Friday, February 21, 2014

A Few Things

 I have 2 episodes of Downton Abbey on my DVR
and just can't find the time to watch!

The babies bug me in the show.
I want to hold them and play with them!
I'm sure it is like that for the very rich,
but, then, they need to show the very poor with their children or something

One time they showed, I think Lady Mary in a car, driving away,
passing the nannies walking the babies, 
and she did not even stop the car!

I'd be like, "Stop the car! Stop the car!  I must say good-bye to my baby!"

 Wouldn't bloopers be fun to watch from Downton Abbey?

 I saw this yesterday on Facebook.
No wonder I can never get them to stay in anyone's hair
I've been putting them in upside down!!
 Can you believe Friends has been off that long?

 I saw this on Facebook and had to laugh, this is me totally.

 This was another thing I found this week about 
my favorite cartoon kid movie!! 

We used to have it in VHS, but no longer have a player, 
I think we might need to find this in DVD
(for me)

 This is what we use for easily distracted kids!
I actually found these at Oriental Trading
for pretty cheap (I can't link, I can't find them now)
This is 2 dividers taped together to make it tall enough.
If I find the link, I'll link it!
Milk chocolate and dark chocolate have come to a tie!!

Kind of funny.  
If you want to vote for your favorite, go 
to my last post
I've had one of those weeks, 
on the verge of tears all week.
(I got my period yesterday, that explains that)
but when it happens, it's like all my worries 
are all on edge
and the only thing that helps 
is Jesus.
I am so thankful for Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, 
that He waits for me to come in Adoration.

 I'll end this with some cute for you.
she can barely walk, it's so deep.
 We got dumped yesterday with a ton more snow....and it's cold and windy
and drifting like crazy outside. 

I want to go bake cookies and watch me those Downton Abbey episodes...

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I feel like that in the snow. She loves it though. :) You are right - kids make winter fun.

    I am sorry for the tears, but am so happy you can go to Adoration.

    That privacy screen for school is an interesting idea. I've seen it before but never actually in use. A science fair type folder thingy would work and the kids could decorate it.

    I had no idea about bobby pins either. I am hair clueless. Bloopers with DA would be hilarious. And while putting Friends in terms of their kids' ages leaves one reeling a bit, it is so crazy how fast the years are speeding by.

    I pray you have a better week!

    1. We've also used those Science fair type thingy's but their sides are not as wide...they do work though!

      thank you Nicole, God bless your weekend!

  2. I am always emotional and then when the hormones kick is super emotional.
    I dont watch downton abbey but I couldnt imagine having a nanny and just getting to go and do whatever I wanted with out kids! Just getting out and going cross country skiing was so so so huge. I tell Brian, so this is how the other half lives? but I dont care. I like being with my kiddos.
    who knew...bobby pins went in like that??!!
    Milk chocolate is still way better!
    Like little sweetie pie..she is struggling but still looks like she is having a good time.
    Stay warm. I am baking all weekend and cleaning. So cold out!

    1. Oh, me too. Tears are a gift.

      I miss my kids too much when I leave to go get groceries and am gone too least the little ones--hahaha!

      Dark, is WAY better. Not so dang sweet.
      Doesn't make me burp!

      You stay warm too...what are you baking?
      I want to bake today, actually Clare wants to bake....

  3. Have a wonderful weekend, too! I would love to see the bloopers of Downton and agree about the difference, sometimes arm's length parenting.

    AND, there is no more melodic voice than MAC POWELL!!

    1. Oh, is that his name? Love him!

      Maybe they show the parenting that way because it is so hard to imagine, it is the way it was though, I think! (and still is for the very rich)

  4. I want to see DA bloopers! Oh they would be hysterical! We are all very excited for the finale on Sunday.

    Anastasia was one of my favorites too! I love the story of the Romanovs.

    1. The finale is already Sunday? That's stupid. It just started. They need to make like 22 episodes, not this 6 episode crap.

