Saturday, April 25, 2009

Feast of St Mark

I thought this was a cute way to celebrate St Mark today. Last year we did muffin-cupcakes, not sure I'm up to that yet, but a PB&J I think I can handle! In fact, last week, I was talking with Jedi about favorite meals and he said "well, mom, all you know how to make is peanut butter sandwiches." My mouth hung open. How soon they forget! You see, for the past 6 weeks, wonderful people have been bringing us meals, my book club ladies, neighbors, and friends. I had to remind him of all the meals I do know how to cook and that while my leg is broken and I am alone, I've been doing just sandwiches!

Anyway, we will also use Charlotte's wonderful coloring sheets for today! I've missed so many feast days these past 6 weeks, starting with St Patricks day and then the other day, missing St George! The kids and I loved last year's dragon cake, hearts and teeth! Oh, well, next year right? It will still be fun next year, right?

**I was able to walk starting yesterday (officially) with the boot on. (without the crutches) And I might have over-done it, my foot was really swelled yesterday and a little sore. It's so hard to know how much I can do. I loved just being able to carry things in my arms without the crutches!

**Our Marriage Encounter weekend: We had to cancel because all the girls are sick with fevers and lots of coughing and sore throats!!! The 2 little ones are done with the fevers now, but when Thursday Ballerina Rosie came down with it...we just had to say there was no way we could leave them for the weekend. After breaking down and crying to my hubby, we called and cancelled and found out there is another weekend a little closer to us and in only 2 weeks. Which means it is Mother's day weekend!! Now how are people supposed to find someone to watch their kiddos over Mother's day? Ahhhhh!!! Maybe it's not meant to be for us.

I'm hoping to start posting a little more as I get a little more independent, I have several post ideas written down and in my head!


  1. I love reading you again and I'm so glad you're getting better! Every time my hubs and I get "this" close to a marriage encounter weekend, something goes wrong. Perhaps in HI. This Mum's day I'll be in Stockbridge, MA. I'll pray for you guys so that you can get to an encounter before too long! God bless!
    P.S. cute sandwiches!

  2. Man...I just dig that sandwich. How did you think of that??? Cute and yummy!!!

    I ditto to hear you voice coming through the blog world.

    Yah! The walking has begun. Boo! sick kids. Yah! A closer retreat. Boo. Mother's Day weekend. (I would help but we have company that weekend.)

    Here is a blog tissue. Dry your tears Jamie...God is good. Some how, or some day you will get there!

    (((HUGS))) to you.

    you hungry for rice krisipies? just kidding. you get my humor RIGHT???????


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