Thursday, March 24, 2016

Sweet 16

We have a 16 year old in our home!
He's amazing, really, teens are not the problem everyone makes them out to be!
He's such a great kid!

OK, have any of you seen this stupid movie?
I saw it years ago with Tom, because he'd already seen it
and I thought it was one of the stupidest movies I'd ever seen.
I only laughed because Tom laughed.
There's a big "BUT"
But, it's so funny to talk about it afterward.
Talk about all the stupid things in it and all the stupid lines.
The movie takes place in 2005, but you question (several times)
if it's actually taking place in the 70's.
The 2nd time I watched this was in January when my kids
wanted to watch it.
You see, this movie is making its rounds among teens now
(a whole new generation)
I have to say, watching it a second time, watching my kids' reactions,
it was really really funny!

Napoleon Dynamite Party it is!
These are just the kids that dressed up like characters from the movie!
Now, if you've seen the movie, you will get the decorations,
if not, well, you might want to skip this whole post,
so you can go watch the movie!
(and tell me how dumb it is)
(I already know) 


The lines from the movie are so fun to quote....

Of course we had Quasa-Dillas!!
Lots of them!
And TOTS!!
We had lots and lots of TOTS!
(I only caught one kid stuffing them in his pockets!)
(another  movie thing)
Chapstick for everyone!


It was wet and snowy that day, but outside games were still fun! 
Why yes! Some even memorized the famous Napoleon Dynamite dance!

Another year much will change in this next year,
driving, job, less time at home.
(Napoleon Dynamite quote)

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Thankful February!

 Thankful on February 1st, we left for Texas!!
Backpacks and suitcases packed!
 Watching the airplanes
Thankful for the Beach house we are staying in!
Last year, we stayed in a condo....boy this year has been so much better in a house!
We have room to move around, room to have privacy, and it's just better to have a house!
(especially with 6 kids)
Thankful for our car rentals!
I haven't driven a car since before children!
(that's 16 years)
I'm loving this cool little car!
(we had to rent 2 cars to fit us all)
Thankful we are just a block from the beach and can head out there every day!

 Cutest little bird feeder. Ever.
 Thankful for hole digging
and shell finding.

 Thankful for Texas Grapefruit!!
It is SO good!!
(sweet and juicy!)

 Thankful our beach house has a high lock
 It makes having a heated saltwater pool, worry-free!
(the hot tub is not on, he thinks it's his own little pool)

Thankful we still have hot cocoa!
(little kiddos get cold after the pool!)

 Thankful for sunrises
 and my sunrise walking partner!
(and our tag-alongs!)

 Thankful for freckles on girls....
 Thankful for sunsets

Thankful for sun-kissed kiddos!

 Her masterpiece!
She worked for 2 hours making this one!

 Thankful for games on our porch!
(you know I love porches!)

 The kids love the porch too!

Thankful to see my kids be so care-free!
This is my favorite video!

 Thankful to be able to see my kids love each other so much.
Thankful for my in-laws that made this trip possible.
Thankful to be able to feel God's Love and Peace within our hearts,
and to see His beauty and goodness down here on South Padre Island!


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