Tuesday, January 28, 2014


First, I wanted to share a couple of my current favorite songs:

And that tub scene, ummm, they are married.
I'm sure of it.

I love the young love and the old love.

Waiting for Superman....Love this!
(I have my Superman--Tom)

I love pretty much anything Daughtry.
Anyone remember him from American Idol?
He was my pick.

 Onto Downton Abbey!!

These two made me kind of, I don't know, sad.
Or maybe glum.
Yeah, I was glum about them.
 Til this last episode!!
Yay!  It was a great one!
(OK, except that she was still technically lying)

Here they are in real life.
Amazing transformations, huh?
They must put on pastey white make up or something for the show
They are glowing here!

And this is why I don't jog or run.
(or jump on the trampoline)
I'm serious.
Ask anyone who knows me.

Oh, what should I do with my hair?
It's long and curly and driving me crazy right now.

The Comprehensive Elimination Diet

Anyone hear of it?
Anyone try it and survive?

Tom has had some serious health issues
he's been home from work since Christmas.
His doctor put him on this diet,
to clean out his system,
so maybe his body will respond better.

He cannot have:
Sugar or artificial sweeteners, not even honey
Beef or Pork
No coffee or tea

He can have Chicken or Turkey if it is all natural and raised organically
And he can have lamb
(do you know how expensive those meats are?)

Basically he's living on beans and brown rice.
He can have fruit
He does not like veggies
(which he can have)
He can have almonds and walnuts

He did not care for the almond milk...we tried it in a smoothie for him...but without the yogurt,
it just was NOT good.
I actually liked the almond milk plain. (a little)
And, NO, he does not like coconut milk, or ANYTHING COCONUT!!
(I love coconut milk and use it for my smoothies!)

It's only 30days...29days...28 days...
Hoping and praying this works.

Will you please pray for him?

I can take just about anything, if it is happening to me,
but when it is happening to people I love, 
and I'm helpless...well...it's way harder. 


  1. When I'm hungry,I'm cranky! Worse than the children! I hope your guy is not one of those. I buy that same brand almond milk but I buy the blend.. Coconut/Almond. If you haven't tried it yet, pick some up. If Tom doesn't like it you can froth it up yummy for chai.
    Btw.Michael Francis..fabulous and twelve big ones baby!! Thank you for the prayers! Xoxo

    1. Handful--he's actually pretty good natured, he's not a baby that's for sure. I'd be crabby as heck if it were me...plus he's already feeling like crap.

      I added to my post: HE HATES ANYTHING COCONUT!!

      But I like coconut milk in my smoothies!

      SO happy your sweet baby is such a big boy now!! Love you!!

  2. Okay, the comic of the trampoline had me in stitches, and I do not jog either for those very reasons!! I have all episodes of Downton UK version, am watching 6 tonight, I really wasn't happy with how 5 ended...

    Tagged you with a fun award on my blog, check it out and play along if you like :)

    1. Uk version? How did you do that? Did you buy them? Great idea!!

      I've heard there a lot of bad things that happen this season...nice.
      I"m enjoying this short happy time for Bates and Anna....

      Thank you so much, you are so sweet--I'll be over later...I have an appt for my daughter this morning...just quick answering comments!

  3. Hi Jamie Jo!!
    LOVED your comic... :-D I just cinch up tight and jump anyway!! (I bought that trampoline after Sarah sold me on it at your house this summer..... ) haha!

    Will pray for Tom. And all of your family.

    Also, I saw Daughtry in concert a few years back!! They opened for Bon Jovi at the X. Fantastic live! My very own Superman accompanied me to that concert. :-)

    Love and Blessings to you, my friend!!

    1. Oh, I do!! You know, I've gotten so many injuries from that stupid thing, I decided to just let the kids use it. (expensive toy, huh?) How are you doing with it?

      Thanks for the prayers, I appreciate it so much!

      Love and blessings to you too sweetheart!

