Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Surgery Thursday!

Google Readers come see a video of Simeon talking!
This video was taken during the girls' gymnastics
 I'm asking for prayers again for my sweet Simeon
I could tell you to go vote,
 but I know you have already done that, right?
Could you spare some prayers for this sweet little baby,
who is nothing but happy almost all the time, 
filling our house with baby talk, baby giggles and slobbery baby kisses?
I know most of you are already praying for him
(and did I tell you, he has the softest skin of any baby I've ever felt?)
He's crawling, and getting teeth, and 
doesn't have a clue
that Thursday he'll be in pain again, 
he'll need to learn how to suck again with his new lips, 
and how to eat, and smile.
He'll have to wear those arm braces and won't be able to put his fingers in his mouth
for a while.
He'll have to sleep on his back 
Oh, I can see as he gets older, each surgery is easier in the sense,
that I know kind of what to expect, 
harder because I know what to expect
I feel as if we are tricking this naturally happy, sweet baby
I'm dreading that part where I walk back to the operation room and 
have to leave my baby with the doctors
and wait and wait and wait
til I can hold him again.
Lord, make me strong, help me through this.
We love you just the way you are sweet Simeon.
This is for your future, so you can eat and talk
and grow and do amazing things with your life!
(here's his first tooth, just popped through last week, 
this was taken-totally by accident,
while he was talking -in the video at the top
that tooth popped through the next day)
Click on the picture to see it better!

Thank you so much for your prayers
We appreciate it so very much!
I'll try to post pictures next week

We'll be in the hospital til Saturday for sure.


  1. Simeon will be in our family's prayers. I think the blessing right now is that he won't remember all these surgeries when he's older.

    Even for my kid's teeny tiny ear tube surgeries, I got so nervous so I can't imagine the mama's pain your heart must be experiencing. Unite it to Our Lady's suffering!!

  2. Will definitely offer prayer for our family and dear Simeon. So nice to hear his voice and see the smile shot below it!


  3. Love and prayers sweet sweet baby simeon and his family.......bet it's so hard to watch your other kids worry and grieve for his pain too......oh my. We love you from Princeton today, kings

  4. You know he is in our daily prayers, but I will be thinking of you all day Thursday and I will be offering all the little annoyances of the day for your sweet little Simeon.

  5. Prayers for Simeon and you! I can't imagine how hard it must be to watch and wait. You and our Lady have a lot in common now. May God be near you and Simeon and may his guardian Angel be with him always!

  6. Little cutie pie! I have been and will continue to pray for him and you (and dad and sibs) throughout this time. He's a trooper, and like you said, it's to help him in the future. His sweet smile already brings God's light into a place, and he is going to do great things.

    God is holding Sim, and don't forget to let Him hold you, too. Love you all~

  7. Your post brought tears to my eyes. Thank God for resilient little Simeon, who will bounce back! The long term emotional trauma will be yours. :-\

  8. We will and have been praying. Every. Day. Always. I wish I was there to give you a real hug and bring you something comforting. Like coffee or soup or, just anything. God bless you, Jamie. We loved watching that video. Thanks for sharing it. So sweet!

  9. Sending love and prayers especially on Thursday.

  10. Look at him talk! That was so sweet...coo coo coo. It is so hard to see our little babies suffer and especially the hands being wrapped up will be such a struggle for him. He is loved by his family so much...lucky little guy and loved by all of us as we pray for him.

  11. good talkin' little guy!! I see that tooth!! how wonderful. we're saying prayers here. we'll all cover you and Simeon with prayers all week long.

  12. I know I should say something "strengthening" but honestly I've fallen for this little boy and just want to cry as I read this. I'm really feeling for you. This is such a mini mini thing, but it made me think of how today I brought Ava for her shot (she gets spaced out vaccines) and she's usually SO brave. Today she moved her leg and really started crying. As her tears rolled down and I knew she was hurting and confused, I almost started sobbing with her. Is there anything like feeling your children are suffering? It's one of those small moments when I know I'm doing something to keep her healthy (especially since we have a high population of Illegal immigrants in our area and many are not immunized), but it's still hard to watch her cry and know she's in pain for even a moment ...and to think it's because I brought her there. As for you, I'm so proud of you. My heart is really going out to you. Please know that we will be praying that his recovery is swift and his pain is lessened as much as possibly. My advice is to plead with Our Lady for she REALLY understands this. That she gives you strength and that she takes his pain away as much as possible. And know that it will be over before you know it and he will be on his way to healing. Much LOVE from Massachusetts.

  13. I am definitely praying for you all!

  14. Awww, Jamie Jo, what a precious video! I loved hearing Sweet Simeon's babbling.

    Thank you also for dropping by and keeping me in your prayers. Surgery was successful!

    And, I did an update post today and specifically asked for prayers for Sweet Simeon for tomorrow!!! You might get some additional blog visitors, but for sure extra prayers storming Heaven!


  15. Yes, I sat in the waiting room for two of my babies' surgeries... but both were less than 1 month old. I know how hard it is. Both times I was waiting and praying through tears. And the recovery seems to take forever, but really, its only a few days/weeks. He will not remember it once its done!

    May our Mother Mary be there by your side to help you through it. I will be with you in thought, and pray for all, especially on Thursday.

    Love and blessings~

  16. My heart goes out to you Jamie Jo. We will dedicate our Rosary sessions this week for Simeon. Stay strong and pray. God will get you both through this surgery. Best of luck. God Bless!

  17. He is just precious, Jamie! Praying that all will go well tomorrow. Love you!

    Karla Wild

  18. In this year of faith, you have shown so much already! We pray that God continues to work through the doctors' hands and may you find peace and comfort in all the prayers that are being offered up for your precious baby and family! God bless!

  19. We are praying hard Jamie. I hope all is well, thinking of you all all the time too.
    That video is precious. He is such a sweetheart!.

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  21. Hi! I just ran across your blog as I was looking for a craft for my PSR class. I am not sure where you live; but, I sure wish we were close. I know we could be friends. I see now that your post is older; but, we have a lot in common. I, too, am a Catholic, do online school (similar to homeschool), have 4 children (one born with bilateral cleft lip and palate)- ages 15, 12, 9, and 8, and have been married to my husband almost 20 years. Thank you for sharing your craft as I am looking forward to using one in a few weeks in my class. God bless you and your family!


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