Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Great Book!

My husband surprised me with a book! I started it last night and I really like it. I have to admit, I have never heard Dr Laura speak, I think my mom has mentioned her, and Christine maybe too, but I just don't listen to the radio that much, let alone talk shows on the air. SO, at first I didn't get her sarcasm, but she is pretty funny and serious at the same time. I highly recommend this book. I'm only in the first chapter!


  1. Do let us know how the whole thing is when you are done! I think I would enjoy that one!

  2. I have heard of her and like her. I also like anyone who is funny!!!

    Happy Reading!

  3. I used to listen to the radio more often and she was one I enjoyed. I didn't always agree with her, but most often I did. When I did not, it was an issue that I was able to better define with the help of my Catholic faith.

    She is one who believes in truth and that truth is unchanging. I really appreciated that aspect of her show.

  4. Oohh...thanks for sharing. I recently saw the end of an interview with her and she was talking about her new book. I was def. intrigued. Please keep us posted!!

  5. I will add this to my LONG list of books to read! Keep us posted as to how you like it.

  6. I want to read it. I have heard her on the radio and she is hilarious because she puts it very bluntly because some people just don't get it. You'll have to let me know how the rest of it goes:)

  7. i love dr. laura.
    my mom is always telling me about things she says because her and my dad listen faithfully to her show. i have proper care and feeding of husbands and woman power and they are both great books, so i am sure this one is too!


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