Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Computer Crash!

This weekend while the boys were camping, our power went out only for a minute or so. We have a power surge thingy so I guess it was just a coincidence, but our computer crashed. It was only 3 years old! (almost) The guy at Best Buy told my husband that the average life of computers today is 3-4 years!!! 3-4 years, $1,000 and 3-4 years? This time it did not cost us that much as we had a lot of "components" but still, it was a lot! Thank goodness we have a charge card....except school curriculum was supposed to go on there!

Our computer guy will pick up our old computer and our new one and transfer all our files, like our pictures and "favorites" but I feel kind of lost without my pictures....I think my usual style for blogging is to post a picture and then topic it and write under the picture....can't do that now!!

My husband got the keyboard free because it went with this computer and was the last one, but this keyboard is so tiny, I think it's keys are spaced closer so no dust gets inside, I feel as I'm re-learning to type!


  1. Okay that's just crap! My DH is a PC tech, and computer (PC) can last you for YEARS (much longer then the 3-4 the sales person told).

    The problem is not with the computer itself it's with the technology that surrounds PC. I mean a PC is "old" and "out of date" within months of buying it. So if you have something older more then 2 years old the sales people will look at you as if you have been driving a ford model-T.

    Just because it's older doesn't mean that it's still not usable. My DH, has over the years given up trying to stay within the times. All of our PCs are older models. As a matter of fact he won't buy them new. All of the PC (including or laptops) are USED (refribish)compturs from dell's outlet: http://www.dell.com/us/en/dfh/df.aspx?refid=df&s=dfh&cs=22&~ck=mn He even tells people to buy now to buy refrib or scratch and dent models, because it can safe you hundreds of dollars.

    I wonder if your PC crashed because of the power surge. If it did then it had nothing to do with the age of your computer. It all had to do with the power surge. Smell your PC does it smell burnt? If so then the power surge fried your computer. I had that happen to one of your computers too. We were able to get a new motherboard and power supply for it for $200 and was back in business.

  2. I just wanted to add that we had our PC on a power surge protector too, but the PC (computer) still got fried from a power surge. Power surge protectors do a good job and for the most part they do their job, but sometimes they do fail! I know because ours failed. Like I said in the last post smell your PC if it smells burnt then it got fried from a power surge.

    If that's the case then be sure to replace the surge protector. It no longer is doing it's job.

  3. Wow...SAHMinIL has some serious knowledge in the PC dept. Seriously going to consider linking her in case I need help! Beats calling someone over in Thailand.

    Sorry to hear about computer problems. Seems like you got up and running fast.

    Wondering what you meant with the pictures. Are you going back to albums then? I still do albums. I like being able to hold my books and look back over the year.

  4. Thank you SAHMin IL! I thought it too much a coincidence too, (the power surge) like the whole computer industry is a farce, just to get you to spend more! I will let my hubby know what you said, very interesting!

    We always buy Dell anyway, because HP is on the Planned Parenthood boycott list.

    Christine: My pictures are all in files on the computer and they need to be transfered by a computer person (not us), Tom has files with all his baseball stats, etc...no with another baby coming, no time for real actual albums that you can hold in your hand...someday I hope! Tom did buy one of those Key things so we could transfer our pictures next time ourselves...

  5. I was going to suggest the same thing as SAHMinIL . . . my husband does this stuff as part of his job . . . often times just getting a new motherboard is the fix. Hmmmmm. Email me at Sarahs.Journey@yahoo.com 'cos I lost your phone #. I'm four hours behind you in MN. If you email me, I can get my cell # to you and you can call us in the evenings and talk to my hubs about this stuff. I'm sure he would do his best to help you.


  6. We had a surge just after I moved to either Kearney or Fargo. The processor/computer was fine, but the printer was toast. It did smell. New printer and new surge protector.

    I am protective with my laptop and just unplug when I'm gone or if there's a storm coming. I don't want to take the risk.

    Hope you find a less expensive fix than replacement. My parents & inlaws have always gone with refurbished models. When I got my laptop, we refurbished the desktop for the kids. It's going on 7 years.

  7. My DH is also in tech support (lots us, aren't there?) and he said pretty much the same thing that the others have...

  8. I know nothing about computers. I just want to sympathize with you for the cost and the inconvenience!


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