Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Thank You!!

Thank you all for your wonderful prayers, blessings and wishes!!

His name is:

Simeon Thomas

and he's a miracle!
We actually both went home on Christmas Eve.
It truly was a Christmas Miracle
  He was in NICU until that time.
I was with him as much as I could be, but no cell phones are allowed in the hospital, so if you didn't get a call,
that's why (or a text as some wanted)
He's eating and doing wonderful.

The mama, however, is not doing so wonderful.
Between pumping, feeding and trying to get some sleep, there's not much time for anything.
Plus, we have 5 appts this week regarding his kidneys

I don't even have time right now to unload my camera to show you a picture!!
He's beautiful.

I'm scared to death to try to figure out how to feed him in public.  (and pump)
He, because of his nose being open to his mouth, can't be around other people's children or public places.
If we do go anywhere, he needs to be covered up in the carseat and then that blanket needs to be washed
when we get home!  He could very easily get very sick.

I don't know when I'll be blogging again, it feels like a long time away.  After I unload pictures from the camera (someday) I'll post pictures.

Thank you Margaret for posting for me!

Thank you again for all your precious prayers, they mean the world to us!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

It’s a…


Weight: 6 lbs. 1 oz.

Name: T.B.A. by the Proud Parents

Excitement? Obviously!

Thankful Thursday, indeed. God is SO good!

Jamie, we are thrilled for you.

With much love & many prayers of thanksgiving,

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Merry Christmas from Our Home to Yours Through the (digital) Years...

2007 and 2008

Just wanted to share out Christmas Card pictures over the past few (digital) years
(because they are all on the computer)
Always fun to look back on past years around the holidays

God bless you all for this wonderful Christmas, 
May the peace, that only the Christ Child can bring, come to you
in a special way this Christmas.

*no baby out yet...I'll keep you posted if anything changes*

Sunday, December 18, 2011

What's Going to Happen

35 1/2 Weeks!
(my sweater is not dirty, the mirror is)
Ok, I made it to 35 weeks, which is good, really good.
After Thursday's ordeal, at the hospital, 
my doctor wants me to get in ASAP tomorrow for another ultrasound.
If baby scores all 8 possible points for fluid, tone, movement and respiration, 
then we will be fine, if not, 
we are suspecting to deliver this week.
Our 15th Anniversary is Tuesday, 
so Tom is betting on a Tuesday Anniversary date at the hospital.
I'd really, of course like to at least make it to after Christmas when I'm 37 weeks, 
baby will come when God wants him/her to!
If it happens this week, I will let Margaret post an update for me so 
I won't leave you hanging, 
but after that, I will.
(leave you hanging)
I'll be busy, kissing that sweet baby 
all my other babies.
And my husband

 Just in case I'm not here (and I'm at the hospital)
Our 15th Wedding Anniversary is Tuesday!!
Oh, how I love this man.
With each day, 
each child,
each smile,
each and every little thing that happens,
because in actuality they are not little things, but 
big things in our life together.
Oh, the things I'd love to tell this young couple.
But then, they would not grow the way they have grown 
with each other 
and for each other.

To the love of my life,
I'll love you always forever.

Thank you so very much for all your wonderful prayers, they mean the world to us,
and pray for you in return.

(OK, last post for today, I posted 2 craft posts earlier too,
got all the laundry done, baby's crib ready, burp pads out, car seat ready,
clothes ready (for both sexes) and so I guess I'm nested)

No baby today (Monday)
I got 8 points on the ultrasound today and 
My fluid level was 8
We'll see what tomorrow brings...

More Christmas Trees!

 Here's another easy Christmas craft for the kiddos....but if you don't like glitter, 
this might not be for you....
We are still sweeping it up and finding it in people's hair and pretty much everywhere!
It's a ripped paper tree, with a sticker star at the top, and glue, lots of glue, 
and buttons, sequins, glitter (lots of glitter), and
squares of wrapping paper at the bottom to look like presents!
Easy and beautiful!

Easy Christmas Trees!

