Monday, June 9, 2008

What I Will Be Doing This Week!

Finally filling these bins and 2 more just like it with kid winter clothes!! I actually did this today, but still have to bring them all down to our storage room!
I am embarrassed to show you this, but yes, these are our school room cupboards. They are in desperate need of being cleaned out and organized. This might take more than this week!

More piles in our school room. I have a lot to do!!
I do hope to post more sometime soon about our MN Catholic Homeschoolers Conference. It was wonderful!!


  1. Jamie, I'm glad you showed a picture of your cupboards. It'll remind me of the new ideas you gave me - bingo dabbers & group coloring - and maybe I'll find a few other ideas if I look real close! Happy organizing . . .

  2. It's that time of year! Is there a patron saint of organization?

  3. The homeschool VBS sounded like so much fun. What a neat opportunity. Have fun this week organizing. With that weird weather you guys have been having, you might want to save out a few winter things!
    Great to hear your voice again.

  4. I'll be sharing my master bedroom closet soon. Oy vey! I think it helps to post this stuff so we actually take action, because people are mysteriously interested in these things. We're all in a trap of some form of organizational crisis.

    Good luck with yours!!

  5. I will forever and ever be organizing.

    You are way more organized then me!

    It seems hard but once it is done it is so so nice to have a spot for "STUFF!"

  6. Sweetie, your piles don't hold a candle to mine! Although that's what my husband would like to do sometimes--hold a candle...or a to my piles.

  7. O-o-h! My fingers are itching to touch all those art supplies. I'm just a big kids when it comes to art projects. How tempting. Nerm


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