Sunday, August 30, 2009


Bridget Mary
Born August 24th, 2009
7lbs 1 oz
19 inches
In Blog world she will become Sweetie Pie, because she is.
We are so very blessed with the sweetest baby in the world.
I am so very sorry my guest blogger idea did not work, but hope everyone found out the news at Christine's blog. It brought tears to my eyes every time I saw "prayers for Jamie" on your blogs when I read my google reader, just before posting this. I am so very blessed to have all these wonderful friends in blog world, if I'd had all your phone numbers, I'd have called you! I don't have time to leave comments on all your blogs like usual, so please accept my thank you here!

Sweetie Pie is constantly surrounded by her proud sisters and brother, begging their turn to hold her. I am amazed at how much they all help, with everything that has to do with her!
This is my first time sitting in this chair since getting home Thursday afternoon. I am feeling good, but trying to rest as much as I can while Tom is home to help. I kind of forgot to rest on Thursday and Friday, and ended up getting a teeth chattering fever and chill Friday night, all night, so, I am resting now. I am recovering from a major surgery, I keep telling myself that. Really though, out of all the c-sections I've had, I feel the best with this one.
Thank you again for all your wonderful prayers, they were heard and felt.
We are so very blessed.

Monday, August 24, 2009

I'm On My Way!

*****I'm having this baby today!!!******

I'm waiting for my husband to come home and drive me to the hospital and for a friend to come watch the kiddos!

Thank you again for all your prayers, they mean so much to me!!!

Baby Update

My levels this morning were at 6.3. Borderline. So, my doctor did an amnio and sent me home to wait for results. The amnio checks to see if the lungs are developed enough to deliver early. SO, I am home waiting for results, if her lungs are developed, she will be delivered today. If not, she will be Thursday. (they will check again before then)

Prayers please for quick results and delivery today. I am dying for a glass of ice water or Diet Coke!! I have not had anything to drink since 3am. My blood sugars are level so far, staying at 100 or so, with no food or insulin. I've never done that, so not sure how long that will last, but I'm such a wimp and very, very thirsty!!! I am offering it up...but I'm not very good at it!

Thank you so very much for prayers!!!
I hope the next time you see anything here, it will be Christine updating baby news!
God bless you all!

*The no food or drink is because of surgery

Friday, August 21, 2009

Hannah Montana The Movie

My kids have been getting their "mommy dates" in over this past week, before the baby comes. It's just special time they get to spend with me and no one else. I look forward to it and they do too. They each do "daddy dates" too. Ballerina Rosie and I decided she'd stay up after the other kiddos went to bed and we'd watch Hannah Montana The Movie and have ice cream!

We do not watch the TV show. I have seen it once or twice so I do understand what it's about. Basically the TV show is about a girl named Miley who kind of has a double life, that no one knows about except her family and her closest friend. Her other life is as Hannah Montana, the pop music superstar. This way she can live a normal life as herself.

The movie was excellent!! I loved it!!! I loved the music. I loved that it was rated G and had nothing bad in it at all. This movie I'd like for our home collection. Really, it was that good. She goes home to Tennessee to visit her Grandmother and is humbled and must decide herself what is important, living the double life or just being herself always.

Now, we are not going to go out and buy a bunch of Hannah Montana garb, but the movie was a great family movie and I'd watch it again, except my hubby returns those Netflix movies so fast we never get a chance to watch anything more than once!! He'll have to order it again for us!!

Update! (For those checking in)

I had my ultrasound late this afternoon (Thursday) and my fluid levels were at 5. Now, 5 is still low, but better than 2.7. My doctor called me shortly after I got home and she told me to be prepared to deliver Monday, if the fluids are 6 or below, she will deliver. If baby stops moving over the weekend, I'm to go into the emergency room.

Just to answer some of the many questions:
I have low amniotic fluid, not fluids in my body. SO, drinking fluids does NOT help. My doctor said it is caused by poor circulation, caused by age (I'm almost 40) My diabetes is under very tight control and baby is healthy. My uterus is not showing any aging or calcium deposits, which is good. She just needs that fluid inside!

