Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Time to Eat!

It's 6:00, Tom just got home....quick, I must think of something to fix for supper.
Hmmmmm....what will I fix?
I know what I'll make...Oh, it's 6:30 already? 
Gosh, where did the time go?
Dang, it's going to be another late nite.

It's 7:30
I yell, "Time to eat!"
Everyone comes, we pray, we eat, then it starts.
and yelling
Yelling to get all that needs to get done before bed
you know
Pick up toys!
Brush your teeth
Get your jammies on
Pick up toys!
Get back here and wipe the counter and rinse the sink
Did you sweep?
Who's the sweeper?
Hurry up
Pick up toys!
It's 9:00
Pick up toys!
Time for bed!!!

The kids are not ready for the day to be over immediately after we eat
I'm not either.
maybe I am
and that's why I'm crabby and can't wait for them all to go to bed

I got tired of it
This was becoming the normal for us.

The past few weeks,
I decided to make a conscience effort to
eat supper at 6pm
(OK 6:30 at the latest)

In order for this to happen,
I must know what I'm making for supper in the morning,
like while I'm getting breakfast,
so I can thaw any meat out I'll need
and to keep it in the back of my head all day
so at 4:30pm, I'm ready to start getting ready to make supper.

In order for that to happen,
I need a master list of what meals we are having
with the food I've purchased for this particular 2 week period,
until next grocery day...

When, I'll need to think of and write the said master list of meals
while making my grocery list.

Things just go better when we eat at a reasonable time.
The kids feel like they have time after supper, more time in their day.
Things are not rushed for bedtime.
We can have a happy mommy bedtime
(most nights)

It's been a few weeks now of eating earlier
(normal time for most folks)
and we are all seeming much happier.
It sure is worth the effort.

Oh, gotta run!!
It's time to eat!!

What about you?
You probably have this all figured out already...

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Happy Simeon!!!

 He's doing so good, he's happy almost all the time
(for the first time ever)
 He went from this....
to this!!
Last weight he was 12 lbs 3 oz
Look how sweet he is....
Thank you for all your prayers,
Please keep them coming!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

We are home!

Thank you again for all your prayers.

Simeon is eating great and getting chubby before our eyes.  (although, it might be the fluids they pumped into him at this point)  I am supplementing my breastmilk with formula and feeding him every 3 hours.
We will have a nurse coming daily to weigh him for the next 2 weeks, and then every other day after that and hopefully then weekly after that.  Weekly pediatrition appts and an appointment with his Urologist on September 5th.  He'll need some extra tests done that week, loooong tests, including one I hate, where they strap him to a table and insert dye into him and watch where the obstruction is in his ureter.  That test takes 50 minutes and he looks at me, screaming, like "why won't you pick me up mama?"

I think his urinary tract infection was probably there for quite a while, as today he has been laughing, giggling and smiling like crazy!!  He has never been a very smily baby.  Poor baby.  Who knows how long he's been feeling crappy.  Hopefully this is it, a blessing in disguise!

The nurses were wonderful, we even got to see some of the same ones we had when we were there in May for his lip surgery. 

We also found out he is anemic and so are supplementing with iron---yuck--He hates that bottle, drinks it sloooooowly...

Thank you again for your prayers, they mean the world to us. 
I'll try to post pictures later this week!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

LIttle Sim

Thank you for all your prayers.

We are still at the hospital, Simeon is asleep and I slipped into the lounge to quick update you.

He's doing better.  They did not put a feeding tube in, but we are supplementing with formula in his milk.  (formula adds 4 calories per ounce, which is a lot to a tiny baby)

He ended up with a urinary tract infection, which is caused from his kidney hydronaphrosis (sp?).  He's gone through many, many tests and his ultrasound revealed an obstruction in his ureter again, either this obstruction caused the infection or the infection caused the obstruction.  This infection caused him to lose his appetite, causing him to lose over 2 pounds, and causing his electrolites to get all messed up, his little body just couldn't keep up.  His sodium level was very, very low, so low that if it were any lower, he'd be having seizures.  We are so blessed.  So blessed to have brought him in when we did.    His iron level is very low also, which is why he's such a whitey...but he is a red head too, so he won't exactly be soaking up the sun!  They started him on iron today.  He started an antibiotic yesterday afternoon and by evening he was eating much better and even laughed and giggled for me!!  (it's been over a week since we've seen that smile!)  The low iron is causing him to be very sleepy, almost weak.

He has an appointment with the urologist September 5th and they added a couple long tests to check out the blockage, to see if the antibiotic clears up the obstruction.  (praying for that)

We also need him to gain some weight!!  (praying for that)  I'm thinking they will keep us here til Saturday or Sunday.  (maybe I'm hoping it's not longer)  They want to see him at least back on the growth chart.

Thank you for all your prayers, they are keeping us up.  Please also pray for our family, as it is so very hard on my husband Tom and especially the little ones.

Mary Hannah has been staying at the hospital with me, and has been such a sweet blessing to me.  Jedi wants to stay tomorrow night.  (Rosie stayed with us in May, so it's the other kids turns)

Thank you again, I have to get back.  God bless you all.  Hopefully next week things will be back to normal (except the newly added ton of doctor appointments) and we can talk about much more exciting things, like The Pioneer Woman!!

**I forgot to add that on infants and elderly, urinary infections are hard to detect, as they do not often times have any symptoms, like the burning feeling while urinating or even a fever, Simeon had no signs, til he quit eating.  


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