Wednesday, June 17, 2009


My parents are driving down to southern Minnesota for the ordination of these 13 priests tomorrow. They will be there until Saturday. I get to grit my teeth and hear all about it on Father's day. (and try not to argue) (I'm not good at that when it comes to my faith)
Please pray for my parents.
Please pray for me.


  1. The society is moving away from the Church and you have to wonder why -- if they truly seek to be in communion. I, too, would have trouble keeping my tongue, Jamie. I would make that a topic that "we may not discuss." You certainly don't need conflict right now.

  2. Jamie--your blog is an inspiration to me and I've given you an award:


  3. Yippee an award!!

    Sorry to hear about parent issues. I have some big ones also going on right now.

    Ever wonder when you walk the mall and you are walking in your own head with all the family junk and wonder if everyone has them. I think they do. It is hard to listen to it though. I thought you guys were good at just talking about other things between you and the parents. Change the subject....repeat after me....change the subject. There ya go a free counseling session from kissteen!

  4. Ditto what Barbara said -- make it a "no discussion" topic. I'm praying for you!

  5. prayers for you and for your parents.

  6. Lots of prayers coming your way, Jamie!

  7. Thank you so much everyone!
    My parents (mom) have a really hard time "not discussing religious issues" and it constantly comes up in the course of the conversation, drives me nuts and has driven a huge wedge between us, and well, I'd rather not go to things than have to listen to it.

    I never know when one of their priest friends will be there on special occasions to help "convert" me.

    Sorry to dump all this, I try to stay positive...the whole situation just gets me worked up sometimes!

  8. You can safely vent with us, darlin'.

    (And maybe if the subject comes up you can quickly run to the bathroom.)

  9. Yeah, if they don't get the direct "we will not discuss this" you can always say you need to take a break and lock yourself in your bedroom. Think of your health, honey.

    HUGS and prayers galore,

  10. Prayers from me, too, Jamie.

  11. My prayers as well! I love your blog-its beautiful! I especially love your St.Alphonsus Liguori quote, "Nail my heart to the cross and never permit me to offend you again". It's one of my favorites! So glad I found you!

  12. Prayers for you and that our Church can be one.

    Whenever I feel like I get too wrapped up in things I can't control I am reminded to work on interior life...that people may see Jesus me. I regret the times when I wasn't calm and charitable...not that Jesus was always calm, but in that I turned people off rather than planting a seed.

    It is a difficult tightrope. Pray to saints who had many divisions in their time, like St. Athanasius or St. Robert Bellarmine.

    Also, offering up any suffering by supressing your will may bring many graces. :)

  13. Jaime,
    I thoroughly enjoy your blog and appreciate your and the other ladies comments. I do support the SSPX and their ordinations of the 13 priests and pray as some of your readers have commented:charity must reign supreme in all of our hearts. Our Lord has given all of us this opportunity of grace to grow in virtue and die to ourselves. I pray we don't judge others lest we be judged and trust in the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Yes we must pray for each other and not just the ones with whom we 'disaggree'. The SSPX is in God's hands as well as the whole Church. God bless you and your family.

  14. Thoughts, prayers for you Jamie. I wish some magic advice would do the trick but probably prayer is the best thing here. Your parents believe they are standing up for a noble cause.

    Maybe getting a group to pray in front of the chapel once a week would be a powerful and charitable witness. It would show the SSPXers that people really do care about their decision to leave the Church instead of feeling like they have been written of as schismatic.


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