Tomorrow (Friday) is Mary Hannah's early birthday party, so I'm just so happy we didn't have to cancel on her, she would have been sooooo disappointed. She's the last birthday of all the children (Sept 2) and has been waiting for what seems forever for "her" birthday! I'm doing a butterfly theme, but not my usual theme party where everything including the food is butterfly. I got Papa Murphy's pizza for lunch and we just have 3 or 4 things planned. I also picked up cupcakes from Sam's club today, so no special butterfly homemade cake, as SHE wanted Sam's cupcakes, not a special cake!! Ok, easy enough for me!! I'll try to post some pictures this weekend, if I get a chance...but I usually do not post on weekends so no promises here! She has wanted a "pilata" for over a year now, so we are doing a butterfly pinata!! She is only having 3 friends, but with our 3 girls, well, it makes a busy enough party!

When I DO go in the hospital, it will be a c-section, so I will be there for 4 days. I will not post from the hospital or probably much afterward, I will be enjoying my baby! I did put Christine in charge of posting a picture of the baby and her weight, etc on here, she will be my guest blogger! Her and her hubby are going to be godparents and I'm pretty sure she uses less explanation points!!!

Thank you so very much for all your prayers and concern, I am truly blessed.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Look Back and Laugh

Christine says to laugh. Well, that's all you can do sometimes. Today at the clinic, in the bathroom (we are in there quite often), Babycakes and I went into the bigger stall, we both had to go, except this mama could not wait so I got on the pot first. Well, Babycakes pulled her pants down and was quite upset that mama had beat her to the pot, so before I could grab her, she crawled under the stall door, naked, then went into another stall, with Ballerina Rosie quickly trying to get her. Good news, she went, I went, all is good. Gotta laugh!

*this morning's appt was a NST (non stress test) but this afternoon, is another ultrasound where they will measure my fluid...hoping it is higher than the other day. I'll try to keep you updated, but after my appt, I have a Fall Homeschool Rally, and then my holy hour, so it might not be until tomorrow or very late tonight!

Yearning for Jesus

I love this picture of our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. I really can feel those angels there every week, surrounding the chapel, adoring Jesus. Sadly, tonight is my last official night having this holy hour. My hour is from 10-11pm, and I could come with the baby in the fall sometimes, when it gets cold, it just won't work. My babies all stack feed from about 9 to at least midnight and I nurse on demand. I am always available to feed them for that first year or more. I have someone who will take over my hour and give it back when I am ready. It's such a hard thing to give up. I look so forward to my holy hour each week. Jesus keeps me grounded, He gives me peace every week. If you have not gone to Adoration, go! You must! I yearn every week to go. The more you go, the more you want to go. The more Jesus brings you closer to Him. It's grace, it's unexplainable. Daily Mass is the same way, the more you go, the more you want to go, the more you yearn to go. I know Jesus is always there, waiting for us, and I will still go, but, it's somehow special to have your own hour to be with Him every week. I am tearing up typing this right now. It hurts deep inside to give it up.
Here is Mary Hannah, singing with full hand movements to Our lady. She put together a song yesterday that was so beautiful, it was a line from every prayer I think we've ever prayed or sang in church, all put together. I can only imagine God looking down on her, blessing her and all the angels and Mary loving her beautiful song.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

One of the Many Reasons We Homeschool!

