Monday, February 28, 2011

From Webelo to Boy Scout!

Jedi got to carry the flag for the flag ceremony.
Showing his Arrow of Light!
During the ceremony, the Webelos had to tie their kerchiefs around their eyes
and then the Boy Scouts led them to their parents and then they took their Webelo kerchiefs.
Then they boys crossed over this wood bridge thingy
and became Boy Scouts.

It was a fun night, he felt pretty special.
And he is.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sad, Sad News

Written by Sanjay's family:

It is with a sad and heavy heart that I must say our wonderful little Sanjay went to meet our Lord at 9:25pm, Friday the 25th.We are thankful to God for blessing us with Sanjay for the short time we had with him. We all thank you for your many, many prayers. We will miss him.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Please! Urgent Prayers!

This was written by Sanjay's father on his Caring Bridge site:

Sanjay is out of the OR and it does not look good. The doctor said that he had a massive bleed in his ventricle. The ventricle holds spinal fluid that cushions the brain. It is filled with blood and is not supposed to have any. No idea how it happened, it just did. They put a ventricular drain and they're trying to relieve the pressure but the ventricles are starting to crystalize from the blood inside. The nuerosurgeon said if it would have been any adult or any other child for that matter, they would not have even tried. He said it would have been "game over". But Sanjay has touched everyone here so they decided to give it a shot. It's real tricky and not promising. We said "so it looks like another Hail Mary pass", he said, "and the distance is two football fields long".So we are just waiting and praying. They just brought Sanjay back to his room in ICU.We will keep everyone informed. Thanks for the prayers.

7 Quick Takes Friday (Volume 6)

Joining Jen again this week!
Please pray for Sanjay.
He's a 10 year old boy who belongs to our homeschool group.
His story is here
But that was 2 weeks ago, his brain is bleeding again.
Please Lord, surround him with your graces and
please Divine Physician, heal him and give his family strength.

Jedi is crossing over the bridge on Monday at his Blue and Gold Dinner!
He will officially be a Boy Scout and get his Arrow of Light.
(now he's a Weeblo Scout)

Ballerina Rosie and Daddy went to a Father-Daughter event this past weekend.
They had dinner,
got their picture taken professionally,
got dance lessons,
listened to speakers
They had a great time!
Tom told me he really wants to get this speaker's tape for the girls!
You can see her story here
I am so tempted to bring Cheeseballs on the airplane to Mexico!!
(I found her dress at Shopko for only $14--discounted Christmas dress!)


Mexico is only 30 days away!
But who's counting?
I am.

Look at my baby!!
She loves to play dress up with her sisters!!!
She's only 18 months! (yesterday)
Isn't it amazing how God just puts those instincts there?

Do I hug enough?
Did I hug "-----" enough today?
This is the question I ask about each of my children every night.
I think hugs are so important,
yet, it is so easy to not do it.
Mornings and bedtime, easy to remember!
I've noticed as they get older,
it gets harder to remember my
5 hug a day rule!
I struggle with this.
I think just a gentle back rub,
or hand on their shoulders while talking to them
makes such a difference on them
feeling loved.
Which always leads to more....

These are our Chairs of St Peter.
Another flop for this mama.
They were supposed to look like this
Our legs wouldn't stand.
But, I didn't read the directions and only looked at the picture.
I thought they used frosting.
I was wrong.
They used melted white chocolate.
I can see how that would work much better.
(Our grocery store didn't have the right cookies either!
So, I just got those Oreo things)
The kiddos didn't mind
Hey, they got cookie straws and pop tarts for breakfast!

Have a great weekend everyone,
God bless you!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Thankful for beautiful babes with beautiful curls and bright eyes to take it all in with....
(click on the picture for some up close babyness)
Thankful for our House of Love
and all the comments that particular post got.
Christine wanted to know more of what I was thinking about...
I guess I was thinking about our start.

I'm thankful we started out small.
Before we were married, Tom bought a little old home, over 100 years old,
and lived alone,
in a pretty empty house
til the evening we married.
When we started making it a home.
We did daycare in that home and painted it all throughout.
We installed new windows and painted the outside blue.
We planted flowers and a garden.
Then, we moved to a little bit newer home (less things to worry about)
it had a big yard,
but we ended up outgrowing that home,
with 3 girls and 1 boy in one bedroom
and one bathroom for all and
wall to wall "stuff".
We then, moved to our current home, where we now have
4 girls in one bedroom,
1 boy in his own room,
we have 4 bathrooms (which personally I feel is too many)
and room to grow, but
with any growing family,
there needs to be some adjusting, changing of rooms, furniture and that "stuff"
that we all accumulate.