 Remember, if I'm showing it, it's easy!
Except, I was surprised how expensive yarn is!!
Maybe I'm glad I don't know how to knit...
I suppose Tom is glad I don't knit.
 She actually glued about 10 of these on before burning her fingers by switching the puff ball into the other hand...poor baby and a very guilty feeling mama! 

 All you need is yarn, puffy balls, or beads, hot glue, cones, and some kind of star for the top!
All the girls loved this craft!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Thank You!!

I can't thank you all enough for the love, prayers and sacrifices that came my way.  Tears streamed down my face as I read each comment and Margaret's post for us.

I was released last night around 10:30pm because of a very nice, smart nurse who knew how much it would mean to go home early....she asked the doctor to do one more ultrasound last night, instead of this morning and if baby was doing ok, if I could go home.  Baby was doing fine so I am home, exhausted, relieved and feeling so loved  by all.

Thank you for all the support and love, I have no doubt it is why I am home with baby still inside.
Please be assured of my love and prayers for all of you.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Prayers, please, for Jamie & Baby

i, everyone. It's Margaret.

Jamie has been admitted to the hospital, where the doctors will be monitoring her and her little one overnight. She has asked me to post a prayer request on her behalf...and I know that we will be sending up countless bouquets that all goes well.

I know Jamie. You know Jamie. The poor dear will be missing the rest of her family like mad.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for Jamie & her family.

Good St. Joseph, pray for Jamie & her family.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Our Van Has Died

 Just this past month, I was thinking about how God has taken care of us with this old van.
How when we got it, it had seating for 8.
We will soon be a family of 8, how perfect, right?
Little did we know 11 years ago, when we got this van we would ever be that big, 
only having Jedi at that time.
Well, Friday, Tom took the van in for some work, 
only the work would have costed $4000
It needs a new transmission, new alternator, new breaks and something to go with that, 
and something else big....and the driver's window doesn't go up if it goes down.
And it's leaking antifreeze.
(The digital stuff hasn't worked in it since we got it)
You need to kick the side of the van to get the side door open.
We are going to sign papers for this type of van tonite.
They've been looking for a van like this for us since Friday.
The one we are signing for is a 2011, with 30,000 miles, 12 passenger....
for $21,000.
My husband got a raise last month....
God is still taking care of us.
There's always just enough. 

Margaret--Can you give me some driving lessons?

The dealership is picking it up within the next 5 days.
My husband gets to take me to the doctor tomorrow!!


I am planning on doing a "Thankful" post instead of "Thankful Thursday" as I have doctor appts on Thursdays and need to teach school, and just can't seem to get it done!

These "Thankful" posts are not to show our "perfect" life, as it is so far from that, believe me, but, for me and hopefully others to look for the good, the things we are thankful for during our week, during the hard times, the busy, crazy times of raising children, and trying ourselves, to follow our Lord and accept His will, at all times.

If God were to tell us today, He was only going to let us keep what we've thanked Him for, what would we have?

 Thankful for little girls who occupy eachother during school time...
 even though, it leaves many messes throughout the whole house....
 Thankful for those chocolate Advent calendar countdowns!
 Thankful for some of our favorite Christmas books....
 And Thankful I was finally able to go through all our books and donate a ton!!
 Thankful for cuteness and Elmo girls!
 Thankful for all our play Nativity sets that are joined into one big set, 
the girls like to pick one baby Jesus and then, everyone else comes to visit Him.
 Thankful for this great new place that came to town!
Do you have one near you?
 They are fun and healthy!
I didn't have my own, I knew Sweetie Pie wouldn't eat all hers, 
so I got her Strawberry flavored w/Nerds candies on top.
If I were to pick my own (will that ever happen?)
I'd pick Strawberry with fresh Strawberries on top!
The kiddos had some interesting combinations of flavors!!
 Thankful to Kelly for sending us this beautiful headpiece to help us celebrate St Lucia Day yesterday!
After last year, (read it, it's a good one!)
I hoped this year would be better. 
Oh, we ate earlier, but you can tell by the expression on Ballerina Rosie's face 
(who wants to be called Rosie on this blog now)
that she had a crabby mama this particular morning.
I'm not a morning person, and add a day full of doctor appts, 
(I left for the doctor at 10:30am and got out at 3pm!)
Well...I was crabby....and I crushed the spirits of this sweet girl
Everyone else was happy, after all, we were having cinnamon rolls for breakfast with hot cocoa!
I plan to plan better  next year and I should probably have coffee or something to help with 
those morning crabbies!