Now, I know this happens in families who do not homeschool, but I think it happens a lot more in homeschooling families. The older ones teaching the younger ones. This started out as a lesson in mammals for Ballerina Rosie, who turned and taught her younger sisters.
They sat here like this for an hour!
Then in the afternoon, Jedi was teaching Babycakes all about birds.
After reading Christine's post yesterday (with her wonderful news at the end) about large families, it just got me thinking about how I do not think we have a large family. I think it's because we homeschool and in the homeschool community, you are not considered a large family until you have at least 6 children and more likely to be in that "large family" group if you have 7 or more. In the mainstream society, people consider anything more than 3 children "large". I put myself in this little bubble of friends, mostly fellow, religious, homeschooling families. I shelter myself from people who are shocked by the size of our growing family.
I find it funny when I'll get a nurse at the clinic and she comes from a large family with 7 or more kids, yet, she will only have 2, and she will think we are "large". What forms these opinions? Was her particular experience in a large family a bad one? I just don't get that, my kids are happy. My kids are even happier each time we say we are having another baby. We've never had jealousy, or anger because of another baby. Ever. Only excitement and more love.
After delivering Babycakes, my brother and his family came to visit us at the hospital. His youngest at the time, was 5 and he said something like "Can we have another baby?" To which my brother responded "Justin, would you like to share all your toys? And share your room with another kid in the family?" I was shocked. My brother comes from the mainstream society. The way most people think. A baby becomes a bad thing. Having to share becomes a bad thing. Large families becomes a bad thing. Having to sacrifice becomes a bad thing.
I can't even count how many people have asked me "Is this going to be it?" This
meaning the baby. "Are you going to be done?" To which I always respond, "I hope not, I'm almost 40, this is my 5th c-section, but if God wants to give us another baby, we are open!" There is never a response to that, just mouth dropping, what do I say, I don't understand looks.
Like they are expecting me to say "Yes! Oh, we are done!" Oh, just typing that gives me chills, as I could never say that. I feel it is such an insult to my own beautiful children. How would that make them feel if I really thought like that? How do those kids feel when their parents are "done" because more children become a bad thing?
Has anyone seen the new Staples ad? It shows a dad shopping with his 2 kids shopping for school supplies, the dad is riding on the cart, zipping up and down the isles, singing to the song, "The Most Wonderful Day of the Year" while the kids are standing there looking sad because school is about to start. I was very offended by this commercial. I do NOT feel like that. My friends are not happy when their kiddos go back to school. My friends are happy when summer comes and their kiddos are home more. Another thing in this past month, that has been said to me by strangers in stores, clinics, etc....has been "I'll bet you can't wait for school to start!" To which I respond "We've already started, I homeschool." Again shock and dismay. I love to shock people, hopefully make them think, wake them up to what really matters. I don't care what they think, because after I leave there, I go back to my bubble!
This is seeming to be a negative post, I'm not trying to come across as that, negative. It's just what I've been thinking about since Christine discussed large families. So much for "Wordless Wednesday"! It's actually meant to be a positive post for large families, or not even large families, but families who are open to life. Families who love their children and are happy they are home in the summers and sad to see them go back to school. Families who cherish all children. People who respect people having more children than the mainstream 2 or 3.
Children are such a gift, let's love them and cherish them while they are still children, even children in the womb.

Monday, August 17, 2009


Toothbrushes!! What do you do with your toothbrushes? People out there who have more than 2 kiddos? The toothbrush holders only hold 4 brushes, silly really. Friday I bought new toothbrushes for upstairs and downstairs for everyone. Somehow we had a ton of extra brushes and I think Babycakes was using whatever color she felt like for that day. The toothbrushes don't even fit in the holes of the holder!! I took off the lid and they are all just basically sitting in a cup. I don't like that either though, because they will rub together more....yuck! Where do you put your toothbrushes? I never see anyone's sitting out like ours are. Sitting out is not good either, as a certain almost 5 year old likes to put soap on them. Yes soap. Nice, huh? She hasn't done that though since Mama put soap on hers. Just things you gotta laugh at.
Side note:
My fluid levels this morning were only 2.75. They want it above 7. Drastic drop from last weeks 9.9!! They consider 2 dangerous. She is going to check me again on Thursday and either deliver baby or put me on bedrest depending on the outcome. We have a birthday party planned 2 weeks early for Mary Hannah on Friday. It would be nice to not be on bedrest for that....:)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Feast of the Assumption!

Today is one of my favorite days of the year, my Consecration day!
I found this painting of the Assumption of Mary, so beautiful and what I'd imagine Heaven looking like, kind of, I guess, it would be even more glorious, but I like the layers of Saints and Angels welcoming her in!
I love this painting also, because of the babies. I know it shows baby angels, but a person can't help but imagine them being the souls of all our babies we've lost and how our Blessed Mother has them. I love how they have that beautiful, innocent, natural love for her.

Happy Feast day, I'm off to Mass this morning and Confession later!
Many blessings to you all!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Please Pray

Please pray for this sweet boy's family as they mourn the tragic loss of him.

He was missing since yesterday evening and I saw this update on Margaret's blog:

"We are so very sorry to have to share the devastating news that Ryan Barrett has drowned. Our heartfelt love and prayers are extended to Mary Ellen and Dave and all the Barrett family. Words cannot convey the depth of this sadness. We pray that God will grant them strength and peace in this horrible time of loss."

Thursday, August 13, 2009

"Birthing" by My Daughters

Ballerina Rosie:
"When Bridget is born, lots of blood and water will come out of your tummy."

Mary Hannah:
"Yeah, and lots of pop."

