Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Total Consecration is Coming!

St Louis Marie de Montfort
I wrote about my total consecration preparation here last year.
You can order a free kit here if you need to.
Again, I will stress how much I love this and can't wait every year to do it! I think it is my 14th year doing it this time. I cannot even put into words the graces I feel afterward. My hardest year doing it was the year Ballerina Rosie was born, she was born on the 12th, and the consecration starts on the 13th of July, so I packed the book for the hospital and started it and did complete it! Will you join me this year? Again, it starts on July 13th and goes until the feast of the Assumption, August 15th. (right before this baby is born!)
To Jesus through Mary.


  1. I have read parts of St. Louis de Montfort's book and attended some talks by our priest, but I have never actually done the total consecration. I do so love the idea, though!

    We just saw Inkheart last weekend and enjoyed it, too. It's too old for our kids, but eventually ...

    I have an award, well two awards, at my blog for you! =) Yeah!! You may have received them in the past; I don't know ... But I so enjoy your blog, so I'm giving them to you anyway!

  2. Hi Jamie:
    I've quoted your post on my blog:

    I'm going to make my consecration on Aug 15th, and I've invited anyone who reads my blog to join me.

    I put a link for your blog so everyone can read your awesome story--you are one strong woman to be able to deal with both childbirth and the aftermath AND attend to your promise: what an inspriation for all of us!

    Thanks for the post--it really got me excited about doing this!


  3. I will keep you in my prayers for a good time during this consecration. I always learn something new and keep it with me. I pray the same for you. God bless.

  4. I will be starting my consecration a little earlier, so I can finish on August 5, St. Mary Major, while I am in Fatima with my 22 year old son (who is not a Catholic) Looking forward to it!!!

  5. Hi Jamie:
    I've made a larger post on my blog and set up a Mr. Linky thingy so other bloggers who are interested can join us starting on July 13th.

    I think it would be so wonderful if we had weekly updates on how we are doing/what graces we are receiving by doing this.

    Thanks again for your great post & letting me put in on my blog!

    Hopefully we can get a good sized group to participate!



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