Thankful for grandparents who came up from the Twin Cities to help with the kiddos
knowing I had all these appts, who made lunch and played with the kiddos, 
and made homemade waffles for supper, so we all could go to Jedi's Band concert!

 Thankful for the Sacrament of Reconciliation, (or Confession as I call it)
Mary Hannah made her first Reconciliation Saturday!
This sweet girl's soul is white as can be!
She was so excited to go and did wonderfully!
 She really wanted a bible of her own...so she could highlight it....we are making her only 
highlight with us though!
We also really stressed that the clean, white, sparkling soul, happens 
EVERY time we go to Confession!!
Thankful God gives us the grace to work on those sins we confess!!
Thankful for Band concerts and for Jedi,
 how hard he works at his trumpet and piano and how much he loves it!

Thankful for this little piece the Trumpets played for us last night!
Thankful for your patience with my terrible shakey video filming....
Hmmmm...can't get it to upload for some reason....I'll try to fix it!

Thankful my fluid level is at a 7 and am hoping to make it to Christmas!
(the 7 was hard for the Ultra sound tech to find, but she did it!)
Thankful my doctor thought there would be no reason our baby couldn't be in my room with me!!
Thankful we don't have snow yet, here in Minnesota!  (Yes, I said MN)
With all these doctor appts, it's so nice to not have to worry about ice and snow...I'm not worried, 
we'll get our share I'm sure!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

This is one of my very favorite images of Our Lady.
There is so much meaning to the image.
Like she is pregnant in this image, I remember reading it has something to do
with the sash.
And then there's the baby at the bottom of her feet, being held up by the angel.
The Patroness of the unborn.
It's a powerful image.
When we were in Mexico last year, I was sure to get a few things with this image.
(side note:  My inlaws offered  to take us again, with Tom's brother's family, but with a new baby, 
we just can't.  They are so very generous!  I have to say, even though, Tom didn't care for Mexico,
he was sick most of the time, so who could blame him? 
I would be very tempted to go without him though, I loved it)

There are so many wonderful, holy feast days this month!

I actually first made this recipe a very, very, long time ago. I was in 9th grade and had to bring a dish from another country for some class and I picked Mexico. Little did I know I'd be using it to teach my children some day so many years later!
My recipe spells the word this way: Sopapias, but I've seen it spelled as Sopaipillas, I think they are the same, Mexican fry bread.

4 cups flour
1 1/4 tsp salt
3 tsp baking powder
4-5 Tablespoons sugar
2 Tablespoons shortening
1 1/4 cups milk (or more if needed, I needed)
Oil (for frying)
Powdered sugar (for coating)

In large bowl, mix dry ingredients. Cut shortening into dry mixture with fork. Add milk, mix well. Here you will need to add more milk if you can't get the dough to form a ball. Next form the ball and cover bowl and let stand 30-60 minutes.

On a well floured surface, roll dough to thickness of 1/4 inch and cut into squares or whatever shape you'd like I guess, but I always do little squares.

Heat oil in pan and place dough shapes in the oil. Cook until brown on both sides, constantly flipping and checking. (I heat it to a med/high temp) The shapes will puff a little.

Drain on papertowel or paper bag and coat with powdered sugar. (I put powdered sugar in a baggie and shake the bread to coat) The kids really loved this recipe and it was really fun to make it again for my own children.

We'll make these again tonite to celebrate!

Shelly--maybe you can tell us if these are truly "Mexican" or not?