      Yay for Anastasia!!

  5. No Downtown Abbey for me. Yet.
    Right now we are into The Walking Dead, American Idol, and The Bachelor. Yep. Please still be my friend. : )
    Next week we start Dallas and Bates Motel.
    I know...I really need to get out more. : )
    Love your kids. Milk chocolate is the bomb.
    Period hormones. Ugh.
    Perimenopause hormones. Double Ugh.
    Love ya!

    1. We used to watch American Idol, but I got tired of how they string you along for SO much!! You HAVE to watch it for hours and know, like 2-3 nights a week! We've probably missed the last 2 or 3 seasons...we do love to watch America's Got Talent, which does the same thing, and last season (it's a summer show) there was a few things I'd rather my kids not have we quit that one too. I secretly love The Bachelor, but rarely catch it, I haven't seen this current one, but have caught a few shows here and there of years past. I used to watch it all the when that blonde lady and the fire fighter matched up....they are married and have a couple kiddos? Did you see that season?

      Dallas looks pretty steamy...Never heard of Bates Motel, sounds scarey?

      Dark chocolate is the bomb.
      They are tied, they must both be the bomb?

      Love you too!

  6. Great post Jamie. I am stunned by the Bobby pins. But it makes perfect sense -- the smooth side on top. They probably look a lot nicer. And I never knew John Cusack was Dimitri. I like him. I think that would be a great evening movie with honey butter popcorn, don't you? (We still have the video and a player!)

    1. That bobby pin thing, have to try it...

      John Cusack as Dimitri, that, I think is why I like the movie so much. I like him too.
      Yes, great evening movie...honey butter popcorn, if you're making it, I"m sure it's wonderful!

  7. My husband comes from a wealthy family, so they and their friends and associates make full use of nannies in the rare event a child is born. When we used to go visit, I was continually urged to leave my babies with the nanny. That is how I ended up hanging with the nannies all the time. A total misfit from the beginning. I've been very emotional, too, lately. Pining and praying for just one more (or two!) of those sweet babies. My 43rd birthday is in a week, and I'm feeling bad about it. Your posts always cheer me up.
    Thank you! :)

    1. Wealth....I bet there is a lot that would be easy to get used to, but a lot that would be so very hard to get used to, like the baby thing!! I'd be hanging with the nannies all the time too.

      You are young. I'm 44 and wanting one more too...or twins....that's the only way I'd get 2 more! I get that wanting another, but not sure if it's in God's hard to just trust.

      I will pray for you Robin. Don't feel bad though, there is time. It's that yearning for another that makes us great mothers, right?

  8. I would love those dividers to keep kids away from each other's lessons. I love Downton, but really struggle with the lack of attention to their babies too.

    1. With one of ours, she has ADD, we used it for a whole year, EVERY DAY, but now she has the school room mostly to herself and does a lot better. Now we use it for my 7 year old, she's the one with the attention span of a squirrel, I use the board when I'm desperate. Otherwise, I must sit right by her the WHOLE time or she's gone!! They come in handy, that's for sure.

      Have a great weekend 9Peas!

  9. That whole FRIENDS made me feel so old! Boy! does time fly :)

    I caught that scene on Downton Abbey, too! I assume that was what it was like? Those snobs! Ha ha!

    1. It feels more like only like 3 years that Friends stopped. OH, well...

      You caught it too? It just didn't fit right, I wondered if it was a mistake just extras walking around, or if they meant to show that scene to show what it was really like...I think too deeply sometimes don't I? hahah

  10. Bobby pins. I'm not buying it! It would hurt! Ha ha. Love the Mother Teresa quote. I need to head to adoration, I've been so blah lately. Pregnancy or something.

    1. I know,I think so too...I need to try it out and see. Get my girls to wear a bun today...

      Adoration will help, it always helps me. Stay close to the Sacraments...


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