My husband and I have these plans in the 5 year future to add on a bedroom on the main floor for us, so at least 2 of the girls can move into our old room,
and remodel our kitchen to make it bigger,
especially the dining room, where
we hope to someday accommodate our kiddos' spouses and families.
House of Love,
Room to grow.

The above picture is our old diaper changing area.
I have bins next to the changing table
that have Sweetie Pie's clothes.
Now we bought dressers a couple years ago,
knowing we would need one for the new baby.
One dresser was a long one with a mirror, for Ballerina Rosie,
who moved to basement bedroom, which we fixed up, painted purple,
got all new bedding and curtains....but that only lasted
2 months, til the bugs and spiders came out in the spring time.
In which she moved back upstairs with the others.

(I actually don't blame her. I hate spiders and there are a lot down there, even though it's fixed up--we live in MN, basements are not meant to be lived in--my personal opinion)

Since then, that beautiful dresser with the mirror has been empty in the basement.
in an act of my constant decluttering
we moved the beautiful dresser with the mirror upstairs for the girls to use,
They love mirrors.
What little girl doesn't?
We moved the dresser that was up there, down to the main floor in place of the diaper changing table and filled the drawers with diapers and all that goes with that,
and finally Sweetie Pie's clothes.
No more bins,
No more messy diaper changing table.

Now, those perpetual laundry baskets....can't do anything about those.

Much neater.

And the girls room?
It now looks much bigger.
BoldYou can see the bunk bed in the mirror,
with a full size bed on the bottom, we
easily fit 4 girls in this room.

Thankful for our Artillery bag and
how it has me thinking about
what we can and need to add to it.
Lent is the perfect time to do that.
Thankful lent is coming to renew our souls.
Thankful for this constant yearning God has put in my heart
for Jesus in Adoration, for praying the rosary,
for daily Mass, for Confession.
As hard as it is to not always have the time to fulfill this yearning,
it brings me to tears just
typing this,
I know my place is here,
where my soul can continue to yearn and grow in love for Him.
Thankful for this faith of mine.
Oh, and Thankful for POPCORN!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Because it has high volume and low calories,
popcorn is often made in our home.
My husband has it almost every evening.
I do whenever I need/want to use extra points,
my bowl-- I figured out to be 5 points.
Anyway, last night, my husband had 2 bowls on the counter, one for him,
a very full, white popcorn bowl, and one for me,
a half full, yellow popcorn bowl.
Ballerina Rosie came down to say goodnight and read a little with me,
she never knew there were different colors of popcorn!
She said, "Why is there 2 bowls of different colored popcorn on the counter?"
So, I thought it would be a great post.
(do you do that? Think about blogging throughout your day?)
Not all popcorn is created equal,
The only popcorn that doesn't leave a ton of hulls, is
good old Orville Redenbacher's!
Microwave is out of the question, not even an issue here.
(Although, the kiddos love it, so maybe it is an issue.)

This is the machine we use.
We have it down to a Science.
My Recipe:
2 Tbsp Canola oil
1/4 tsp popcorn salt (from Sam's Club)
1/4 cup-1/3 cup Orville Redenbacher's yellow popcorn kernels.
My husband's Recipe:
4 Tbsp Canola oil
3/4 cup Orville Redenbacher's white popcorn kernels
Regular salt sprinkled after it's popped.
Maybe some of that popcorn flavoring if we have any.
Neither of us has butter.
Never have.

What about you?
White popcorn?

Yellow popcorn?

Stir Crazy?
Stove top?

I'm a piece of popcorn
Put me in a pot
(squish down low)
Shake me
(twist and shake)
Shake me
(twist and shake)
(Jump up and yell!)