**I posted these on Catholic Cuisine a few years ago along with Mexican Crispas

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Gaudete Sunday

Tomorrow (Sunday) is Gaudete Sunday!!
It's the 3rd Sunday of Advent, 
It's time to light the PINK candle, 
pink stands for JOY
The joy of Christmas almost here.
Don't forget to wear PINK!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Thankful Pregnancy

I'm interrupting the usual "Thankful Thursday" posts this week to post 
a "Thankful Pregnancy" 
This will be a funny, but true post, about the things that keep you going at the end.
(at least for me)

Thankful that in about 3 weeks:

  • I won't need to buy and wear these Poise liners anymore
  • Our toilet paper use will be cut down by about 3/4
  • No more constipation (at least not from me)
  • I'll be able to reach my "wiping parts" so much better, my arms just are not that long, I pretty much pull a muscle every time.
  • No more "Pregnancy Air"--every time I sit on the toilet, "air" comes out.  My husband says it's a fart, but I tell you, it's air.  It doesn't happen when I'm not pregnant...but it is loud.  (and quite embarrassing) It's air, I tell you.  Air.
  • No more going potty every time I sit and then stand again
  • No more going potty every time I pass a potty
  • No more getting up in the night to go potty
  • No more groaning and moaning every time I bend down or roll over or move.
  • No more puffy elephant ankles
  • No more fat sausage toes and legs (my legs are so tight, it's hard to kneel)
  • No more NO ENERGY
  • No more heartburn, or retasting my food all night long.
  • I'll be able to get up out of a chair without groaning or moaning and looking just plain ridiculous.
  • No more constant low blood sugars
  • No more 4-5 doctor appts/week!!
  • No more huffing and puffing the stairs
  • I'll be able to paint my toes--heck, I'll be able to touch my toes!!  
  • I'll be able to put on my socks and pants without grunting and groaning
  • No more backache
  • No more "Pregnancy Butt"
  • I'll be able to park far away and walk fast into any store!
  • I'll be able to hold my sweet little baby and kiss that sweet little cleft lip-- and that is why these things are such things to be so very thankful for.  

Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Feast of the Immaculate Conception!

I love that.

This is one of my favorite Feast days.

Well, any Feast day with our Lady is a favorite!

When I was a kid, I thought it was the Immaculate Conception of Jesus.

It is not.

 It is the day to celebrate Mary's Immaculate Conception.

To celebrate that God chose her from the very beginning.

God knew she would say yes.

We will eat blueberry muffins, go to Mass tonight, color these 

******I met with the Perintologist today and it was very positive!******
He sees no reason to deliver any earlier than my scheduled date of Jan 3, unless my fluid drops below a 6.
Which could happen the week before, just like my last baby.
But as of now, the fluid level is at an 8!!
(the other day it was a 7 and last week was a 6)
He also was very positive and explained the kidney issue much better than any of the other 3 doctors we've had.
This is very common (so I'm told) and is just an obstruction in the ureter.
It's one of 2 kinds of obstructions,
either a piece of tissue blocking it or
2 of the nerves coming down, instead of them being behind the ureter, one would be in front and one in the back of it,
causing pressure on the ureter.
Both of these things can fix themselves after birth,
if it's a blockage of tissue, could need to be "flushed" out with a surgery,
not needing anything within the first 72 hours after birth.
He explained to me that the baby's kidneys can work much differently outside the womb than inside,
which is how it could fix itself.
Because there is urine in the bladder of the baby,
at least one of the kidneys is working,
possibly both, just the left one might not be draining completely, causing the backup.
make any sense?
It does to me,
which gives me much more peace of mind and heart.

Thank you God for small miracles.
They happen every day, don't they?

I have been an emotional mess since Tuesday worrying about this appt.
I'm feeling much better now.

Hoping to come back to do a Thankful Thursday post, but with school to teach, 
Mass, and a doctor appt, no promises!

God bless you, happy Feast day!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Santa Claus is St Nicholas!

 With the feast of St Nicholas coming up tomorrow, 
I thought today would be a good day 
to talk about him.
This is our sweet Colette above with St Nicholas.
Look at her expression and his happy face!!
Oh, the innocence of a child at Christmas, it brings tears to my eyes.
I know there is quite a controversial thing with Santa Claus among parents these days.
And some people get down right huffy about it.
(they are usually the same people who think nothing about celebrating Halloween though
We celebrate Halloween, I'm just sayin')
I just really think it has to be people and their experience with him, while they were growing up.
I know my brother and his wife don't celebrate "Santa" because she felt betrayed by her parents
when she found out, and I remember my brother running upstairs crying "Noooooo!" when he 
found out about Santa.
They didn't want to lie to their children.

