Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Thankful for Everyday Life Link-Up

 Thankful for pictures like this,
so I can dream of warmer days,
of God's awesomeness in creating a world 
where this can be happening and going on the very same time
 that this is happening in our part of the world.
 Struggling this year to see the beauty
in our winters...but it's there.
 Thankful bright, fresh flowers can help brighten my view just a little.
 Thankful these fuse beads were taken out this week
 and we have a few new masterpieces...
 Thankful for cute pink cowboy boots
 (if you can call Wal-mart boots actual "Cowboy" boots?!!?)
They are adorable on her and were only 11 I caved
she's barely taken them off since we got them.
 Thankful for these cutie pies...
 hugging and fighting and hugging.
(and giggling and fighting and screaming and playing, running and jumping)
That's how our days are now...
 Thankful for our Easy Bake Oven given to us years and years ago from Aunti Heidi
 They had a baking day the other day...
 Thankful the older kids helped the little kids with it,
they baked with it all afternoon!
(because it takes that long to make just a few cakes)
Oh, what's not to be Thankful in these two?
Thankful the big kids braved the cold the other day
(we are in another cold snap in MN)

 while the littles and I baked cookies!!
Thankful for little helping hands
 And a little watcher patiently waiting his turn
 Thankful I am able to keep track what we've put in and what we have not
 Always Thankful for this
 And Thankful for that chocolate cookie smell in our warm kitchen
 that make the perfect "special treat" for dessert

 My recipe, you ask?
The back of the bag.
Thankful the back of the bag is always a perfect recipe.
(Yay dark, Yay dark!)
 Thankful for paper plates.
Yes, we use them every day at lunch.
 They are a lifesaver.
Am I the only one?
(ummm, that would be one of my kids that eats the hot dog from both ends...)
 Thankful for learning the "plastic knife trick"
Do you know this already?
 (not my picture)
regular knife (like I've always used before this) on the right
plastic knife, on the left.

Plastic knife, perfect cut every time...
Isn't that amazing?
Makes me want to bake some brownies
Thankful I got to go on a date with my husband 
We went to TGI Fridays
I had a burger, it looked like this
This is the reason I could never be a vegetarian.
I need a burger once in a while.
(the rest of the time, I could be a vegetarian though)
 Thankful we found this awesome deal at Wal-mart yesterday, 
on my way to pick up some bird seed 
we spied this once 90 dollar doll house
for 20 bucks!!
20 bucks!!
I came home and told Tom about it and he went back and got it for the girls
(My husband bought me the dream house I've always wanted) 

Yes, I fell in love with him again. 

Thankful my daughter also spied this once 60 or 70 dollar Barbie cruise ship 
for 17 bucks!!
(she paid for it herself) 

Hours of fun, I tell you, hours of fun.

Thankful for a little Steve Winwood in the kitchen while I'm cooking.
(music and Jesus always cheers me up)

Monday, February 24, 2014

The Sound of Music

 Ever since I saw part of the latest version of The Sound of Music
(the play version that was on TV with Carrie Underwood)
I've wanted to find this in DVD
I've been looking and online it was too expensive
Friday I found it at Wal-mart for only 10 bucks!  

(we used to have it in VHS but no longer have a player)
 We had some friends over and watched it Saturday
Oh, my goodness...classic classic classic.
I loved every single scene.
I teared up through several
The color was marvelous, with Blue Ray!
I kept saying, "This is my favorite song!"
"This is my favorite song!"
And my friend was doing the same.

 Look--you have it memorized, don't you?

When do you think they fell in love?
When do you think they knew they were in love?

 Look at that dress!
The wedding was beautiful!
The movie did a perfect job of portraying the Catholic church

 Then and now.
Christopher Plummer was so handsome!
He reminds me of my dad when I was born, my dad had that same hair
and skin tone...

 Julie Andrews
There could not have been anyone more perfect for the role,
nor any of the other roles in this movie.

I saw this first in the theatre, I think it was my first movie as a kid
seeing in a theater...not sure though.

I do know that I watched it every year on TV growing up.

 Then and now

I have to say this is my all time favorite, number one movie!

Anyone want to come watch it again with me?


 This picture was taken last February, around this time

Looking back at pictures from last year, 
we did get quite a bit of wet snow in March and even April,
but it only went up to the bottom of the mailbox
and by April's end, most of the snow was gone...

This picture was taken this past Friday.

I don't think I can throw the snow any higher than this-
we still have March and April snows....

I just thought I'd give some of you southerners some perspective!

Friday, February 21, 2014

A Few Things

 I have 2 episodes of Downton Abbey on my DVR
and just can't find the time to watch!

The babies bug me in the show.
I want to hold them and play with them!
I'm sure it is like that for the very rich,
but, then, they need to show the very poor with their children or something

One time they showed, I think Lady Mary in a car, driving away,
passing the nannies walking the babies, 
and she did not even stop the car!

I'd be like, "Stop the car! Stop the car!  I must say good-bye to my baby!"

 Wouldn't bloopers be fun to watch from Downton Abbey?

 I saw this yesterday on Facebook.
No wonder I can never get them to stay in anyone's hair
I've been putting them in upside down!!
 Can you believe Friends has been off that long?

 I saw this on Facebook and had to laugh, this is me totally.

 This was another thing I found this week about 
my favorite cartoon kid movie!! 

We used to have it in VHS, but no longer have a player, 
I think we might need to find this in DVD
(for me)

 This is what we use for easily distracted kids!
I actually found these at Oriental Trading
for pretty cheap (I can't link, I can't find them now)
This is 2 dividers taped together to make it tall enough.
If I find the link, I'll link it!
Milk chocolate and dark chocolate have come to a tie!!

Kind of funny.  
If you want to vote for your favorite, go 
to my last post
I've had one of those weeks, 
on the verge of tears all week.
(I got my period yesterday, that explains that)
but when it happens, it's like all my worries 
are all on edge
and the only thing that helps 
is Jesus.
I am so thankful for Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, 
that He waits for me to come in Adoration.

 I'll end this with some cute for you.
she can barely walk, it's so deep.
 We got dumped yesterday with a ton more snow....and it's cold and windy
and drifting like crazy outside. 

I want to go bake cookies and watch me those Downton Abbey episodes...

Have a wonderful weekend!


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