Monday, February 21, 2011

House of Love

Well, our "House of Love" is surrounded by almost 13 inches of new snow!
(so far)
It's a peaceful snowfall, quiet and beautiful.
But, that's not what I'm writing this post about.
On Friday, my husband and I went to a "Cana Dinner" put on by our parish for married couples.
It's one of the many things they are doing for
"The Year of Marriage"
They had a wonderful dinner and 2 priests who talked.
At the end,
we, as couples stood and renewed our vows.
Father Greg Mastey, who is a wonderful speaker, gave such an interesting talk.
(I'm going to try my best to not butcher it)
He said, he often times, asks couples
"Tell me about your house."
They kind of look at him strange, and he goes on to explain.
They start telling him about how when they got married,
it was a small home, but when they had their first child,
they fixed this or that room,
they painted over the years,
as more children came,
they maybe added on a room or moved rooms around to fit their growing family.
Then, after the kids grew up,
they maybe remodeled or added on.
Marriage is not stagnant
As our house is not stagnant.
Our home is Creative, our marriage is creative.
(creation, not artistic creativity)
He went on to say,
that nowadays, couples start out with everything.
They buy these huge houses, with lots of rooms,
2 cars, a boat and their 1.2 children.
And they are stuck.
When couples have everything,
there is no room for love to grow and be creative.
(Read Colossians 3)
I think he said that St Josemaria Escriva said this:
(but I might be wrong as to the saint)
God will ask at the time of judgement:
1. Who am I to You?
2. Where is your spouse in relationship to me?
3. Where are your children in relationship to me?
He said to teach our children to grow deeper in love with Christ
and to stay in love!
Ephesians 6:10
Battle against Evil
"Finally, draw your strength from the Lord and from his mighty power."
He talked about our artillery.
What is your artillery?
What are we doing for battle?
He had us list things in our artillery bag, things like
praying together
having meals together
going to Mass together
Praying the rosary
playing games together... get the picture.
Artillery bags, interesting, huh?
It really got me thinking.
I'm still thinking about it.
It's such a visual way of explaining it.
Anyway, it was a wonderful night and I wanted to share.

Friday, February 18, 2011

7 Quick Takes (Volume 6)

Here I go again, joining Jen on her Friday thing.
I'm liking this.
(If you are not, let me know.)
Here's my 7 Quick Takes-Valentine Edition:
I had a wonderful St Valentine party for my kiddos,
We had 19 kiddos here total.
I am such a Martha though,
that I rarely think about my camera
when I'm hosting.
Kids played,
made Valentine bags,
went sledding down our big hill in our backyard,
had a treasurehunt,
exchanged Valentines &
ate lots of sugar.
(I had veggies and dip here too)
Here's Sweetie Pie eating leftover cupcakes, er, uh,
should I say,
eating the frosting from leftover cupcakes?

One Valentine E-mail picture sent to my hubby

A Valentine card from my hubby.
I only ask for a card with words written inside to me.
(I bought the flowers for the party)
Roses are so overrated.
I'll take those grocery store fresh flowers any day over roses.
We are going out tonight.
Our Parish is hosting a "Cana Dinner"
in honor of married couples.
We will get the opportunity to renew our vows!!
I love dating my husband.

I did get a picture of the big kiddos searching for clues on their treasure hunt.
This year, I split the group in two:
Ages 6 and under, inside treasure hunt.
Ages 7-15, outside treasure hunt.
The outside hunt took them from our home to the end of the road,
back to our home, into the backyard and back down to the other end of the road,
and back to our garage, into our van for their treasure!
(Chocolate candy heart boxes)

Heart garland

Balloons galore!

Let's talk Commercialism.
I know they have Valentines out already on Christmas Eve.
I know they already have Easter Candy out and it's not even Lent yet.
It does kind of bug me how the stores make the holiday.
They market it, they make you want to buy everything.
Everything you don't need.
My husband's partner doesn't believe in celebrating Valentine's day,
(not sure what his wife thinks...)
because of all of that "stuff".
Well, I get that.
But, I also get that every holiday has a religious beginning.
Even on the 4th of July, we celebrate our religious freedoms we have in America.
"God Bless America!"
It's what we do with it that counts.
I gave my husband hearts every day that he had to find, each having a love note on.
Cost: Zero.
Should we be doing this stuff every day of the year,
not just on Valentine's day?
But will we?
We might do it sometimes.
We should do it sometimes.
This month of Love
becomes a special time to go that extra mile.
Do extra things for the ones we love,
because we love.
That's what love is, right?
Doing things because we love,
out of love.
Why not be a kid again,
make Valentines,
have a party
Love those you love
just a little extra.