When I found out about Santa, my cousin Terry told me, right before Christmas,
 I was in second grade.
I remember asking my mom about it and her sitting on the steps with me, 
I remember her having that look of disappointment and well, she told me.
It was and is still the best Christmas I've ever had.
I couldn't believe my parents loved me that much to actually buy us "extra" presents.
I felt so loved as I helped her set out Santa stuff for my brother and baby sister.

Now, because of my experience, this is how we've told our kiddos.
My 2 oldest know and it was told in this way,
"Because we love you so much...."

I really don't think he takes away from the true meaning of Christmas, 
at least not with us.
Jesus is the reason and my kids know that.  
Santa is just about joy and the love he has for children and the love he has for Baby Jesus.
Santa Claus is St Nicholas, who lives in Heaven, and has no wife.
The kids think that is pretty funny how the world changes something that 
started out so religious and has deep meaning, into something that is not.

We actually don't usually go to Santa and sit on his lap and tell what we want...
Because we don't focus on the gifts, I throw away all those magazines I get in the mail 
each night...I'm not saying they don't look before I do this, because they do, but our focus is not just the gifts.
We buy the kiddos a couple gifts from us to open Christmas Eve 
after we've gone to Mass
they get one gift from Santa Claus with stocking stuff Christmas morning.
(we happened to be at Sam's Club and there was no line, and it was free, and the girls looked at me
like "Can we?"  Now, how could I resist?  Then, we had to go back of course for Colette, since 
she was not with me!)

 We have a little statue like this sitting out for Christmas 
And one of our favorite Christmas stories is this one about 
St Nicholas in Heaven, with all the angels, getting ready for the birth of Christ.
Santa has his toys and his bag and his sleigh, 
but he stops for what is most important first
to see Jesus in the Manger and kneels down in Adoration.

Life is totally what we make of it 
and how it is portrayed, especially to our children.
Any huffy people out there? 
What do you think and how is this portrayed to your children?
why do you believe and celebrate the way you do?

I honestly have no judgements here, I really think to each his own on this controversial Santa issue.
It's fun to see other people's traditions and why they do the things they do to make 
Christmas special.

For fun ideas of how to make St Nicholas day special go to Catholic Cuisine, some of the ideas are even mine!
So tonite we will put out our church shoes (they are the cleanest ones) 
and St Nicholas will come and fill them with chocolate coins and candy 
and in the morning we will read about St Nicholas and his love for all.
Especially Jesus.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


I watched this video this morning at Aussie Therese's
It made me think of my own type 1 diabetes and how it's changed my life.
I've had it for so long that I can't imagine life without it. It has become 2nd nature to me.
It's funny, because probably most people would think of diabetes as a cross in life. I don't really
think of it as that, because of that 2nd nature thing. What I mean by that is that every time I take a shot, 5 times/day, or monitor my blood sugars, 5 times/day--8-10 when pregnant, or count carbs before I eat, I'm not thinking "Oh, I hate this" or "Why do I have to do this?" It's automatic. I don't even think about it. It's offered up in my daily offering and forgotten.

I "got" diabetes when I was 10 years old. My mom also has type 1 and she "got" it when she was 24. She had 2 kids at time, my brother and I, we were like 2 and 3 years old. She ended up going into a coma and was in the hospital for a month, us kids were not allowed to see her...wow, how things have changed, huh?

I did not go into a coma. Usually diabetes is triggered by some kind of flu, and the flu had gone around our neighborhood, (we were living in Santa Rosa, CA at the time) and after a week, everyone drug themselves back to work or school and got better. I didn't get better. My mom started thinking diabetes. Back then, they only tested sugars with urine. (SO INACCURATE) She tested me after nibbling on barely anything and my urine was "moderate" and then tested my dad, who had feasted on fried chicken and chocolate on the bottom cake and he was "normal".