  4. I will pray for him AND I will send you some recipes (but I can't this week, I'll be mostly away from the computer). I spent a year as a vegetarian and learned a lot of filling meal ideas. Also, try the almond breeze (unsweetened) - it is mixed with coconut milk and much creamier. I am so sorry he has been so sick.
    Sorry, I truly wish I had long curly hair, I think yours is beautiful!! I am quite the Downton Fan and almost couldn't get through that story line. I was so happy they came to a better place but am fearful about the whole "its not over"

    1. OH, thank you 9Peas! I have some recipes, the doctor gave us a handout with a few, and Tom starred the ones he'd eat. We have a crispy bar recipe, it was OK, he is eating them for a snack...we also have a banana bread and applesauce bread yet to make. He doesn't care for Quinoa, but we are going to try a recipe using it...Last night he had refried beans, the fat free kind, (the regular ones have added things he can't have!) with jalepeno pepper cut up into it....Hey, it's a veggie! (he hates veggies) On Monday, I made sliced potatoes, fried in Olive oil with spicy seasonings and black beans...he liked it. I'm not going to say he LOVED anything, but hey, he liked it.

      We have some fresh frozen fish...Tilapia and I think it was called "Maii" anyway...we cooked some the other night, used the wrong seasonings (he picked) so we will try again tonite...

      I'd LOVE some of your recipes!

      Yes, about Downton...I'm happy now, but know it will not stay happy.

  5. So sorry Tom has to go through all this. It is so hard to find comfort when you can't eat what you want -- for most of us who find comfort in food. I'll look through my recipes to see what I can find. Maybe he'll eat veggies if he gets hungry enough? Desperate enough? Try freezing the almond milk in ice cube trays before you add them to the smoothie. Use a frozen banana and lots of sweet frozen berries.

    1. If he likes hot beverages there are a lot of herbal teas (have no tea in them) that are really good. There are also non-coffee coffees. I checked them out when I was having serious bladder issues.

    2. He does not like ANYTHING COCONUT!! (but I love coconut milk in my smoothies!) He also does not like HERBAL teas...but he loves regular teas....I love herbal teas! (OK< love is a strong word, I like them)

      He will eat radishes...and he cut up a jalepeno pepper in his refried beans last night! That's about it for veggies....said he'd eat celery with almond butter, but is yet to do it. Like you said, if he's hungry enough...maybe he will!

      We also did the banana thing, (my idea) and it made it a little better, but with the almond milk, he just couldn't drink it. We are going to try that frozen banana thing where you blend it til it's like ice cream....he'll like that.

      Thanks for your help--and prayers!

      He is especially missing MEAT and POPCORN!! He usually has popcorn almost every night.

    3. Maybe fruit juice in the smoothie would be better. The Minute maid blueberry pomegranate juice is great (find it by the fresh on). Or try fresh apple juice. I read about a smoothie the other day with an apple, almonds, and yogurt, but you could just make apple, frozen apple juice and almonds. Fresh apple juice would have no sugar in it.

    4. We tried the fruit juice with mixed frozen berries, it was OK, pretty strong. I like to add bananas, I think it makes the texture better, but he thinks it takes over the flavor....I actually made my smoothie for lunch today with almond milk--I LOVED it! (but I can have Greek yogurt in mine) He had one of those frozen banana things where you blend a frozen banana til it's the texture of ice cream...(2 bananas) He is to the point where he'd rather not eat than eat this "crap" as he calls it. 28 days left...

  6. Somehow, my whole comment just got wiped out, but I am praying for Tom and hoping this will turn up something good for him. I could not believe what happened to her on DA- I hope he doesn't try to get revenge or anything. And your cartoon was hilarious- and one I can relate to, as well!

    1. Thank you for your prayers Shelly!

      I have a feeling Bates is going to figure out it's that bad butler guy and get revenge...I think they should let one couple be happy and make others have probs...

  7. Love Daughtry--he was our pick that year (which was also one of our favorite years of watching American Idol).

    Who knew Anna and Bates were such lookers?!

