Wednesday, November 7, 2012


 Have you seen this movie?
Click on the link, check it out, rent it!!
Everyone in America should have rented prior to yesterday though
We just saw it this past weekend, otherwise I would have endorsed it sooner!
This whole Obama win has me really thinking.
Thinking how the people "on the other side"
 think what we think only opposite towards Romney.
(did that make sense?) 
Well, it doesn't make sense to me either.
How could Obama win?
It just seems to boil down to the fact that 
it's liberals against conservatives
Republicans against Democrats
It seems that it's always going to be like that.
 I've been watching Fox News for a while now
and I'm wondering how could they have been so wrong?
They had numerous people (experts) on there predicting a "landslide" win by Romney
They reported all the lies and things Obama did or didn't do about Libya
What about gas prices?
Food prices?
What's wrong with America--(a little over half of you anyway)?
Is Planned Parenthood really all that for you?
What about my rights?
Like my right to not give any money to that monstrous industry that destroys children
that were not planned by you?
That's it, isn't it?
It's all about you.
(the other little over half of the Country)
Why is a baby such a terrible thing to you?
Let me rephrase that,
Why is a baby not planned by you, such a terrible thing?
Makes me think about this post (click on link)

Well, I'll tell you what I know and what I think
I know that God planned 
Every single one
from the beginning of time to the end of time
(yep, He knows the future babies too)

I think
that since it's only the conservatives that are reproducing, more than 1.5 kiddos,
our next generation has to be better.




  1. All I can say is..I am praying the St. Michael prayer every morning and night. If this isn't evil..I call it like I see it. My liberal family clearly voted for Obama because of abortion, gay marriage etc.. not because of jobs which so many people need. My liberal family are now so proud to be Minnesotans because this gay marriage thing passed. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT???
    ugh. and one more big UGH!!
    still wallowing if you cannot tell.

  2. I'm heartbroken. I saw that movie. Great movie. VERY thought provoking. But, I'm in Massachusetts... nuf said.

  3. I am as dumbfounded as you are, Jamie. I know Romney was the lesser or two evils, and he had my vote, but I will never understand why conservatives refuse to get behind real conservative candidates who are distinctly different and who really would change the country - like Virgil Goode (

  4. I love your last sentence...
    "since it's only the conservatives that are reproducing, more than 1.5 kiddos,
    our next generation has to be better."
    I bet that's part of God's plan, since so often He turns bad situations into good ones, and He uses the faithful to bring about that change. What irony will that be for those who are pro-abortion and pro suddenly discover they are in the minority because they chose not to have kids!

  5. Amen, Jamie Jo! And Cheryl did a great job piggy backing on to your comments. I also read this on a blog, "regardless of how the election turns out, we know that it is God's will. While we might WANT God's will to be for Romney to be president, God's will might have Obama serving a 2nd term. While we don't UNDERSTAND, we KNOW God's plan is always better than our own." Wow, gave me hope...and then to read your comment...I never thought about it that way...that we are the ones (and I only have 3 here on earth) that are having more than 1.5 children! So yes, eventually, like in China or other communist-controlled countries...the party of relativism/materialism etc. will weed itself out!

  6. We pray Divine Mercy at bedtime (their choice). It can soften hearts of stone! We put Simeon back on the prayer list this morning.

  7. Christine- That's our favorite family prayer and yesterday I was praying it constantly. Seriously, it was nonstop on my lips, heart and mind.

    Jamie- Your last thought here was what I told my husband this morning. We're the only ones having the big families. Their numbers are decreasing. I just hope that there is a United States left for the next generation.

    btw, this whole thing stinks (as in smells fishy). I know this is conspiratorial "la la land", but it just doesn't make sense and doesn't match anything that I was reading and hearing leading up to yesterday. It just feels wrong, you know? *sigh*

    Jesus, I trust in Thee!

  8. Amen, Jamie. Let us keep fighting the good fight.

  9. I have tried to get into the heads of liberals, and it's so hard. I've stayed off Facebook because it just makes me sick today.

    Pro life will always be one of the main issues I vote for. We have to continue to pray. God is still in control, no matter what anyone else says.

  10. Heartbreaking day and sounds like you feel like me. I agree that what is upsetting the most...the incredulity, the disbelief that SO MANY in this our FAMILIES...have such different morals than us!! They place free birth control and abortion above the unborn, not to mention that Obama has been an economic failure.
    Praying for these Divided States and my children's future....

  11. Amen Jamie. You said it so well.

    I told my family the same thing yesterday about the next generation *must* be God's plan to turn things around...... my oldest son said, "If there is a US left for the next generation."

    My two girls stated that God must be sad and gloomy today, hence the lousy, dreary weather we had today.


  12. I also saw the movie...very interesting and enlightening. We need to stay strong and keep raising our children to be faithful, good, God-fearing people, even though it is becoming harder and harder. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. We are all praying for America and our families.

  13. Jaime, I agree with you! I dont understand why this man was elected again. What is wrong with America? What were they thinking? I am so upset and worried about the future esp. for thr children. On Tueday I was asked at work who I was voting for and why! All I heard was how people here wanted abortion rights, free contraception, and free stuff. I tried to speak up on facebook for the unborn babies and recieved a lot of grief esp. from certain family members. Unfortanately the city I live in and state is very liberal. It pains me do much that such a pro abortion president got elected again and all the unborn babies who will never see the light of day. Its so sad. I feel so discouraged. What can we do? I offer up the pain and suffering of not being able to be a Mama for America, the goverment leaders, and people to be converted and return to God. So so sad. :(


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