I remember her calling the doctor and they said she could bring me in that night or the next morning. She asked if I could go into a coma, they said, "well, yes..." So she brought me in right away. I still remember that as such a funny thing about the whole situation. Anyway, they brought me in and I was in the hospital for a week.

Oh, things have changed over the years. (almost 32 years by the way) Back then, I took one shot in the morning, then after a few years, that changed to 2 shots, one at bedtime and one in the morning. Then a few years later, it changed to testing our blood instead of urine, by pricking fingers. This is still the case. It just amazes me how much more accurate it is now. I think it is most common to take a shot with each meal and at bedtime, which is what I do.

As a kid, don't get me wrong, I went through some things with it. It was hard. I hated it. The first year I was perfect on the diet, never even nibbling off the diet. Afraid if I did, I'd die. The next year, towards the end, (we had moved back to MN by now) we had a 6th grade end of the school year party, and there were chips and lots of snacks. I remember being tempted by them and gave in and ate some chips! I used to walk home from school...probably like 10 or 12 blocks and I cried all the way home, thinking I was going to die. You know what? I didn't die! I remember testing the waters I guess, from that moment on. Always taking my shots but not really watching it like I should have. Until I was an adult.
Now, it is the high blood sugars that are damaging to our internal organs. It is the high blood sugars that cause all the terrible things Diabetes can cause. That is why it is so important to watch those blood sugars and count those carbs!!

Once finger pricking started and taking insulin with each meal, I hated the attention I got from everyone. I have to admit, it's still something I try my best to avoid. Once I'd take it out, who ever was by me or around me would come over and ask (stupid) questions. I still, to this day, do not like having to educate everyone who asks, only for them to not really understand anyway. Type 1 diabetes, for some reason causes some kind of fog on the brain for people and they just don't get it. I find this so funny when I am in the hospital and the nurses don't get it. They always start out treating me as a gestational diabetic, then they always end up letting me take care of it myself and just tell them the numbers and amounts of insulin I took. It's like type 1 is so rare or something.

It's not that rare. It's not that confusing. My pancreas does not work at all. It does not produce any insulin, ever. SO, I take insulin to compensate for the food I eat. SO the food has to match the insulin. Over the years this has changed also. We used to count everything, fruit, vegetable, fat, meat, bread, milk. Now, it is carbohydrate counting, it's the carbs that make the blood sugars rise. Of course the others foods must be eaten too and in moderation, but it's a direct insulin/carbohydrate ratio, in order to monitor blood sugars.

Type 1 Diabetes is not caused because of poor diet, or obesity and used to be called Juvenile Diabetes, because it is usually diagnosed before the age of 30. It is controlled by diet, exercise and insulin management. I was always a skinny kid. I remember in 7th and 8th grade being a size 1 and having a hard time finding clothes. Our little Ben Franklin store had size one clothes!!

Type 2 Diabetes is caused by that poor diet, or obesity. In a type 2 Diabetic, their pancreas still works some of the time, just not properly. It is sometimes reversed by diet only, which is the hard way, but most often is controlled by pills or even insulin and diet.

The funny thing about people who do not have diabetes is they always say, "Oh, I could never take all those shots." or "How do you take all those shots?" as they shudder at the thought of it. I always tell them, it's not really the shots that are a big deal, it's the diet, the watching everything. But, you know, it's not anymore. It's really 2nd nature now. It can be a balancing act. It does make some things harder. I've found it really tricky losing weight, exercising and adjusting the insulin to do so.

I find myself embarrassed by the disease now, that I'm older and overweight. With each baby I've kept the last 10-15 lbs (I'm having my 6th baby, I'll let you do the math) I think people think I overeat or don't watch it, when in actuality, I am probably eating much healthier than they are. This is all because of the big growth in Type 2 Diabetics across the country, and the unhealthy risks associated with this.

Insulin is known to make a person gain weight. My insulin levels when not pregnant are around 6 units before each meal and around 24 of the bedtime insulin. Now, by the end of the pregnancy, those levels are unbelievably high, breakfast I'm currently at 42 units, lunch 22 and supper 18, my bedtime is split between night and morning and the total is currently at 86 units!! The insulin is daily rising and monitored. I'm eating the same amounts, it's the pregnancy hormones. In a normal pregnancy, your pancreas automatically does this same thing, it produces the right amount of insulin. In my body, I put it in there. The day I have the baby, those levels go completely back to normal.

