Thursday, April 30, 2009

St Joseph the Worker and May Day!

We made our beautiful May Day baskets again this year! This year, though, we can't drive to anyone's home (because of my leg) so we are giving baskets to people who come to our home, and we started today! (except for a couple neighbors)
Like last year, we will also plant our Morning Glory seeds in pots to get a head start for Summer and color and paint everything flower!!

Head on over to Waltzing Mathilda's and get a great coloring sheet of St Joseph the Worker!
St Joseph, pray for us! There's also some great ideas for food on Catholic Cuisuine!

Grapes, Laundry and Butter!

Fruit? Do you like cold fruit? Or room temperature fruit? Something I never even thought about until breaking my leg and having so many people in and out of our home all with different opinions on how they do things and how they like things. I, personally like cold fruit. I especially like cold grapes! The only fruit that sits on my counter is bananas, pineapple to ripen, pears to ripen and if something is too big to put in the fridge. Otherwise, cold apples, grapes, oranges, berries...mmmmm, mmmmm, good!
Laundry? Do you fluff up your laundry before folding it? (to prevent wrinkles) Do you fold it? Do you fold it right after fluffing it up? (to prevent wrinkles) Or do you let it sit until you get the chance to fold it? I, personally, (I've been told many times I am too picky) like to fluff it and fold it right after fluffing it, so there are no wrinkles and it is fresh! I love folding clothes, it's kind of therapeutic. I love that my mind can wander, yet, I look as if I'm doing something, which I am. Folding laundry has been one of the things I have held onto and been pretty picky about during my last 7 weeks of having this broken leg. I just have whoever has been helping put the laundry in and take it out and put it in the dryer and then give it to me and let me fold it. I have felt it is something that I CAN do and so, I've wanted to do it.

Butter? Do you use butter only? Or do you use butter and Country Crock or I Can't believe it's Not Butter, or something like that? I, personally use both. I use real butter for baking and definitely for mashed potatoes, but use Country Crock (or the like) for bread and every day little things. Which is best? I don't know.
Now, the dishwasher is another thing. Very interesting how everyone does it a different way. I am very picky about the dishwasher, I know, it's silly, really. I use it for all the massive amounts of cups and silverware, plates and bowls that we go through. I do not use it for larger utensils, like spatulas, ladles, etc...I also don't put pans in the dishwasher, or plastic containers/lids. Like yesterday, I needed to take out a dirty pan to use for hot dogs and wash it, because someone had put the pan in the dishwasher, but the dishwasher was not full yet, so...Dumb, I know, I just like those things to always be available for when I need them. Now, cups, bowls, plates, and silverware, we have tons of and even when they are dirty in the dishwasher, we still have more.
These past 7 weeks have been very interesting how different people really are. How different we clean. Some people clean the bathroom with a bucket and a Clorox wipe or Soft Scrub. Me? I use the sink for our cleaning water, and we use Mr. Clean or Pine Sol or Lysol. No new fangled stuff, just old fashioned wash rag cleaning, the sink, the tub, the floor and the toilet. The mirrors are cleaned with Windex or the generic of that and a dry wash cloth. Toilets scrubbed with a toilet brush.
I also love to clean with bleach. Bleach cleans everything!! I love to bleach the refrigerator handles and the counters and the table, the sink, it all just smells so clean afterward!
It's been an interesting 7 weeks, that's for sure. People are interesting. Although, people are probably going away thinking I'm weird for the things I do. I just figure to each his own on these silly things.
Interesting, though isn't it?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Great Book!

My husband surprised me with a book! I started it last night and I really like it. I have to admit, I have never heard Dr Laura speak, I think my mom has mentioned her, and Christine maybe too, but I just don't listen to the radio that much, let alone talk shows on the air. SO, at first I didn't get her sarcasm, but she is pretty funny and serious at the same time. I highly recommend this book. I'm only in the first chapter!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Surrounded By Angels

These past 6 weeks have been full of angels for me. Angels from Fargo flew (drove) here last Wednesday and stayed 25 hours and power cleaned my whole house, including vacuuming 3 levels, cleaning 4 bathrooms, (one in which takes a whole hour), washed all our clothes, including all towels, washcloths and sheets, swept out the garage, brought groceries, watched my sick kids, (while I went to my ultra-sound), made them breakfast, raked my flower beds....Oh, yes, sewed my favorite pregnancy shirt that I'd ripped taking off a inside itchy tag (while I was wearing it)!!
Brought me beautiful flowers!