*I never did quite give up my Diet Coke....

Anxiety Time

The last month of pregnancy is such an emotional time. (well, the whole 9 months is, but the last is the worst of it all) At a month away, I feel as if I cannot wait that long. Then as it gets closer, as it is today, 2 weeks away, there is anxiety about the anxiety. Worry about the worry. Last night I barely felt baby Bridget kick, I did feel her twice. Twice, is rare. She literally usually kicks all night long. Now, remember, these are not so much kicks as full tummy moving waves. Then this morning, when I drank my water and said my Consecration prayers, no kicking. When I checked blogs and drank my Diet Coke, no kicking. As I sat and snuggled with the girls and they told baby Bridget to wake up, she still didn't. I decided to take a quick bath before my appt and after getting in, she started to kick!! She likes the bath!! Big sigh of relief, after many prayers. I was worried all night about still birth, about something happening in the end. It could happen. It does happen. The hard part is, I know I say I can't handle that, but I do know I can, and I tell God, "Please not that, if it's your will, I will make it and trust You, but please not that!"

I was very thankful to have my non-stress test appt today and to have the opportunity to hear her heart and watch it for 30 minutes, knowing she is doing fine. Really, these appts are a blessing, I have 2 weeks left and 7 appts left. The appts are to make sure the baby is fine.

A few nights ago, I worried all night about the night before the c-section. I will not be able to eat or drink anything after midnight. It's the no drinking thing that I worried, literally all night about, see, I have a water bottle by my bed and every time I get up to go potty, which is every hour to 2 hours at most, I take a big drink. I know, it makes me go more, but hey, if I'm going to go anyway, might as well drink, right?

I've been worrying about the day and night before the c-section. I will be cleaning and trying to do everything I won't be able to do for weeks all in one day. I will feel sick to my stomach the whole day and night. I will be worrying about all the throwing up I will be doing during the surgery, I will be worrying about having low blood sugar and not being able to eat or drink anything, I will be worrying about whether she will have birth marks, and the list goes on and on. I will especially be worrying about having this 5th surgery in the emergency surgery room, on the main floor instead of the maternity ward surgery room, which is silly really, because it is a good thing, they will be prepared if something goes wrong....but what if something does go wrong?

All this and so much more. So much more.

I keep telling myself God is here now, He will be there when it all happens, and He knows how everything will all turn out. He knows all and in 2 weeks it will all be over. He is already there.

I am going to run to Jesus tonight for my holy hour. My holy hour keeps me grounded. He will take away this anxiety, at least for tonight.

Jesus, I trust in Thee.

Divine Mercy, the perfect prayer to pray during this "anxiety time" ! I'll be praying that!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Chocolate Zucchini Cake!

Christine gave me this giant zucchini from her garden (she has a super garden, I want her to blog it!) I didn't feel like making zucchini bread, and it was too big to cook or cut up to have with dip, as I'm the only one who would eat it, so when Tracy blogged her recipe for chocolate zucchini bread, it was all I needed to bake it! (I love zucchini by the way, but the deer ate ours this year!)

The little girls shredded the zucchini...which was hard work, as you can see!
Isn't it pretty?
It was soooo delicious!!! I've never had chocolate zucchini cake before, but it sure became our favorite and I will make it every year now for sure! Kisteen, can we have more zucchini, pleeeeeeeese?
The kids wanted to trick daddy into eating it, because if he knew there were any type of veggies in it, he would not even try it. So when he came home last Friday, they all wanted him to have a piece of "chocolate cake", in which he was a little suspicious and told them he'd wait for dessert. Well, once they all dug in, (because it's that good) he felt safe to eat it, and once he ate his whole piece, we all started cracking up, and said "you just ate your veggies!" He admitted it was very good. Not sure there's much nutritional value in zucchini, as it's mostly water anyway, but it does take away the calories doesn't it? :)
Here's the recipe from Tracy!
½ cup butter
½ cup oil
1 ¾ cup sugar
2 eggs
½ cup sour milk (add 1 tsp. of vinegar)
1 tsp. vanilla
2 ½ cups flour
1 tsp. baking soda
½ tsp. salt
4 T cocoa powder
½ tsp baking powder
½ tsp cinnamon
2 cups shredded zucchini
½ cup chocolate chips (or more!)
¼ cups brown sugar
Add first four ingredients alternately with milk. Add all others and mix in zucchini. Spread in a 9x13 pan. Sprinkle top with chocolate chips and brown sugar. Bake at 350, 40-50 minutes. Yummy!!! Thank you Tracy!