I have very tight control of my diabetes. With each baby, especially by the 6th baby, I just know I am going to gain 50-60 lbs automatically. Which is humbling to say the least. Oh, I don't want to get off on diet, losing weight and exercise yet, there will be plenty of time for that once I recover from the

Diabetes is not controlling me. I am controlling the diabetes. I can do anything anyone can do. I can exercise, I can do sports (OK, I'm not good at sports, never have been, but I can do them!) People in my past have said things about my diabetes and not being able to have children, well, that was the wrong thing to say to me!! I can do anything.

This does not hold me back.

**We do not contribute to any research in order to find a cure for Diabetes, because their research involves unborn babies. I can live with this. I would never take a cure, so I could add a few years onto my life, by means of a baby losing their life. Aussie Therese also has information on her blog regarding this serious subject. (just fyi: Cancer and MS research companies, also have no qualms using aborted babies to do their research. We really have to do our own research before contributing to any cause)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mommy Dates!

 All the kiddos are starting to ask for "mommy dates" 
which means it's been a while....like I think since summer!
Last Friday, Ballerina Rosie told Tom and I she wanted a "mommy date" or "daddy date"
she didn't care, but she wanted to watch Prince of Persia after the others went to bed and 
have popcorn and chocolate ice cream.
(which is a GREAT movie, by the way)
She has always been neither mommy or daddy girl,
having no special preference. 
I think it's more about what she can get actually.
Hoping she remembers the time spent with us and not what she got to do so much....

*interesting side note:

Jedi--was always a mama boy til he turned 4...then something happened, he noticed his daddy 
and I had to almost mourn the loss of him on evenings and weekends where he was glued to daddy's side.
I loved it, though, knowing it was what he needed and the importance of daddy.

Ballerina Rosie--neither, independent and strong willed!

Mary Hannah--always a daddy girl!!  She literally only wanted me for my milk when she was a babe.

Colette--mama girl...still is!

Sweetie Pie--mama girl, but she really loves her daddy too, she might change over...

I think the kiddos know these "dates" need to get in before the baby comes, 
so they are planning and trying to figure out times it will work out.

The others want to go to the Adoration Chapel, 
which to me, is a little bit of Heaven to start our evening.
(Ballerina Rosie would have too, but our date was at home)

Jedi wants to then, go to the library where we can pick books out and sit and read, 
then go out to eat....

Mary Hannah wants to then go get her pictures taken at Sears and then out to eat.....
(every time we pass a restaurant, she says, "Hey, mama we could go there for our "mommy date"!)

Colette, doesn't have any preference, she just wants a "mommy date"

Sweetie Pie...doesn't know what she's missing (yet)

Now, I do take different kiddos every other week when I go shopping and we do 
different things with different kiddos, but this is special time, where my time and energy 
is focused on them and not what needs to get done. 
It's time, that I hope makes them feel special and not so lost in a larger family.
Time set aside to look them in the eye with no distractions
and tell them what I love about them and that I'm interested in them.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Novenas!

I usually pray this St Andrew Novena, every Advent, it is so beautiful.  This prayer card was made by
JOYfilled Family, you can get a printable novena card by clicking on her link!  She did a beautiful job!
It starts tomorrow, the feast of St Andrew and goes til Christmas Eve!

This year, I decided to do the Immaculate Conception Novena too...click on it on my sidebar and you can
join me!!  If you sign up, you can receive daily emails with the prayers, I really love what this man did to start these online novenas.

 This one started this morning and I am praying for such personal things right now and am so emotional
that I cried through the whole thing!  Yesterday and today, my patience are set on very low and my tears are
set on very high.  I'm a blubbering baby right now.