Sarah raking my flower gardens! I have never been told to "sit down" that many times in one day in my whole life! I am not a "sit down" kind of person.
Back in March, Tracy came with her beautiful children and celebrated the Feast of the Annunciation with us, her children made me beautiful cards and she made beautiful gifts for me!
Paula (Harvest the Home) also came a day and cleaned, made lunch and helped with my littles while I schooled, oh, and even cleaned my toilet...whether she wanted to do that or not, the toilet overflowed and she had to just found out she went wonder I have not heard from her on my google reader!) Christine! also came and cleaned, made lunch and watched my littles (she also has taken me to the doctor twice)!
My mother in law has come countless times and cooked, cleaned, done laundry and played with the kiddos, as has my mother. friends have brought me shopping, taken me to the doctor, brought meals, neighbors have brought meals. I've received care packages, gift cards, gifts of money, countless prayers and cards, Masses....the list is endless and mind boggling. Which is why my thank you's are waiting in a pile with my cards for me to attack and start writing!
I'm sure I'm forgetting things here, but I mostly want to say THANK YOU!
To all who have been an Angel to me these past 6 weeks!
Love and blessings to you all!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Action Figure Holder

My husband made this for Jedi. Pretty creative I think. I'm impressed. Take a board, staple elastic across it and staple little sections for the figures to go into and there you go!
My husband recently started checking EBay for action figures and he gets them for garage sale prices! He informed me that they have little Star Wars onesies for baby girls for really cheap. Whether she likes it or not, she will be born into a Star Wars family! He sells the action figures to Jedi for $1 each or so many for certain jobs. It's sure keeping them busy, that's for sure!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Feast of St Mark

I thought this was a cute way to celebrate St Mark today. Last year we did muffin-cupcakes, not sure I'm up to that yet, but a PB&J I think I can handle! In fact, last week, I was talking with Jedi about favorite meals and he said "well, mom, all you know how to make is peanut butter sandwiches." My mouth hung open. How soon they forget! You see, for the past 6 weeks, wonderful people have been bringing us meals, my book club ladies, neighbors, and friends. I had to remind him of all the meals I do know how to cook and that while my leg is broken and I am alone, I've been doing just sandwiches!

Anyway, we will also use Charlotte's wonderful coloring sheets for today! I've missed so many feast days these past 6 weeks, starting with St Patricks day and then the other day, missing St George! The kids and I loved last year's dragon cake, hearts and teeth! Oh, well, next year right? It will still be fun next year, right?

**I was able to walk starting yesterday (officially) with the boot on. (without the crutches) And I might have over-done it, my foot was really swelled yesterday and a little sore. It's so hard to know how much I can do. I loved just being able to carry things in my arms without the crutches!

**Our Marriage Encounter weekend: We had to cancel because all the girls are sick with fevers and lots of coughing and sore throats!!! The 2 little ones are done with the fevers now, but when Thursday Ballerina Rosie came down with it...we just had to say there was no way we could leave them for the weekend. After breaking down and crying to my hubby, we called and cancelled and found out there is another weekend a little closer to us and in only 2 weeks. Which means it is Mother's day weekend!! Now how are people supposed to find someone to watch their kiddos over Mother's day? Ahhhhh!!! Maybe it's not meant to be for us.

I'm hoping to start posting a little more as I get a little more independent, I have several post ideas written down and in my head!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

We're Having...