Monday, August 10, 2009

3rd Annual Blogger's Tea

I was not a "blogger" for the original Blogger's Tea, but was happily there last year. (notice I was 47 lbs lighter last year)
This was the 3rd annual Blogger's Tea and it was a really good time! Tracy organized and hosted this lovely party we had, complete with prayer cards, chocolates and door prizes. I think Margaret was in cahoots with her on this one too. The waitress literally had to kick us out of there, as they needed the room for other guests. We would have otherwise, I think, stayed all day! What do you get when you put together 7 Minnesota Catholic Homeschooling Bloggers? Non-stop chit chat!! Poor Sarah and Josefa could not get in a full sentence. I hope we didn't scare them away! (Sweet Sarah will probably never ride with me again, I talked her ear off)

A word of warning: If a certain someone with a camera asks you to put your hand on your belly and snaps away, well...just watch out!

Really, the cameras were a flashing, and if you wanted something to not be in the "blogworld" you had to say, "This is not for the blog" kind of like saying "off the record" as if we were big stars being interviewed or something. (thank goodness, the main flasher's camera battery died)
Just kidding Margaret, you know I love you too!

It was really nice though, to share such lovely company with such beautiful women. I was honored to be there.

We really do hope if you live in MN, ND or even WI, that you will join us next year if you can make the trip! You don't even have to be a homeschooler!

(pictured above: The big blue whale....I mean me, Josefa and her sweet baby, Daniel, some lady pretending to drink her tea...oh, that's Margaret, Tracy, Kristina, Meredith, and Sarah. (click on the picture if you want a closer look!)

If you have not yet, please check out their blogs, they are all quite wonderful women!
They all have their own "take" on the party!

Friday, August 7, 2009

What Really Happened the First Day of School

I feel I must come clean from the other's day post about our first day of school. After all your positive comments, I felt, well, guilty, for leaving out what I left out.

Mary Hannah, our kindergartner, not only expected the whole day to be focused on her, but she insisted it being focused on her. By yelling and screaming, hitting, throwing toys at certain sisters, throwing Lego's all over the living room, throwing all the doll clothes all over the play room and starting to throw everything off the shelf in the school room, before we caught her, which took all 3 other kids to do so, for me to bring her to her time out. Now, with most kids, this would be a moment where probably a hug and little lap time with mommy would help. Not with our Mary, she is not like that, that type of thing must be done on her terms.

inbetween that, Babycakes also had 3 poopie accidents in her panties. I now have a mixed solution in a jar, of bleach, soap and water for my hands after cleaning out these poopie panties. The last half hour of school on that first day, the littles turned on channel 2, and I let them. Ballerina Rosie yelled, "they turned on the TV" to which I said "so?" "Just let them!"

I'd planned on baking chocolate chip cookies (the pre-made dough kind, fast for snack), but had no chance to do that and was not exactly in the "happy baker mommy" mood. (we did bake them the 2nd day)

I, do have to admit, I was very patient though, considering, and everything else did go as I said, the bigger kids did great, they actually loved school! Except for Ballerina Rosie not liking to wait for me when I was working with someone else. Little Mary Hannah, did do great in what she did do.

I always have these huge guilt feelings for my littles. Maybe sending my kids off to school would be better. But I know that our reasons to choose homeschooling far outweigh the reasons to want to not do it. I do get that feeling of "it would be great to send them off to school" but I know that feeling would wear off by the end of the first half hour of them being gone. I think a real kindergarten setting where everything would be focused on Mary may be better, but would it? It's hard, homeschooling steals away time I'd like to spend with the littles. But, then I tell myself that those littles get to spend time with their siblings and learn such a multitude all day because of that, and because I am homeschooling. We truly are blessed.

I just want to say it's not easy. Homeschooling is hard. Period. It's hard. Catholic guilt? No such thing, we have Confession, but homeschool mom guilt? Yes, we have that!!! I truly believe that homeschooling is a calling. It's not for everyone. But it is for me. I have always had this strong calling, knowing I am supposed to be doing this. That is what keeps me going. That is what keeps me praying and begging for God's help some days, knowing this is what He want us to do.

