Tuesday, June 30, 2009


We watched this movie yesterday. It was great! I think it was listed as NR, but I'd list it as PG. it was kind of along the lines of Princess Bride, only not funny, more of an action movie. The main character, played by Brendon Fraser, has a "silver tongue" and can secretly bring any characters to live that he reads out loud from books. The movie is mainly about one specific book though, Inkheart, so most of the characters come from that book, although, there are a few things from other fairy tales and The Wizard of Oz. It was a great family movie, which are hard to find, being too few and far between!


  1. We just watched it the other night ad I didn't care for it too much. Not that it wasn't good but I kept thinking that the book was probably sooooo much better, lol.

    Seriously it was really good, I just have a feeling the book was better... my 14 year old told me I was right on that score.

  2. Your last recommendation, Defiance, was superb and this looks appealing too.


    I don you Media Mom from Minnesota or M to the 3rd power!

  3. My entire family loved this movie! It's rare that we all agree on something!

  4. Thanks for the sugggestion. We loved it, and the kids did too. Some really intense parts, and a little over my 5 year old's head. But they wanted to watch it again if we hadn't returned it.

    Also, your blogtopper photo - Tom was the first to guess it was at the clinic. What a great picture at a place very special to your family lately.


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