (yay!)

Our prayer is for his premaxilla to move into place and for his surgery to be successful.
(you can see it has quite a bit to move yet)
I'll post another update as we get closer and we know more details

Thank you so very much for your precious prayers for my sweet baby!

Simeon's appointment went great!  
He can now be off the antibiotic he's been on since July!! 
He does not need to see the kidney specialist for 6 months!

Thank you for your continued prayers, they are such a blessing!

Monday, February 4, 2013


 Thankful Oh, Lord, for so  much!
I do these "Thankfuls" to remind myself of all the blessings
even though life can be hard and messy at times,
the blessings are always there too.

 Thankful for girls painting snowmen!
 Thankful for tea parties, anywhere, anytime with these sweet girls
Thankful for baby tennies!!
Aren't those just adorable?
Thankful for hot cocoa mustaches!! 
Thankful for little brothers watching big sisters! 
Thankful I finally taught her to tie shoes!!  
(Colette is learning too)
I  know, it's late, it's just one of those things
they don't have many tie shoes!
Thankful for family game night!
it's such a fun time to just enjoy eachother
Kiss the baby..who doesn't want to be kissed constantly
I can't help it little baby!
Thankful for crying 3 year olds...
It wouldn't be game night (or any night for that matter)
If the current 3 year old didn't cry at some point..
Thankful for busy, busy babies! 
He is constantly on the go!  
Look at his forehead--bumps!!  
Thankful for warm fuzzy snuggly jammies!

Thankful for daddies who play games with the kids every day!
He's been home on a "home vacation" for the past 3 weeks!! 
His first day back was today...we are missing him!  
Thankful for Tom, who works hard every day, so I can stay home
and be with the kiddos!
Thankful I took the time to enjoy this sunset, and take a quick picture
and a quick picture of the arctic snow we have, glistening--it is iced 
from our below zero temps we've had this past week
Thankful we have kids who love to shovel for $3each!
Thankful Rosie got 5 fish, and 3 are still living....
Thankful they all love watching the fish
Simeon gets a little over excited and bangs on the tank!
Thankful we have an air hockey table so the girls can make Barbie houses...
Thankful for that sweet little tongue!!
(please forgive my dirty floor, we do sweep every night!)
Thankful for sweet babies driving cars!
Thankful another "mommy date" completed!
We went to Old Country Buffet (again) her choice
Good thing I like their salad!
We went to the library afterward and brought along my recipes,
we are putting them into a cookbook for her.
She's always asking for my recipes!
Thankful for praying babies!
He loves to pray, then quickly claps and wants us to all cheer for him!
Thankful for Sunday Sundaes!
(during the Superbowl!  Daddy watched, I didn't)
Thankful for that sweet little tongue...Did I already say that?
(I said we do sweep every night!)

Thankful for these visitors this morning during school!  

Thankful for all of you--God bless You!


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