"The soul who loves God always swims in joy, always keeps holiday, and is always in the mood for singing."
-St John of the Cross

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Thankful for beautiful late Winter sunsets....Thankful Thursday

A time to remember to be thankful
A pause in the week
for praise, thanksgiving and thinking positively
in addition to the normal daily praise
we need to give to God.

Thankful for a miracle that happened this past weekend. This remarkable 10 year old little boy is still in need of prayers, but the miracle that happened this weekend, was such a gift to not only him, but to all who prayed for him. Every time we pray, my kids talk about God's Mercy and Healing Powers and the Miracle that happened with Sanjay. He's in our homeschool group and still needs prayers. Could you please pray for him and his family?

Thankful for melting snow in may be ugly out, but it's warm!

(50 expected today--only 20 tomorrow)
Thankful our driveway is almost clear of ice and snow....

Thankful for indoor picnics with good friends!
Thankful for my beautiful Goddaughter that turned 1 on Tuesday, and
the wonderful friendship her mother and I share.

Thankful for the beautiful sound of piano musicians in our home.

And children who each want blog time, mama must be fair!

As we say every night at bedtime:

Thank you God for this day and all it's blessings!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday!

This is for any Star Wars fans...

Movie Review

We watched this movie on St Valentine's Day.
My husband liked it, but he mostly watched it for me.
I mostly wanted to watch it because of Jamie Lee Curtis,
because, well, she does have the same name as me--No, just kidding, but I do like her.
This movie was funny, but kind of dumb at times. It of course has a good, happy ending.
I really liked that there were so many stars in it.
Stars that had little roles.
I can't tell you who, because then it will ruin the surprises.
I just have to say in the part where Jamie Lee Curtis and Sigourney Weaver are
compared in a certain red dress, well, I thought Jamie Lee Curtis looked way better.
It was laugh out loud funny a few times, so I guess it was a pretty good movie!

Friday, February 11, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday (Volume 5)

I'm still doing this Friday thing. Are you bored yet?
Today is the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes.
When I had my big conversion (I guess that's what you'd call it)
I was amazed at all the miracles and approved apparitions,
I wanted to tell the world!
I guess I'm kind of doing that now.
Read about it here
Watch the movie
or do this craft
or maybe this craft

have some of this soup, we made the other day.
Our Lady of Lourdes Chicken Soup and Dumplings,
Recipe Here

For those interested in my weight struggles:
I'm at 2 lbs lost now!
(That is from January 1st when I started)
I'm not counting the 5 lbs I gained after starting to work out and then lost
So, actually, I gained 5 and lost 7!
My weight does fluctuate 5 lbs (always up, not down.)
I feel so good!
Getting up early is very hard, especially now that the baby somehow
senses I'm up and wakes up shortly after I've started.
Thank goodness for my husband and girls, they help so much.
My theory:
I feel so good from the core.
Anyone who does Leslie Sansone's workouts
knows she is always talking about your core.
I can feel it.
I feel good in my core.
It's like I can feel my core becoming strong.
I have always eaten healthy,
I've been a Type 1 Diabetic for 31 years now
I don't have any pig-out foods to give up,
I don't snack or eat chips, or sweets.
I don't drink my calories with sugary drinks or juices.
I don't have any of those bad habits to give up.
It seems every weight loss story I read,
the person has given up something major and then
notices huge changes.
it's going slower for me.
That's OK
I'm not quitting.
I am not giving up til these pounds come off.

I'm planning my St Valentine's party today
We have one family that moved away, and 2 that can't make it.
it will be smaller than last year.
That's fine.
I love Valentine's Day!
Remember to wear your red or pink!
Decorate an indoor tree!
I went to get our tree saved from last year
and it had fallen,
I found out that certain 6 and 4 year old girls,
broke open the taped shut jar,
and had a candy heart feast.
(those hearts were like 3 years old--yuck)
They actually only ate about 2 inches.
I love reading the Bible love verses and love quotes from Saints.

This giraffe is for Christine and her love for giraffe's.
Ballerina Rosie painted it in her Art class.
Isn't he cute?
Ava, her baby girl is turning 1 next week and we are celebrating
Sunday, she's my sweet Goddaughter.
Can't wait to see all those giraffes.