A healthy baby girl!!! She was kicking and flipping and opening and closing her mouth like crazy! It was so cute! That mouth thing, I'm sure, she was practicing her high-pitch scream that all my girls seem to be born with, or the non-stop chatter that they love to do, or the beautiful life of songs that they all seem to do. She was beautiful! I am still in shock, I was sure we were having a boy! My husband says he was not shocked at all. I think he would be if it were a boy. We are so very thankful for all your prayers, they are such a blessing and it shows in how beautiful and healthy she is!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My New Email!

My husband tried to set up separate accounts for us through our local cable company, but it's not working and I'm a little impatient, so I just opened an account with gmail.

My new email address is:

Please email me if you have so in the past, so I will have you as a contact again. (if you want to, that is!) We lost all our contacts with our old account. This will save me a ton of time!!

Thank you so much!

Crazy Eights

My leg in the boot, next to my crutches, showing my belly and the nice balls of fuzz on my nice prego pants, can't wait to not wear knit pants after the boot is gone!!
Jessica tagged me for this meme. At first, I thought, how am I going to think of all these things, then once I started, well, eight was not enough! It was very easy to fill them!
8 Things I'm looking forward to:
  1. Friday, it will be 6 weeks since my accident and I will be able to put full weight on my leg!! I will also be able to take off this big boot to sleep and whenever I am not walking. I will be using the crutches only when my leg hurts. Then, in 3 1/2 weeks, I will be able to take the boot forever and wear supportive shoes (no flip flops or sandals!)!!
  2. Friday, my husband and I are going on a Marriage Encounter weekend up in Duluth, MN. I'm nervous to leave the kiddos, but excited to spend the time with my husband.
  3. Wednesday, Suzie and my good friend Sarah are coming from Fargo to spring clean my house! I can't wait to see them and visit in person!
  4. Cleaning myself after about a month!
  5. Thursday morning going to my 20 week level 2 ultrasound, to see the health of the baby and yes, we also will find out the sex of this sweet little one!
  6. Driving by the end of May!
  7. VBS June 1-4, I get to do preschool again!

8. Summer! Flowers! Warm weather! My 3 girls' birthdays!

8 Things I did yesterday...

  1. Went to my ortho appt for my leg with my good neighbor/friend Jeanne and found out that my break is actually the most common break, both my leg bones broke and my ankle broke away from the bones, here I thought it was a fluke break!
  2. Took a bath.
  3. Read Star Wars Essential Guide to Alien Species with Jedi and Ballerina Rosie.
  4. Elevated my leg, trying to doze off while the kiddos watched a cartoon.
  5. Took care of my sick littles, they've had fevers off and on, mostly during the night.
  6. Visited with my mom while she was here helping.
  7. Visited with a neighbor who stopped by with a meal for us.
  8. Visited with my good friend Susan, (from my book club)who also brought us a meal!

8 Things I wish I could do:

  1. Obviously, walk and all that goes with that, but that is something I will be able to do, soon!
  2. Sew, more than straight lines, like dresses for my girls, and doll clothes!
  3. Be more athletic, besides my "walking" that's pretty much it for me!
  4. Plant a big garden! (we have deer who would eat it all if I did plant one)
  5. Go to daily Mass.
  6. Live in a warmer state.
  7. Go to a warm beach somewhere.
  8. Be just like her!

8 Shows I watch:

  1. Father Corapi on EWTN.
  2. American Idol.
  3. Lost...although, usually on the computer and I'm like 3 weeks behind...
  4. Any cooking show
  5. Channel 2 (PBS) cartoons once in a while, well, much more since this leg accident!
  6. The Office (but we only watch it on Netflix and are caught up, so will have to wait until this season comes out with the DVD once it's over)
  7. Law and Order, Criminal Intent or SVU (only after the kiddos are in bed)
  8. CSI shows (also after the kiddos are in bed)

The only planned show we watch and look forward to is American Idol, the others are just whenever. Real people come first.

8 People I tag:

I hate tagging people as I do not want to leave anyone please if you are not on the list and want to play along, let me know! (I think JMJ and Jot were tagged, so if I'm wrong, please don't be offended)

  1. Christine
  2. Melissa
  3. Tracy
  4. Paula
  5. Regan
  6. Suzie
  7. Sarah and Sarah (same name, they count as one, right?)
  8. Barbara


4 year old Mary: "I am not a Wookie!"

