Tuesday, June 16, 2009


"Mom, your leg that was broken looks just like a giant marshmallow!" -Ballerina Rosie age 6 1/2

My leg pretty much swells to whatever cuts it off, this case my tennis shoe/sock, but if I wear a sandal, it swells to the first part of the sandal and within an hour or so of no shoes, my toes look like giant sausages and I can hardly move them! My leg pretty much feels like it's sprained all the time. Just thought you'd like to see it...not the prettiest thing in the world, and painting those toes was not a pretty sight at all, believe me!


  1. I just attempted toenail painting this weekend, too. I was so clutzy I dropped the brush end into the tub! Thank goodness it wasn't hard to clean up. I could only stand to do one coat, though. Thank goodness no one really gets right down there to look at neatness.

  2. What a great pedi, though! Did you do it yourself? I had a hard time removing polish this morning. Been waiting for my hubby to do it, but well, I couldn't wait anymore!

  3. Even though I didn't break my ankle while pregnant, I STILL had very swollen legs/feet when I was pregnant during the summer, which means 3 out of my 4 pregnancies! I think that was the worst part for me! Ugh!

  4. I have never once painted my toenails. I may have to actually do it while living in HI as I can't stuff my sausages into lace-ups all the time. :) Your tootsies are cute!

  5. OUCHY! Sorry to hear you still hurt. Wonder why it swells up so much? Suppose to do that? Sorry for asking but I am just worried about that poor foot of yours. Better heal up nice and neat.

  6. Christine, it can swell up to a year afterward (yahoo) and because of the baby and less circulation it will swell a lot more now. They are a little worried about right after surgery (c-section)because of swelling of that compiled with the already swelling...we'll see...

    Swelling I think is caused by the inflamation of what is healing? Not really sure, just wish I could pop it and get it all out!


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