We tried a new muffin recipe for "muffin Monday" and it was a hit.
Honey Chip Muffins

We love watching this show!!!
This guy is crazy.
If you've never seen it, he goes to some remote area, like the middle of the Amazon, or the
Australian Outback, or some Mountains somewhere, or the
Grasslands of Africa....with only a couple things and what he's wearing,
no food, no shelter, no crew taping him, he does it all himself, even the taping.
He eats some pretty disgusting stuff.
He makes it.
Sometimes barely.
Very interesting stuff.

This is the state of our kitchen.
What happened you say?
Did a tornado come by?
Our kitchen will be looking like this for quite a few months.
You must watch the video to find out why.

Have a great weekend everyone!!
Happy Feast Day!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Ballerina Rosie is playing this song on the piano. I love it! Brings me right back to my childhood. Songs can do that, can't they? Beautiful song, just beautiful, especially played by my daughter on the piano!


I get Betty Crocker recipes emailed to me every week
this week, of course it was desserts for Valentine's Day.
This recipe looked delicious and simple, so,
530 calories per 1/15 slice of this yumminess!
That's like 11 points for me, that's a whole meal.
I will not be making this dessert.

Thankful Thursday

Thankful for girls who love to wear bandannas.
They are always just the cutest thing
and always bring me back to my own childhood playing.
Thankful for a baby who is constantly getting into things,
and climbing onto things.
It is a hard stage (for the mama) but it's exciting to see her explore and grow!
(Above: After noticing she wasn't dancing with her sisters in her bandanna anymore, a quick search lead us to a closed office door with the light on.....This is what I found!
The computer had been clicked on so many things, it read
"too many items, your program will not allow any more additions"
The picture on the screen is from a Christmas picture file, there were at least 20 screens of this.
Thankful kiddos are finally healthy again with only a couple night coughers left.
Thankful I did not get sick.
Thankful for a friend who just had her 5th baby girl!
Thankful for a friend who adopted her 2nd child, a boy!
Thankful my friend Sarah's ultrasound showed a healthy baby!

Thankful for snowmen small enough to bring into the house!
Thankful for the weather in MN is warming up to the 30's by the weekend!
Thankful there are only 45 days til our trip to Mexico and
Thankful for generous, unselfish in-laws for giving such a gift to us!
Thankful Thursday
A time to remember to be thankful
A pause in the week
for praise, thanksgiving and thinking positively
in addition to the normal daily praise
we need to give to God.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Perturbed Face

Yesterday 2 of the 5 kiddos had a doctor appointment.
This was just a well child appointment
the doctor's office will only make appointments for 2 at a time.
I come in with all 5 kiddos.
I'm sure it is quite a show.
Within the first 5 minutes, before our coats are even off,
my 4 year old has coughed in her hand (gasp went the receptionist!)
instead of her arm,
"Next time, could you please cough in your arm please sweetie?"
she picked her boogers,
she ran around the whole waiting room,
she ran down the hall where the doctors are.
She refused to come by me or any of her sisters or brother.
(who were chasing her, trying to reel her in)
I told them to leave her alone.
Which finally worked.
She came and stood by me,
while I answered the receptionist's questions about our address, twice,
one for each child's appointment.
Then, I filled out the paperwork for each, while holding the (very squirmy) baby,
and then read books (which we brought) to the baby and the 4 year old.
Drenched in sweat, I caught out of the corner of my eye,
a woman motioning me.
This woman, was, I'd say in her upper 50's, if not 60, with long, straight dark hair.
She was sitting with what looked like Santa on vacation. He had the white beard and hair and belly, and wore a white t-shirt and a white headband on his head,
you know the kind from the 7o's.
She then, lipped to me, with very exaggerated movements, so I'd understand,
I then, wrinkled my eyes, in disbelief, I guess,
she then, lipped it again, with exaggerated movements,
Now anyone who has brought 5 kiddos to the doctors office, knows how hard a task this is.
I was not feeling my usual "be nice to rude people" self.
So, this is the look I gave her, with a nod yes.
I couldn't even look her in the eye after that, so,
I had my eyes on the book, with my 2 littles on my lap, hugging them a little tighter and kissing them a little more, as she continued to talk to her workout Santa husband, about how,
Oh, my gosh, those are ALL mine.
I think I just felt so
on display.
I hated it.
Usually going against the current is
easy for me.
It is hard.
Thank you God for EVERY ONE of my beautiful children.
(even when they pick their boogers
and run around waiting rooms and don't listen to me in public)
Even though others might not see the blessing,
I see it.
I guess
they help me to see the blessings even better.