We did get some good news last night.  The Perinatologist (sp?) called last night, personally, from our
hospital here in town.  He said there is no reason the baby couldn't be delivered  here!  We have a Urologist that comes up from the Twin Cities and would be here to do the tests needed when the baby is born.
It is all dependent on the fact that so far, the baby's right kidney is doing fine.  If that changes, then it might change as far as where we deliver.  This is such a blessing to find out one of my many questions.  I did also
find out  that the baby will be in the hospital longer than I will.  Mostly because of the cleft lip/palate, because of feeding issues, learning how to suck for the baby and learning how to feed, for us.  There will also be lots
of tests done because of the kidneys.

So much to pray for and so much to be thankful for, all at the same time.

My thoughts and worries are still the same with a few added things, like how do I go home and try to manage a family at home and a baby in the hospital, when in my heart of hearts, I won't want to leave the hospital
at all?  I did go through this with my first baby, (he was a preemie) but, there were no others at home to
worry about.  I only went home to sleep and pump breastmilk (because the nurses forced me to)

I feel like such a drama queen with all this deep stuff.  I will get some more light hearted posts done soon!
Until then, will you join me in either of these novenas?

Thank you all again for all your precious prayers, they mean the world to me.  I send my prayers back to you
for graces and blessings in your lives.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Quick Update:

Normal Pregnancy fluid levels should be between 5-25

Tuesday I was at a 4 but that was because the cord was covering a pocket, so they couldn't count that.

Today I was at a 6

Low, but safe.
The baby's kidney issue does effect my fluid level. 

Looks like I'll be delivering in December....

Short term goal:
to make it to 35 weeks, for a healthy, strong, lung developed baby!!!

I ended up having 6 appointments this week--in 3 days...glad this week is over!!!

For the last 3 ultrasounds, the baby had his/her head tucked in, towards his/her tummy, so we didn't get to see the face at all!  Little stinker!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankful Thanksgiving!

 As flowers carry dewdrops, trembling on the edges of the petals, and ready to fall at the first waft of the wind or brush of bird, so the heart should carry its beaded words of thanksgiving. At the first breath of heavenly flavor, let down the shower perfumed with the heart's gratitude.
-Henry Ward Beecher
 Thankful for big sisters who help little sisters in the snow!
I can't even zip up my coat, so this is a lifesaver!
(click on the picture, the colors are so bright and beautiful!)
Thankful no one broke their necks after sitting in this 
"It's totally safe Mom!" sled.
(oldest daughter, aka risk taker)
 Thankful for rosy cheeks and hot cocoa after playing in the snow
 Thankful for tights and a little girl who will wear them!!
My big girls won't wear them because "they itch"  
(they wear pants or leggings w/their dresses instead)
(I have no idea what my daughter is doing in the background)
 Thankful for tights and for Walmart who sells them cheaply!!
$3 and they are a great quality!
 Thankful (one of my favorite thankfuls this week) 
for little girls who can say so beautifully
"I wuv uuu!"
(I love you!)
 Thankful we finally made out Christ the King cake on Tuesday....
It's been a busy week...don't those M&M's look like jewels on a crown?

 Thankful for turkey pictures galore...

 Thankful  for the deer visiting our backyard...eating the pumpkins we threw in the woods!
Thankful after today's temp of over 50 degrees, the snow is pretty much gone!
 Thankful for this concert/play the kiddos have been planning all week and
the posters taped all over the house so we don't forget...
Thankful for my online friends and IRL friends who are praying for me and this baby, 
it means so much and I am just overwhelmed and over joyed by your kindness.

Thankful for this baby and that in 5 weeks, 4 days I can change from "worry" mode 
to "do" mode.  Although, I'm thinking, now, with the low fluid, it will be sooner than that
(might make that little extra tax deduction this year after all)

Thankful for a cautious doctor, I have another ultrasound tomorrow to 
measure fluid and the size of the baby's kidney.
(this will be my 5th appt this week)

Thankful my husband cancelled our guests for today (a couple weeks ago),
although, I was upset at first, (he knows the only way to slow me down is to force me)
after this stress-filled week, it turned out to be the best thing.

Thankful I've got my turkey in the oven and it's starting to smell heavenly...gotta go get 
potatoes, green beans and noodles on....

Happy Blessed Thanksgiving!


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