The second day of school went completely different, first of all Babycakes was all pooped out, so no messy panties to clean up, and Mary, I think knew what to expect the 2nd day and wanted it to be a "happy" day. In which it was. I just wanted you to know that not all days are like that, not all days are "happy" days. Not at all.

My Apron!

This is pictured for Tracy, since she always sends me great pictures of mailboxes, I'm posting my apron for her! My MIL made this actually for my husband, she made a smaller one for Jedi and a matching one for my hubby, but he has never worn it, nor had a reason to, I guess. It works perfectly for my large belly! I don't know if it's pretty, but it's cool!
(Please ignore my right elephant leg!)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

School Started!

The kiddos weight 35, 45, 55 and 65 lbs, I thought that was pretty cool, being about 2 years apart each! This was the best out of about 6 poses, then Babycakes was done.

First day was very, very busy! Our little kindergartner was a little disappointed that the whole day did not focus on just her. Today went much better, she kind of knew what to expect! This is Babycakes, who loves any craft or activity, she is only 3 but learning right along side her bigger sister! This is the "blue and yellow make green" lesson!
I think this 2 days per week schooling is easing me into school again too. I forgot how many messes all over the house happen during school hours....LOTS! The house is actually a complete disaster when we are done. I have lots of little projects, but they do them and move onto bigger and more fun things to destroy. Ballerina Rosie is in 2nd grade now and getting used to the much more work, it's quite a big difference from last year! Jedi is doing great and working so independantly, wanting to start right away in the morning to "beat" Ballerina Rosie with his work! (finish early) We've already had to go to the library for resourse books for History. I think we are off to a good start.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dandelion Root

Has anyone heard of taking Dandelion Root? I heard from a friend through another friend that another friend took it during her last 3 of 9 children. All her previous children had problems with billy ruben levels when born, but once she started taking dandelion root during her pregnancies, that all stopped. My babies all have had problems and turn that yellow color and have to be brought back a couple days after we get home from the hospital for blood tests, at which time the levels go down and they are always fine. (thank goodness) I bought some dandelion root on Saturday though and started taking them in pill form. If it prevents going back for another appt, and helps their livers and kidneys, it's worth it!

Monday, August 3, 2009

3rd Coldest July Recorded Ever!

In Minnesota, we just had the 3rd coldest July ever recorded, the other 2 cold July's were in the 1800's!! They said the average temp was 66 degrees!! Yes, I guess it's a great year to be pregnant. We only get a couple months of warm, we want them!! I'd rather have warm summer weather, I'm going to swell up anyway, might as be warm!

Yesterday, we got our swim suits on and thought it was going to be nice to go to the pool (we've only made it 4 times this year, because of cold weather) and it started to rain as we were getting in the van! I had some crabby girls when we went back in the house...including me, do you know how long it takes a big prego lady to get her swim suit on? It's a long time and quite a workout!

School Begins Tomorrow For Us!

OK, I couldn't resist these beautiful colors in this picture, but yes, we do have our pencils and crayons and all that goes with starting school all ready!
Since the baby is coming August 27th, and I will be in the hospital for 4 days recovering from the C-section, and will need more time to recover once home, I will be taking off 3 weeks. This year school starts around here after Labor Day, which gives me an extra week, so somehow we need to do 2 weeks of school in August. When I looked at the calendar, I had no idea how or when we'd have 2 weeks, with all my appts! SO, I decided, since we do 4 day weeks, we'd do 2 days a week for the next 4 weeks, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, schooling right up to the day before baby comes! Then starting again mid-end of September. The kids are excited, I'm excited, so we start tomorrow!!

Notice the MN Zoo day? Since we needed to cancel our vacation this year, my husband is taking the kiddos to the zoo next Monday. Way too much walking for this mama! SO mama gets to stay home that day....I'd rather go, really I would!

24 Season 7 Done!

Oh, Jack Bauer, we will miss you until next year! My husband and I just completed the 7th season yesterday. We never watch it on TV, just wait until the season is released into DVD and rent it from Netflix. They do have the best cliffhangers ! I was disappointed that they made a certain character a bad guy, I always liked him as a good guy....oh, well, Chloe is still good. (in her own funny way)
We have to wait another whole year for the next season to be released! Half of these people pictured are dead now, but are they really? I'm off to take care of my hostiles. Uh, I mean kiddos! Any "24" fans out there?


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