Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Holy Week Plans

It's hard this week, I have to admit. Not painful, just hard to not be able to do all the things I usually do for holy week. We usually do not do any Easter crafts until after Easter, but we might do a few today. All I could muster together was a few egg, bunny and cross crafts. (brown crosses to be decorated with flowers after Easter) I will try to post crafts next week. ("try" being the key word)

Every year on Holy Thursday, I set up little chairs for the kids and then little towels on the floor in front of the chairs, then they roll up their pants and wash eachother's feet. They love this and I stress why Jesus did this, for us to know that we are to serve others, do things for others. We will read the bible story of the last supper, or the first Mass, as we also call it and the washing of feet beforehand.

Good Friday we will make our pretzels (I'm going to try to do it anyway, even if it takes me all day!) We will do our children's stations of the cross and watch part of either the Passion or Jesus of Nazareth, the part at the end, where Jesus is between the two thieves, I love that part, where Jesus says "Today you will be with me in Paradise."

My husband and I have plans to watch The Passion also. Every year, I get something different out of it, I can't wait to see what God has to say to me this time when I watch it.

Holy Saturday, we will color our Easter eggs and shop at Sam's Club, where we will get most of our Easter dinner. Simple this year, as Tom will be doing most of it: Easter Dinner:

Ham, red potatoes with butter and parsley, roasted asparagus, rolls and a pie (from Sam's) Then we will play games together. We are not going anywhere, as it's too hard, and equally as hard to have people over, so it will be a quiet Easter at home.

On Easter morning we will have our Resurrection Rolls or Empty Tomb Rolls just like last year! They were so fun to make, and the kids loved them! A friend took me shopping last week and we got Easter dresses and clothes for the kiddos I can't wait to see them on! Not sure how to wear my dress (I have one Pregnancy dress that will work) without nylons, as they wouldn't fit over my leg boot! I got my pink cast off yesterday and now have a huge boot, that I can take off to shower!! I cannot put weight on until Saturday, and then gradually work up to 50% weight.

We do the Easter Bunny. Jedi (who just turned 9) figured it out this year. So, he got to go get candy and gets to help set it all out! The Easter Bunny is so excited that Jesus has risen that he gives candy to children!

Looking back at this post, it seems to focus on food, but, I hope to make this Triduum holy by the little things we are able to do and hope and pray we are brought closer to God through this all.

It has certainly been an interesting and memorable lent this year. It's not too late to make our last few days holy. The world goes on as usual, TV, work, taxes. If I want this to be a "holy week" what will I do? I must decide.


  1. have a blessed Triduum and Happy Easter!

    perhaps you can cut one leg off of the nylons? hope you find a solution anyway!

  2. God will use your suffering, that is your offering.

    Have a blessed Easter, friend!


  3. Jamie,
    If you can email me, please do. If you an email address, other than the one you have connected to your blog, please use it. Or call me. I think your hotmail address has been hijacked.

  4. Yeah, I sent an email to kissteen 'cos something funny came via your address to my email box. I asked kissteen rather than reply. Check it out!!

  5. Me, too! Contact me if you can. The "hijacker," I would guess, is not a native English speaker.

    I thought maybe it was a randomly-generated email address thing, but when I tried to contact you to let you know about it, I got a very definite, personal response -- and it clearly wasn't you!!

    As if you need any more hassles! But you may need to go to the police with this one ...

  6. Jamie, according to your email, you are in London and need some money? Heeheehee, time to get a new email addy, I think. Otherwise, have fun in the U.K.! Hope you make it back in time for Easter!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. I am Jill Brown! What is going on here?
    I just deleted my e-mail address off of my blogger profile. Can you delete that comment with my e-mail address on it?

    I got the same message and e-mailed you about it, Jamie. Interestingly, the subject line said Jamie ____ instead of your husband's name. Different than it usually comes.

    Sorry this happened to you.

  9. Happy Holy Week to you my friend. cast off already??? YIPPEE!!!!

    I bought stuff today to make pretzels. You inspire me.

    Just enjoy your family and do not worry so much on what to wear. I am going to wear the same dress I wore for anne's first communion that I wore for my last 2 sons. That is how much I HATE shopping.

    Blessing to you on this Holy Week.

    Hey stupid hacker...leave my friend alone.

  10. Guess what guys?

    I received that same email
    supposedly from Jaime today!

    Yikes! What is going on? Jaime are you okay?? Did an unscrupulous person get into your mail account?

    Hey Hacker, please leave our wonderful Jaime alone!

    Don't worry Jaime, we got your back!!

    Praying for you and your family.


  11. Sorry, Jill. I thought maybe if I posted that name, it would help solve the mystery (like maybe this "Jill" person was the hacker) didn't realize it was just some sort of weird glitch in the hacker's MO.

  12. For someone who is off her feet, you are getting more done that most people I know. I like the idea of the children washing each others feet. If you don't mind, I might have them do that for each other. It's a great way to get across the message of love through service. Have a beautiful Easter.

  13. BTW, I got that weird email as well...I meant to email you about it....I got it this afternoon.

  14. No problem, Laura. Sounds like the name of a movie, "Who the heck is Jill Brown?" :)

    By the way, Jamie, I didn't even comment on your actual posts. Sorry. I meant to say that, as usual, I love all of your Easter activities and projects! The washing of the feet is really neat. Like Jen, I may have to borrow it too.

  15. Dear Starlight Dreamer,
    I'm so sorry, I needed to delete your comment, it contained my last name and also my sister's name (Brenna) I really try to not put last names and locations on here.
    I just noticed it!

    SO sorry. But thank you for sharing the email with all of us!

  16. Oh, of course! I'm sorry it had your sister's email address. (*blush*) As I said, I had no idea whose email address that was as it wasn't mine and yet I received it. Sorry! I hope you have a blessed Easter.


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