2 year old Babycakes: "I am not a Wookie!"

A. Their brother loves Star Wars
B. Their father loves Star Wars
C. Everyone in their house loves Star Wars
D. What is a Wookie?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Divine Mercy Sunday/Christine's Birthday!

I pray for you, for all the graces and mercy that our Lord can give to you! Happy Divine Mercy Sunday!
If you have time, click on over to Christine's blog and wish her a happy happy birthday, I think she's like 35? (haha!) God Bless you Christine, on this special Divine Mercy Sunday and the First Communion day of your little princess!! If I could make you a cake like this one, I sure would!! Wish I could decorate cakes like this, isn't it beautiful? I can't even drive over to surprise her this year!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday/Divine Mercy Novena Begins

The Divine Mercy Novena begins today. I posted about it last year. It is my favorite novena and leads up to my favorite day of the year, Divine Mercy Sunday. God's abundant graces and blessings are open to us, as a floodgate on that special day. I will not be able to post the novena every day, like last year, but hope you will pray it with me anyway. You can go here to read it online and read all about this wonderful devotion.

God Bless you all, have a blessed Easter!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Our Email Was Hacked!!!

Ok, yes, I do like to use those exclamation points, don't I? Well, the hacker figured that out and used my usual sign off and copied me to trick everyone. My uncle called my mom from California to see if I was ok. I got calls from quite a few of you, which, I suppose was a good thing...My computer was taken away yesterday and brought back last night, we need to get a new email account. Hotmail is not good. These hackers somehow get in, and Hotmail is so big that the MSN people don't catch the glitch fast enough and the hackers somehow steal an email that was sent at some time (by me) and then copy my style (little did they know that I broke my leg and everyone knows I would not be traveling...and just for the record, I will never ask for money over an email like that) I guess they do this to thousands of accounts in the hopes of at least one person responding and sending money. Mostly older people respond, like if their grandchild or close relative is in trouble, they send the money. It's really sad.

Hotmail shut us down. Once they see all the activity they know something is not right, they then shut it down, which is good, just a little late.

SO everyone who has ever emailed me, or that I have ever emailed, was sent this same email. (if you didn't read the comments in the previous post, read them, one of the commenters wrote what the email said) Anyway, I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you. I cannot email anyone until we get our new account. We are in the process of contacting Hotmail to see if they will let us get our contacts...otherwise we have to start all over with email addresses!

All our personal accounts are fine, they were not tampered with. (paying online, etc) I guess if the hackers were to get into those accounts, they are easily traced and so they don't go there.

Again, I'm so sorry for the confusion yesterday!!!

OH, for the record, I post my ideas so you can "borrow" them!!! So borrow away, the kids love feet washing, you have to try it!! I think blogging is a sharing of ideas!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Holy Week Plans

It's hard this week, I have to admit. Not painful, just hard to not be able to do all the things I usually do for holy week. We usually do not do any Easter crafts until after Easter, but we might do a few today. All I could muster together was a few egg, bunny and cross crafts. (brown crosses to be decorated with flowers after Easter) I will try to post crafts next week. ("try" being the key word)

Every year on Holy Thursday, I set up little chairs for the kids and then little towels on the floor in front of the chairs, then they roll up their pants and wash eachother's feet. They love this and I stress why Jesus did this, for us to know that we are to serve others, do things for others. We will read the bible story of the last supper, or the first Mass, as we also call it and the washing of feet beforehand.

Good Friday we will make our pretzels (I'm going to try to do it anyway, even if it takes me all day!) We will do our children's stations of the cross and watch part of either the Passion or Jesus of Nazareth, the part at the end, where Jesus is between the two thieves, I love that part, where Jesus says "Today you will be with me in Paradise."

My husband and I have plans to watch The Passion also. Every year, I get something different out of it, I can't wait to see what God has to say to me this time when I watch it.

