Friday, November 9, 2012

We are Home!

 Here's Simeon before surgery
 6:30 in the morning, happy as can be!
 My super little boy, didn't even cry once before surgery!
 He did so good!
The surgeon was really happy with the results!
Simeon started eating around 5pm last night and 
ate about every hour or so after that, 
the doctor let us go home this morning!!
(shortest hospital stay for me ever!)

 Here is his nose and lip before surgery
(and cute little fuzzy red hair)
 Here he is right after surgery
his nostrils are closer together, as you can see in the green shirt picture,
his nose was quite wide and kind of flattened in the middle, 
now it's cute and little
I loved the way he looked before, but also  love his new nose!
HIs lip was also thinned and brought down, and now there is more of 
the part where you can put your tongue between your teeth and top lip
allowing it to move and hopefully push that front part down and into place
so in 6 mos he can have the palate surgery.
 He's doing super, 
he cannot crawl now, as he might bump his face and we have to really watch his arms 
so he doesn't bump his face, 
so this jumper helps him get out of our arms!! 
(he's talking right here)
He caught what the other kiddos have and is moving through our house,
a terrible sore throat and cough,
so, it seems he is in the most pain when he coughs, 
it hurts both his mouth and his throat, 
which is irritated from the cold and the breathing tubes they used during surgery
Poor baby, it's one of those "seal" sounding coughs, and 
every time he falls asleep, he starts coughing and crying
It's going to be a hard week ahead
We had the blessing of a wonderful surgeon,
an anethesiologist that had 6 kids of his own, one with a cleft palate, 
a nurse that comes from a family of 14 kids
(we election talked)
A good friend (Susie) who came over very early in the morning
to be with our sick kids all day,
I finally got to meet Chris!
We know like 4 mutual people and they all told me to meet her!
She is the mother of 7 kiddos, (plus one in heaven)
and 4 of those kiddos are cleft kids!
Her words of advice have helped more than she will ever know!

Thank you for all your prayers, they mean the world to us, 
and we are forever grateful!

I'll post more pictures throughout the week, as the swelling goes down!


  1. I am so happy it went well!! He looks great already! Kids are so resilient, huh?

    If he sounds like a seal, he probably has croup and might need steroids to kick it (if he can have that?)

  2. So happy! Thank you God! Get all healthy soon.

  3. Awwww, look at that cute nose!!! He looks great already! So thankful everything went well. Still praying for little man!

    We all have that same stupid cough here too. I have had it for days. It's awful!

  4. Thank you for your kind words Jamie. It was so wonderful to meet you, Claire and Little/Big Simeon. Your little guy is so cuddly. I'm so glad things went to so well for little Simeon. Can't wait until we meet again. Prayer and God Bless.

  5. Wonderful news! So hoping the sicky stuff goes soon, for everyone. Hands down, no matter if it's a before or after picture, Simeon is gorgeous!

  6. Continued payers for sure for that little warrior! What a champ. Hope the sicky goes away soon. He is as cute as ever--he just gets to evolve through different stages of cute. :)

  7. Yay!!!!! So glad to see this update!!!! Been praying for Simeon :)

  8. Oh, I'm so happy you're home early! That was quick!! I sure hope you all start feeling better soon. Poor baby. We will continue to offer prayers for Simeon and you all. Such a precious boy. Melts my heart. <3

  9. I am amazed how much he has grown. He has changed so much and I still love that fuzzy hair.
    Even though you proved our friendship is strong by calling me..hint hint..I still feel bad I didnt come to help you and someone else did.

    He looks so sweet...but a little uncomfy with those arm things. poor sweet baby.

    Glad you have so many in your life helping you a long on this journey. Lots of prayers and great are blessed.

  10. Such good news and so happy for the update! Blessings and hugs to all of you this week. I will keep praying. Thanks for posting photos...we love to see the progress.

  11. Praise God everything went well and you're home already!!
    He looks wonderful, both before and after.

    Prayers that everyone gets healthy..

  12. Thank you so much for updating us. I've been thinking of you both. SO glad all went so well. Much love and prayers across the miles my friend. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo LOTS of love to that little Simeon.

  13. So glad that your baby is doing well. Prayers coming from Arizona. Keep us updated.

  14. I was just thinking of you all. So glad it went well. Looks like he is healing very quickly! Prayers that the illness is out soon and that the week passes quickly.

  15. Jaime, so thrilled to hear everything went well! You and your sweet baby boy are in my thoughts and prayers! Hugs! xoxo

  16. Deo Gratias! So happy to hear everything went well! I like what someone else said, he's evolving through stages of cuteness! And such a lovely gift that you were able to meet so many others to lift you up and help you along the way.

  17. SOOOOO happy! What a sweetie he is. Will keep you all in prayers, especially Simeon and Mama.
    Pax Christi!

  18. You and SImeon have been in my prayers, though I hadn't had a chance to comment. I am so very happy to heat that it went well. Deo Gratias!

  19. So glad you were able to come home so soon! Remember I said I would offer all the little annoyances of the day for him? Well, the kiddos all woke up sick on Thursday morning, including the one who doesn't handle illnesses well at all. Let's just say there were many, many prayers said on Thursday!

  20. WOW! Look at the difference in his cute little nose! Amazing! I hope you are all feeling better very soon!

  21. I have been praying and thinking of you and your family... Thank you for the update. My children all love Simeon and were asking me about him all through this last couple of days.
    Praying this difficult week will go by really fast.
    In Christ,

  22. Jamie, I just happened to check in on your blog early Thursday morning and saw that it was Simeon's surgery day, so i was happy to offer some prayers up for him! Especially happy with the timing! So glad that he's doing better, he looks so cute as usual!

    I don't know if you're still checking in w/ Dominic's caring bridge (my sister is doing a separate blog for him now) and the last she posted it sounded like the insurance was going to deny his surgery, which would have been devastating. I am happy to say that my sister called last night and that the insurance has now approved the surgery! all these little obstacles, but God knows how to help us overcome them.

    Looking forward to your "thankful" post; I'm sure you have a lot to say!

  23. Prayers for a quick recovery! You are one of my heroes, Jamie!

  24. Linda & I are also happy everything went so well for Simeon and praise God for keeping his hand upon the doctors and nurses. From what I could see they did an awesome job. Have an awesome Sunday my friend.

  25. Still thinking and praying for you guys. ((((HUGS)))) Can't wait to see him his old self again!!

  26. So happy that it went well, especially the no crying before surgery. He looks so sweet! His nose looks great! I continue to pray for you, especially when I found out Simeon had surgery, thank you for continuing to keep us posted!

  27. Love his red hair! Of course, I'd be partial to that. :)

    Glad all went well with the surgery and that you've found such a wonderful village!

    God is good!


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