The Yellow Hankerchief

My husband and I watched this movie this weekend.
I give it a thumbs up.
It wasn't til the end that I was like, "Hey, what's the name of this movie?"
You will too.
It's about a man (William Hurt) who gets released from prison
and makes his journey down south after hurricane Katrina.
On his way, he meets up with some lonely teens.
Their odd friendship ends up helping their deep need to just be loved.
I knew nothing about this movie when we got it (Netflix) and
sometimes that is the best way to watch a movie.
(although, I prefer to know what it's about)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

How Do You Pick?

Eenie Meenie Minie Mo
Catch a tigger by the toe.
If he hollers, fifty dollars,
My mom said to pick the very best one
You are Not it.


You are it.

That's what my cousins and I used to do when we were little to pick for "it" or to pick teams.

How do you pick?
***I'm not talking football here, I'm not a fan. Just talking fun!
If I were talking football here, though, I'd pick the Packers.***

Friday, February 4, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday (Volume 4)

Can you believe I'm still doing this?
Here's my not so quick takes:
(really, I'm working on being quick, it's just I have so many pictures to show)
Last year, Christine told me she leaves her hubby notes every day til Valentine's day,
I thought that was such a great idea to show my love for my husband,
I did it too.
This year, I'm doing it again.
SO each day I write
a note and hide it somewhere he will find it.
Sometimes it's a sweet note,
sometimes it's a more sexy note,
sometimes it's a love and respect note,
sometimes it has a special treat with it.
It's so fun to do and I can tell my hubby loves it.
And, I get a kiss every time he finds his note.

Anyone watch the office last night?
Did you scream with excitement and yell "woo hoo!"
when Michael and Holly finally kissed?
Oh, me either.
No, I really did!!
I do so hope when Michael leaves the show, he goes off with Holly.
I love them together.
Anyone want to talk "The Office"?
Like, who will replace Michael?
Did you see last week, they had the man who is the star of the English Office on?
Now, he'd be a great replacement!!
It will have to be someone good.

I'm still working out every day, except Sunday.
(but I'm going to add Sunday)
I'm still getting up early, but
Yesterday I didn't get up early and didn't workout til 8pm!
I was in my workout outfit til then, waiting for that "window of opportunity"
to workout, but it didn't happen til 8pm!
This DVD is a new favorite.
I got it at Wal-mart for $10
I weigh Monday.
We'll see if any poundage lostage.
None yet.
I did take measurements though, so I'll wait a couple weeks on that one.
I DO feel soooooo gooooood though.
It's like my "core" is better.
I have more energy.
Except when I sit down to nurse baby....I doze off....while reading stories to the kiddos.....
Wake up mom!!
We have a new piano player in our home!
Mary Hannah started lessons last week and loves it!!
I always love listening to the kiddos practicing!
I think I'll frame this picture and put it on the piano.

We also have a new artist in our home.....

Look! Her first painting!!!
Look it's all over the counter.....

and her legs.....

Pink painting for February....
Add a little white to pink and red,
what happens?

Bright gets us through February....

Everyone in our home has been sick these past 2 weeks.
We've gone through
runny noses,
sore throats,
stomach aches,
Ear infections,
eye infections
Not in any particular order, just a bunch of stuff, each day something different.
This mama did not get any of it...
(maybe because of #3?)
I did have lots of little sleep nights though.
This might be a little R rated, depending on how you look at it, so beware!
When taking a bath with your 6 year old, you might have some interesting questions.
Questions you are not really ready to discuss with her.
6 year old: When can I shave my legs?
Mom: When your hairs turn black, see your hairs are almost clear?
6 year old: Will I get hair on my bottom? (she means the "front part" if you know what I mean)
Mom: Yes. When you are a teenager.
6 year old: Do all teenagers have hair on their bottoms?
Mom: Uh, yep.
6 year old: Does Melissa? (our old babysitter, who is now 20)
Mom: Yep, she does.
6 year old: Will my hair be black?
Mom: Ummmm, proooobably, but maybe not, I don't know, probably.
Maybe you shouldn't take a bath with mama anymore honey.

***Have a great weekend everyone!!
Minnesota is in a temporary warm up, til Monday!!
It's supposed to be 33 degrees today!!!


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