Monday, January 26, 2015

Yesterday At The Beach

 A beautiful day in the mid 60's
We had to head out to the beach
to construct a giant "water home" or "wa wa home"
as Little Red says here.
He is the foreman of the job
and boy is he bossy!
 She is one of the workers!
She works so hard and talks about how hard she works.
"Oops mommy, I'm sorry I hit your head with my shovel.
Here let me get the sand out of your hair, ummm, mommy,
I think you need a bath."
 That water she's getting better not be for my bath.
 Oh, he's got big plans, big, big plans!
 Might have to start calling him "Little Whitey" instead of "Little Red"
 He's even telling the big kids what to do for his water home.
 And they are doing it!
 Well, some of them are.
Back to work everyone!

 Time for the water!

Proud foreman here

Thanks for spending the afternoon with us at the beach!
I'm so blessed to be able to watch these kiddos all day long!

(I worked too, believe me, I dug and dug too!)

Friday, January 23, 2015

Review Time!

 I finally watched all The Lord of The Rings movies!
My kids were so excited!
 I finally understand all the joke memes!!
Want to hear Pippin sing?
(You might need to click on "Billy Boyd's music video")
Awesome song though.
 I had a hard time deciding which character was my favorite
Sam Wise or
Well, who do you think I picked as my favorite hero?
Looks are shallow I know...but I picked Aragorn
for his looks. And his bravery, Geesh!
The girls picked Legolas as their favorite hero,
they say because of his skilled archery.
 I am surprised we have not seen more children named after these
awesome characters!
"Come here little Gimli"
"Pippin Joseph"
"Aragorn James"
Even Bilbo,
come on, it's cute.
I have to say that this movie trilogy had the
I think because the ending went on for a long time. 
 Made all those long war scenes totally worth it!
 Onto Annie.
I took all 4 girls to see this at a tiny little theater here on the island
a couple weeks ago.
(this theater has not been updated since 1976)
 I actually liked the movie.
I did not, however, care for Cameron Diaz as Hannigan.
I think I just had someone like Carol Burnett in my mind.
Cameron did not make her character believable for me.
She grew on me by the end though.
I loved Jamie Foxx in it.
I loved his singing.
He has a really good voice.

The Maze Runner (in video)
Tom and a couple of the kids have read the series.
They loved it!
(although, the movie was not as good as the books)
I did not like this movie at all
the end.
At the end,
they explained why they were in the stupid maze in the first place.
I think if I knew ahead of time, like the kids did,
 (because they had read the books)
I might have liked it better.
I kept saying, "I don't understand the purpose of this"
"Why are they there?"
In the end, I liked it,
So if you are like me, hang in til the end.
I think the next movie will be better.

 Surprise movie here.
I liked it.
See it.
Adam Levine is in it.
 Speaking of Adam Levine, that reminds me of this new video
How fun is that?
 Looking for a new Netflix show?
I loved this show!!
Read about it HERE
Another Netflix show I loved was Survivors.
It's a BBC show.
The first episode, got better towards the end, so keep watching.
Check it out HERE
Loved this video! 
The girls and I were watching Taylor Swift videos one night
and saw this one, it's so cute!
Of course this song lead to Ed Sheeran...
Who knew he was so young and cute?
I pictured him as an older man for some reason.
We watched the making of this video too,
you can find it at YouTube.

And finally, this song,
Wow, I always thought
"Closing Time"
was about something bad.
It's totally not!!
Love the "this room won't be open til your brothers or sisters come" part.
How did we miss that?
OH, there's more, watch the video! 
So funny!
Well, that ought to keep you busy.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Yesterday at the Beach

 Yesterday, the sun came out, the temps made it into the low 60's,
so some of us headed to the hot tub to soak up the sun.
(everyone is in this picture, except me)
 And some of us headed to the beach!
 There was a ton of sea foam!!
We've never seen this much, it was so much fun!

 Gosh, it sure feels good to get out of the condo
and just run!!

 Funny thing is, we brought our own bubbles with this time!
 But the bubbles from the sea were way more fun!
 (I think that is the "I'm out of bread for the birds" look)

 You're welcome.
I'm sorry.
For some reason, big kids toesies just are not as cute as little kids.
I think, in order to keep my posts a little smaller than 53 pictures,
I'm going to start something called
 "Yesterday at the Beach".
What do you think?
Of course this will only last for 6 more weeks,
since we will be heading back to the Minnesota frozen tundra.
Yes, our time is at the half way point.
Yes, my heart just sank when I said that.
Why, yes, we will still have plenty of winter to enjoy be in.
I already have more for you tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A Typical Morning Walk

 I'd like to say this part, the sunrise, is typical. 
It's not.
It's been pretty cloudy here.
This is where I put my shoes on before we walk.
I also see how we should dress.
This sunrise was last week one day
Most days since about Christmas have been cloudy though.
Morning glory, I tell you.
 We head out to the beach
 We stop, look, thank God,
and take a couple pictures.
 My 10 year old and I
 Now the pictures from now on are from yesterday.
Yesterday was cloudy and foggy, so no sunrise to be seen
But I tell you, every single day there is something different to see.
The tide washes up new things to see
The tide also cleans the beach, the sand is fresh and ready
for morning walkers to enjoy
 Yesterday brought starfish.
A ton of starfish.
Made us kind of sad.
(when the jellyfish are washed up we, for some reason are not as sad)
The starfish were all dead.
Last week we found a few, but one was alive and we threw it back.
 They were everywhere.
The amazing thing is how God works and
how that probably this morning, they will be gone, washed away
or covered with new sand brought in by the tide
 Here we make up or anything, I just get up and go.
It's been pretty the upper 30's in the mornings.
 Wasn't this a cool starfish?
Poor thing.
 This old bird greets us at the jetty.
What's a jetty?
It's this thing, at the end of the beach.
noun: jetty; plural noun: jetties
  1. a landing stage or small pier at which boats can dock or be moored.
    synonyms:pier, landing stage, landing, quay, wharf, dock;
    "we'd walk out on the jetty at low tide to look for starfish"

 The Jetty is a mile and a half from our condo
We usually walk to it, look around and come back
3 miles each morning.

 Yesterday, we decided to walk to the end and see the giant oil rig
that was being brought in for repairs.
 The Jetty is not like a normal dock with smooth walking.
It's a bunch of giant rocks...granite? 
 Hello little birdie!
Hello big birdie!

 Sometimes there are huge holes and you can hear and see the water underneath
coming and going with the waves.
 There were a couple patches of black, slimey, slippery stuff
We were very careful.
I don't know how long it is, 1/2 mile?  Mile?
 We made it almost to the end, and you can see (kind of)
from here to the end is the black slimey stuff...
So this is as far as we got.
To the "Almost end".
Can  you see the oil rig?
They've got tug boats pulling it in.
isn't it amazing?
Gosh, even more amazing to see in person.

 We were here!
Gotta take a selfie!!
 There's our building!
The tall one, with fog around the top!
 Time to head back
This kind of shows the distance...see the beach in the background?
 We found this 6 legged starfish on our way back
 By the time we got back, the rig was being brought in even closer
See that guy there?
He's wearing a MN Gopher jacket, you bet we talked to him!
He ended up being from a town right by us!
We also met an older couple from our home town!
They love the Ringsmuth Riders--our unicycling girls!
Small world.
 Look how big that oil rig is!!
The people look so tiny!
 There it goes to the port...
Hello Minnesota guy!!
Time for breakfast!

Thank you for walking with us!
Have a great day!


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