Wednesday, June 18, 2008


This is the "after" picture first, I just could not put the messy "before" picture on first (below)!
It may not look organized to you, but to me, it is very organized and I know all of what we have now. I threw away a whole garbage bag full of papers and just plain old junk we don't need. Now, I catch myself just walking in and looking in the cupboards just for fun! These are very kid friendly though and I know they will not stay this neat for long. But I will try! I still have one other cupboard to organize and then I will be able to think clearly and get ready for the next school year!
Yucky, messy cupboard!

I found these in my "tapes" container and the kids have been listening all week, they love them. Ballerina Rosie can read now and loves following along to these. I bought these when I did daycare long before I had children of my own. A new old treasure for a new generation of children! I stayed in all day yesterday on a beautiful day to finish this cupboard, so today we are off to the pool!!


  1. It looks great Jamie!! Have fun at the pool!

  2. I have to laugh, I am constantly orgainizing and cleaning up our homeschool closet. But then the kids get their greedy little hands on stuff and there is all goes. I just wish my children had a love for orgainization!!

  3. Hi Jamie!
    It looks great in your cupboards! I'm so proud of you for sticking to it on a beautiful day to get it done. I had to laugh - I do the SAME thing when I finally get something organized - I have to admire my work a few times daily!
    Hope the pool was wonderful and the company was too. Sure miss splashing around with your kids at your old lake in St. Joe!
    Talk to you later and thanks for the travel prayers!!
    Love and blessings,

  4. I see a HUGE and lovely difference!! It does feel good to get the work done and have it look good.

    Seton curriculum arrived today for next year. I can't wait to have time to get it all ready.

  5. As someone who is constantly striving to get organized, I know the feeling a happy accomplishment just staring at a space that is in order. You go, girl! Nerm

  6. Looks great Jamie. I also will miss your ol'beach.

    Have fun at the pool. It is finally nice out!

  7. It looks great! I,too, spent a beautiful day organizing my pantry. I had to watch out my windows as Paul played on the backyard park with the kids. (I hate missing anything fun!) But, I was glad to get it done, and also kept walking into my pantry and just gazing at it. :)

    Enjoy the day- and lots of warm summer days to come- at the pool. Wish we could join you!!

    I know what you mean about my boys. You can see some sort of difference but don't know which one is which. It is much harder if people just see one boy. They aren't sure who it is. But, then you put the two together and it's a 'process of elimination' of sorts! :)

    Our Polly Pockets are quarantined in the big kids' room. They have to keep the door shut at all times. I can't think of a bigger bin of choking hazards for Henry. I won't even let one Polly come out to play. :)

  8. You must feel great! I've been tackling the school room too. Made a big mess but forgot to take pictures. I am really looking forward to having it all organized by next week. Then it will really feel like summer! :)

  9. Looks great, Jamie! I found the dot paints after searching a couple stores, but it was worth my time. My kids had a blast - even my little 2yo could participate.


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