    I really feel for your husband, because I love food and would not be very happy with all of those restrictions. Poor guy--I'll pray for him.

    1. I think that might have been the last year we watched American Idol!! The kids would love to watch, but they keep you hanging on for so many hours and hours of TV, I hate that. That year was my favorite year too though, I remember that!

      Tom said today, he'd rather not eat than eat the "crap" he can.

  8. Oh no! Poor guy, adding him and you all to my prayers. There are no veggies he likes? Maybe cooking them differently? Like steaming? I am sure you have thought of it all though, so I will just send prayers! Hide spinach in his smoothies. Tell him they are green because of food dye, lol.

    I like your hair! I just chopped all mine off and I miss my long hair. I had to though as it was damaged and trims weren't cutting it. :(

    Downton Abbey is making me sad too. I wish the one scene with Anna wasn't so graphic, though. Sigh. Anyway, it is going to get worse before it gets better, that is for sure. I might help Bates, if he asks me, but I don't think he will, so I am safe. :)

    1. Ummmm....veggies he likes....jalepeno peppers (which he chopped and put into his fat free refried beans last night for supper) (regular refried beans have things in he can't have) He likes some, but not plain, like he likes mushrooms----on PIZZA!! He likes radishes..(sometimes) but doesn't want any...and we got celery for his "almond butter" but he is yet to have any. It's only been 2 days....

      I am on strict orders to NOT sneak spinach in his food. Hahah!

      Oh, I won't go too short...like I won't do a Locks for Love cut or anything. Last time I did that, I told myself to remember never to cut my hair that short again.

      I know, that scene really stuck with me too. It was really not that graphic, they didn't even show anything, but it was so surprising, I was not expecting that AT ALL!

      I Know,I would have told him too...he won't come to us though...

  9. Gosh...not sure on the dietary stuff except we use (and like) Silk Almond milk...chocolate flavor or vanilla flavor, but not the plain. Can you prepare him smoothies and add banana? Banana covers almost all icky tastes. Go stealth and see if he notices. Sorry about it. He's on my prayers list, Jamie Jo.

    The real life picture of my favorite married couple...wow! What a huge difference? I think he is more handsome in that second photo. And she? She is cute no matter what, but I think it has a lot to do with her onscreen personality, too.

    Hair. Don't go drastic. You can't have it back for a long time. Go shorter, but within reason. You can always take more off if you want. Do you have layers? I'm talking long layers. That helps take the weight out of mine.

    Have a happy hump day!

    1. Smoothies really need that creamy texture of YOGURT!! He had a frozen berry and fruit juice one...but it was pretty strong. Bananas...he had one of those frozen banana in the blender things, where it turns into ice cream texture for lunch...I love bananas....he..not so much. He thinks it takes away the flavor of the good things...like the other fruit. (that he likes better)

      Yeah, isn't Bates handsome? And Anna, yes, cute any way.

      I won't go drastic...I'm 44, I know these things now! Hahaha!
      Yes, I have long layers...I think all I need is a couple inches off and a trim on the layers....

      Happy hump day to you too!!

  10. oh man...him and Jonah would be popcorn buds. Jonah eats all the popcorn in the house. his fav. Men love their meat. I should Brian the no-no list and he said something funny about jumping off something...probably not funny knowing how hard this is for Tom. only 29 more days??? You bloggers should post all these healthy meals. prayers and thoughts for him and back to his healthy self. I love your long dark curls. and your blue blue eyes...you are always so puuuurty. even with boobs flinging and flying around!! ha

    1. Oh, I have to talk to you about constipation...and kids!! Turns out that the kid that had a bladder infection...no infection, just backed up!! (and she is one who eats veggies!)

      Oh,Tom runs on coffee too. He is not into herbal anything.
      Thanks for your prayers...