Holy Saturday, we will color our Easter eggs and shop at Sam's Club, where we will get most of our Easter dinner. Simple this year, as Tom will be doing most of it: Easter Dinner:

Ham, red potatoes with butter and parsley, roasted asparagus, rolls and a pie (from Sam's) Then we will play games together. We are not going anywhere, as it's too hard, and equally as hard to have people over, so it will be a quiet Easter at home.

On Easter morning we will have our Resurrection Rolls or Empty Tomb Rolls just like last year! They were so fun to make, and the kids loved them! A friend took me shopping last week and we got Easter dresses and clothes for the kiddos I can't wait to see them on! Not sure how to wear my dress (I have one Pregnancy dress that will work) without nylons, as they wouldn't fit over my leg boot! I got my pink cast off yesterday and now have a huge boot, that I can take off to shower!! I cannot put weight on until Saturday, and then gradually work up to 50% weight.

We do the Easter Bunny. Jedi (who just turned 9) figured it out this year. So, he got to go get candy and gets to help set it all out! The Easter Bunny is so excited that Jesus has risen that he gives candy to children!

Looking back at this post, it seems to focus on food, but, I hope to make this Triduum holy by the little things we are able to do and hope and pray we are brought closer to God through this all.

It has certainly been an interesting and memorable lent this year. It's not too late to make our last few days holy. The world goes on as usual, TV, work, taxes. If I want this to be a "holy week" what will I do? I must decide.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Office DVD Board Game

My husband surprised me with this game last week and it was a blast to play!! It was a close game too, he won by like $1!!! Re-match! Re-match!! Anyway, if you are looking for a new game and you love "The Office" you'll love this game, it will keep you laughing!

Half Way There!

Here's the leg! Yes, I picked bright pink! I couldn't resist, hopefully this will be only one time of ever needing a cast, might as well get a great color, right? Jedi wasn't crazy about pink, but the girls were! He just colored the whole right side full of Star Wars stuff! And, look at those toes!! My big toe is so big, it brings my shoe size up a whole size, at least! Aren't toes supposed to go from biggest to smallest? Hey, they are great flip flop toes! The pain is really not that much, it only hurts once in a while.
My largest cross throughout this whole thing has just been letting go and allowing other people to do my job. Or not do them. It's been having people constantly at our home. I decided to close down last week for a day. It was great! Just to have our home and privacy for a day. We didn't have school and I kept Babycakes busy, if she left and got into anything, the big kiddos got her. Don't get me wrong, I do appreciate everyone who comes to help, but it gets tiring every day and even the kids have broke down and cried and asked if they can leave. The kids have been troopers and helped me a ton.
This is my floor and table after a couple days of no one doing anything. This is something that drives me crazy!! It's been interesting though, I now know what is important to my husband. After his mom left the other day, he completely cleaned up the table and counter. (it was full of clutter) I never realized he liked it clean. Good thing I do too.
Thank you so very much for all your prayers, care packages, cards, meals, and helping me out in any way, it truly has been humbling and amazing at the same time. A woman in my book club organized for someone to bring me a meal every day (except weekends) until May, and she also took care of all my doctor appts, by setting someone to pick me up and drive me for each one! The sacrifices these women make, it just amazes me and means so much to me!
The craft department might not be much this month, as it's been hard to do crafts with the kiddos, I have some things planned, but it takes a lot to get it all together. I did try baking something last weekend, but it ended up taking me literally all day to bake a cake!! SO the themes and craft and baking stuff, is kind of on hold until after I can get around better! (which is killing me!)
I hope to get back here a couple times this week, but it's hard and not very comfortable at the computer with my leg, as I cannot put it up while on the computer. But please remember Good Friday, starts the Divine Mercy Novena, please pray it with me. The graces are so abundant, you will not regret it.
Have a blessed Holy Week everyone!! God bless you!
*Half way there, means, the cast is supposed to be taken off in 3 weeks, I am hoping anyway. I have a leg appt Tuesday and am hoping to be able to start putting partial weight on my leg, (whatever that means) I will be able to drive mid to end of May. Hoping for mid May!


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