Thursday, September 17, 2015

Movie Reviews!

This movie, I loved.
(not just because Kevin Costner was in it)
I loved the story.
You'll laugh, you'll cry, you will be happy in the end.
I let my 13 year old watch this with me.
(there is swearing in this movie)
I loved their flawed personalities.
There are major flawed personalities.

It's about the love he has for his granddaughter.
He and her other grandparent fight
for custody of her.
In the end, love wins.
As it should
This movie I watched via Netflix.
I really liked this one,
in fact, I watched it twice.
I loved James Cromwell in it
(who doesn't like the farmer in Babe?)
He's plays an old farmer trying to build a more suitable
home for his wife, because she is having memory issues.
That's all I'm going to say,
it is based on a true story.
A true love story.
(not really for kids, they show him naked a couple times,
once to take his shower, in his outdoor shower and again
when he gets intimate with his wife. As an adult,
I can say those parts were kind of cute and kind of eye brow raising)

This was a great movie.
I let my older 3 kids watch it.
You can see the Common Sense Media review HERE
This was also watched via Netflix.
Tom rented this one.
I had heard nothing about this one.
The only reason I watched it with Tom
was because Russell Crowe was in it.
I'm glad I did.
It was great!
We did not let our kids watch this one.
This one was pretty good.
Tom rented this one.
I think there were a lot of things covered that didn't need to be.
It got a little confusing as to what the movie was actually about,
This man, or the finding of a serial killer.
It all came together in the end though and, I guess made it worth it.
Kind of slow.
And not for kids.
Maybe it was not pretty good, it might have been just OK....
I do love the love he has for his wife in this. 
That made it worth it for me. 
This one, I thought would be boring.
It was not.
It was made in 2011.
I want my oldest girls to watch it with me.
It is rated PG-13
There were some strong thematic elements,
other than that, nothing really.

I loved the love story.
We watched via Netflix again.
Common Sense Media HERE

I watched this one last night via Netflix.
This one is not for kids.
(my opinion)
It's a story about a woman and her son.
She ends up taking up surfing lessons,
and ends up sleeping with her instructor.
They do not show much though.
She has such a flawed character in this.
I loved her acting.
I like Helen Hunt.
It's probably why I liked the movie.
Plus, if you love the ocean like I do, you will LOVE the scenes.

This was on Netflix also.
This was a surprise for me.
I had no idea there were POW camps right here in America
during WWII.
This is about a camp in Wisconsin.
Adult themes.
Good movie.
I liked this one.
(but I like history!)

I watched this only because Pierce Brosnan was in it.
I liked it.
Because Pierce Brosnan was in it.
And it was pretty good too.
Swearing, violence....not for kids.

This is on Netflix now.
A anytime favorite for me.
(all my DVD's are packed away)

This one is also on Netflix now.
I let my oldest 2 girls watch it with me.
They liked it so much, they watched it twice.
Now my 11 year old wants to move to Ireland.

Tom and I finished this show.
I think there were 5 seasons.
via Netflix
This is a clean, good drama!!
Happy endings usually.
 Almost every episode, made me cry at some point.
I'd always look at Tom and say, "I'm crying again!"
It's partly because of the music they play
while the camera kind of slide shows to each scene.
An all time favorite show from Netflix.
Great show to watch with the hubs with just enough action to keep
him interested and enough drama for me to get emotional about it!

Here's a few videos of my favorite songs at this moment.
As in, I crank up the radio every time I hear them.
As in, I play and re-play til my kids hate the songs.
I know, it's terrible.
But I love these.
Sing along with me, OK?
His Grammar is not too great in this song, but, I love the tune.
That should keep you busy for a while!
Make some popcorn, grab a blanket, snuggle up and have fun chilling out!
(or is it, warming up?)

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Time Keeps Ticking

 I apologize for not blogging this past month.
August always comes and goes so fast
I catch myself wanting to slow down to enjoy it more
and at the same time trying to fit in as much as I can
before it ends!
In just the last week we've celebrated a new 11 year old's birthday,
 her birthday request:
to spend a day at a local small zoo with 2 friends and no one else (except me)
(meaning no other kids)
 We made our first carrot cake for her birthday together!
It sure was moist.
Recipe HERE
 Tom's birthday was yesterday!
Love how Sim's is looking at daddy here.
This is a picture of my world.
 48 years young!
He always wants PIE!
Today is my birthday!
I am blessed beyond measure.
I am more than happy.  
I really liked 45, but 46 it is I guess...

My first thought of this picture though, is "Wow, my boobs are big!"
 Look at us two old women figuring out our phones...
 Christine came by and gave me sparkly things and fresh tomatoes..she knows the way to my heart!
The day continued with several friends coming to was really nice!
 We also had a first day of school in there the last week...
We've got a:
10th grader
8th grader
5th grader
4th grader
Life is busy to say the least.
But Blessed.
"Orange you glad school started?"
We make these every year on the first day of school!
46 and loving life.
My name is not Randall.


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