Thursday, June 4, 2009

Will They Survive?

Quick question for any green thumbs out there: Will these plants survive? One is an Ivy, the other, not sure, but I think you can tell...They get no direct sunlight, but morning light coming into the can kind of tell how light it is in the picture. I just transplanted them and our entertainment center thingy needs plants and I'd prefer real verses fake...just curious if anyone knows. I'm more of a green thumb for outside plants, not at all inside!


  1. The one on the left is a pothos; it does really well in low light areas. It is extremely easy to care for, as well. I have two and have had them for years in various stages of looking nice or NOT! One of mine is on top of our bookshelf & is growing wonderful.

    The ivy is a little harder to grow. They don't like a lot of water, but don't handle being dry either. They will need more sun - so maybe move them into a light window every once in a while.

  2. I asked my hubby to look at this as he is the green thumb in the house...he concurs with Suzie...

  3. Thank you ladies!!

    That helps me a lot!

  4. W is for Wednesday and also water. That is the only day I water my plants. Only about a cup. My "pothos" do very well with that watering system. I also at a little miracle grow. I have killed 2 ivy plants. They are sensitive. I love them though. Good luck with your plants!

  5. I'm an ivy murderer. I do know that you should keep the leaves misted and dusted though. I kept a plant like that one for years and years before I had to commit planticide and just yank the darn thing. I think animals and plants should live OUTSIDE of my house. I think maybe it's a farmer thing ingrained in my DNA.

    I DO like cut flowers inside my house.
    I do NOT like stuffed, dead animals inside my house. I probably wouldn't like them outside of my house, either.


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