  11. I SHOWED Brian...not should!! he basically saw the no coffee part. Brian lives and dies for coffee.

    1. SO does Tom. Actually, he's really good natured about it, I'd be crabby as heck without my caffeine!!

  12. Great tunes! I hadn't heard those songs, yet. I've been kinda living off of my pandora stations lately. I skipped you section on DA 'cause Mark and I haven't watched the latest episode. Too tired and honestly it's getting a little depressing and slow….that whole Anna thing was very upsetting. I hate those kind of scenes. Hopefully we'll watch it tonight or tomorrow. I have to catch up on Sherlock's recent episode, too. I'm annoyed I have to wait another week for POI (Person of Interest) episode 14. That exercise pic cracked me up!!! I don't have that problem. ;)

    Your hair is so cute! My hair is long midway down my back and left untreated, frizzy. So on days I care, I straighten it with my flatiron or put smooth waves/curls in it. I love how I can curl my hair with a flat iron. Works way better than the curling iron on my hair, too. What would you do with yours? Go shorter?

    I'll be keeping your husband in my prayers. That's gotta be hard.

    Btw, I might have mentioned this before, but have you seen POI, yet? I think you and Tom would love it. Really.

    1. You'll have to try to come back and tell me if you are happy with DA...we need to get Person of Interest...we have it on our Que, I think it's coming next maybe? Anyway...we are almost done with the last season of The Office...it was really gross the first few episodes of the last season, so we quit watching...but I snuck and saw the finale and LOVED it, so we gave it another try, and I'd say half way through they were not as gross anymore and every show was like it used to be--laugh outloud funny!!

      My hair takes way too long to straighten...and then, if it gets wet at all (snow) it is curly again...I'll probably cut off a couple inches..maybe 3...and long layer it again...the layers are grown out too long now.

      Thanks for the prayers...he needs them (we do)

  13. Hello, Jamie.

    Thank you for your blog. I enjoy reading it.

    I feel for Tom. I had to do a similar diet for a time (but no beans or fruit), and it was brutal. Even though I felt like I ate a lot, I lost so much weight so fast that after a few weeks my doctor finally told me to just start eating whatever I wanted (it wasn't helping my health condition, anyway).

    It must be difficult if he does not like almond or coconut. My health professional suggested hemp milk for its anti-inflammatory properties. It has a distinct taste different from both almond and coconut. I also found hazelnut milk (can he have that?), which was something with a different flavor (at that point all different flavors were a welcome change).

    I did not care for quinoa, so I used millet or amaranth instead. Mixed with fruit and hemp milk or almond milk for hot cereal, it was palatable. If he can have fruit, you can mix that in. Can he have stevia at all? I am told it has little effect on blood sugar. You could probably also substitute cooked millet for quinoa in any recipes you find.

    I feel for you. I know that all the proteins I was allowed were so expensive, as were all the alternatives for milk and grains... It was an expensive diet to be sure. I will keep you all in my prayers. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

    God bless.

  14. I loved Daughtry on American Idol too though I have no idea about any current songs so thanks for sharing!

    The hair? No idea. I'm horrible with that kind of stuff and my own is bothering me. It's the time of year. I get this urge to chop it and try a really short hair do but I know that I cannot pull that off whatsoever.

    Tom's diet... that is rough, especially coming off the standard American diet. Organic meat is expensive. It makes me eat more vegetables. He's only on the diet a short time (for now) but I can say that taste buds start to change over time. I don't think that'll happen in 30 days but if he has to continue it, he hopefully will find the alternatives tasting better as the other foods get out of his system. I don't know Tom's issues but I'm curious that beans are an ok. Legumes (soy is one) can be rough on a system. Perhaps if veggies are prepared in a different way? My kids often eat them if it's a one-pot dish or in a soup or chopped fine and put in something (like meatballs). Will he eat soup? I'm sure I have recipes that are kid-friendly (which in my house means husband-friendly too).

    And jumping on a trampoline? I can't either but for different reasons. Let's just say that after having kids, one simply cannot jump on a trampoline any more. :)


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