Monday, November 19, 2012

Great Movie!

Laugh, Cry, Healing and Hope
Wonderful Movie!


  1. Have heard good things about it, but never seen it. Will keep my eyes open and maybe rent. I also want to see "Courageous." Have you seen that one? Thanks for the recommendation.

    1. yes-Jones- Courageous was good, but this was better (I think) this was more higher budget, the acting was great I thought!! Such a pro-life, pro adoption movie.

  2. LOVE this movie! So glad it's out there and that you all got to see it~

  3. It was really good, I cried tons. Did you see the mom talk at the end about get own story? So moving.

    P.s. It's available in red box

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  5. Ok... stop stealing my posts ;) I was going to post on: The Election (and my ensuing grief that followed), 2016, and October Baby! But you seem to be living a parallel life and even with your 6 children are ahead of the game on me. GREAT movie! Really beautiful. I read an article that said it wasn't an "accurate interpretation of the reasons people make these decisions". I sort of wanted to say, Uh, tell that to the woman who played the Mom and essentially said it mirrored her own life story. Thanks for promoting it!

  6. Add me in as a fan of this movie as well..!

  7. I just added that to my "to rent" list! Maybe we will get it sooner!

  8. Will rent this soon..probably this weekend!

  9. Steve and i watched this on a weekend away alone. I led it too.


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