Thursday, July 12, 2012

No Clever Title

Ice cube maker broke
Water literally pouring out of the fridge
all over the floor
$300 to fix
Buying ice til we can get some ice cube trays
Ice cube trays with 6 kids?

Air conditioner broke
for 2 days
We are so spoiled

Computer broke
partly fixed
Hard to get back into blogging
after being away
How do I catch up?
Blog a little
blog a lot
Can't use Google Reader
Read a little
Read a lot?
Start fresh I guess!

Rosie is at camp
(put on by the Schoenstatt sisters)
We are missing her very much
Today is her 10th birthday
She'll be home tonite!

Not even starting to be ready to crawl
(which is fine with me)
big mama baby
days full of kisses, kisses, kisses

Sweetie Pie
Potty trained!!
Poopie trained!!
I am woman, hear me roar!!!
(I trained another toddler!!)
It took a good 2 1/2 weeks total, start to finish
People who don't believe in miracles, have never potty trained a toddler!

has new friend coming today to spend the day while his mama works
He's so very excited to have a friend
who also has 4 little sisters
and loves Legos!

Mary Hannah and Colette
changed bedrooms again
We've moved these girls like 3 times
I told them this is the last time
Tom told me it won't be the last time.
He's right.

We have them upstairs now with Sweetie Pie
now has her own room
(for now)
Til we move them again.

My Grandma had her 90th birthday last week
90 years
She's a beautiful lady
She had a beautiful party...more on that later

Christine is on vacation
I  miss her calling me.....

I have 4 kids
waiting here for me

I gotta go!
I miss you too
"I'll be baaack"

(sorry for the Arnold quote, can anyone say that without saying it like him?)


  1. Hi Jamie Jo!

    If it makes you feel any better, we don't have an icemaker, we do the old fashioned ice cube trays. AND we don't have air conditioning at all (our thermostat measured the temp to be 89F last night). We have switched our kids around umteen times and always say it is the last time and it never is.

    Congrats on the potty training! I can't get my little guy trained. Here's hoping for a miracle.

    I too, don't care whether my kids are crawling early or not. One of my guys was almost 11 months when he learned. That didn't mean that he wasn't climbing furniture to crazy heights just months later, though. Simeon will learn and you will share pictures.

    Enjoy your kiddos, it's summer! Take it easy and don't worry about blogging. We're all here when you get back to it. And if not, you are still in our prayers. God Bless.

  2. OH boy, crazy busy days there. I've been thinking of you and every time I have thought to email, something has come up. So glad to read an update from you. I'm struggling with blogging right now and finding time (and perhaps content as well), despite the fact that I enjoy it so much.
    No big problems here with Google, but I'm starting to wonder what is up around here. I have had troubles with my wireless internet and my Google home page. I can't get it to come up on the screen, but other stuff will. No Reader problems though. I hope you can get it all figured out, since I know how computer stuff can be frustrating.
    Yay for Jedi finding a new friend!! I'm sure he is very excited to find someone he has much in common with.
    Happy Birthday to Rosie! I bet she had fun at Schoenstat (and you probably missed her a ton!!).
    Glad to catch up again. Take care!

  3. Oooh, I'm jealous about the potty training! Anna "decided" she didn't want to do it. It's just not a good time for potty training right now (seems like more of a winter thing when you are stuck inside anyway.)

    I'm excited about the Schoenstatt camp thing! Where did you find it?? I would love to have my kids join. My sister (as you know from her journal) is very involved in Schoenstatt and has her kids in the camp too.

  4. Wow! That's a lot that has happened since the last time we got to hear from you. Congrats on the potty training- a major milestone, for sure. I hope things quit breaking and start getting fixed, especially the things you need to stay cool in this horrible heat. Little Sim kisses sound so very sweet! Give him a little hig for me!

    I've missed you!

  5. Really great seeing a post from you Jamie. Way too much going on with technical difficulties so hope it all gets back to normal soon for you. Congratulations on the potty training success. Say hi to everyone for me and Linda and have an awesome Friday the 13th.

  6. This such a fun post, Jamie Jo!!! I might have to try this on my family blog! I am SOOOOOOoooooooo far behind (March) and I just don't know where to begin!!
    I totally understand the concern with 6 kids and ice cube trays! We can't hook-up our ice maker, and we've been using ice cube trays for 4 years with 9 kids! Not fun!! But like all things in life you do what you must. I'm sure you know what I mean! I just started potty training my youngest daughter! She's not so happy about it! Take care and God bless.

  7. Glad you're back and filling us in, but totally get it! Nice to know your beautiful family is so full of normal ins and outs of every day not looking forward to potty training Ava. She's also a total Mama's girl lately... a little too much so sometimes, though. I'll try to remember these days when she's a teenager and wants nothing to do with me! ;)

  8. Congrats on the potty training. Remember it all comes down to one moment at a time. :) We are enjoying family time (we visited mine in Seattle, then Dan's mom and some siblings in IA, and now, I'm in your neck of the woods visiting Dan's other sister and husband. We're in Nevis. :) There's AC thank God, but It's actually overcast today w/ some rain so it's not necessary (for me, but everyone else needs it). LOL! I hope those issues resolve for you quickly.
    Know that you're loved and admired!

  9. hope you get things fixed!! when i find out how much it costs to repair the ice maker, i knew we would be making our own..good luck!!

  10. I love it before they're mobile ;)

  11. So good to hear from you! I've not been blogging much either. Too much going on I guess.

    My toddler just potty trained herself this past week - yay! I'm such a lazy mom when it comes to potty training. I wait until they are completely ready and it's done pretty much in a day, with the occasional accident.

    Oh, and my little one is nowhere near crawling either. In fact, she only started to really roll this past month. She's so chubby though, it's going to be awhile before she's even sitting, haha.

    The ice thing? Yeah, our old one broke a long time ago. Too expensive to fix. But now I'm used to it so it was no big deal that our current rental we have to make the ice. And we don't have a dishwasher either (which actually has been a blessing in disguise). But we do have AC (window units but I am not complaining!).

    Have a beautiful weekend.

  12. I am BAAAAAAAAAAAACK. Think Arnold.
    You really want your stalker calling you a zillion times again???

    A/C is a need not a want in my book.

    Happy Birthday to your daughter and I know how that is when they are gone.

  13. Love the update. Sounds like it has been a crazy summer for you. Hope you are finding joy in all the chaos! :)

  14. I've been away too, just getting back and catching up. I ask those Q's too, oh well, I'll start fresh too I guess.
    I loved your post, little tidbits on all the kids (happy birthday Rosie and yay for Jedi having a friend who has the same number of little sisters!!) and you. Stuff always breaks at once. cars, computers, refrigerators. ugh. It could be worse... i.e. washing machine ;)

  15. Hope all is well...and fixed! :) I think one of the hardest things is getting back into blogging...whether the break was intentional or not! Thanks for the family update!

  16. Popping over to say hello! Yay for all of the little blessings, even among the pains in our sides:) Hooray for potty and poopy training. In my book, that's always a great thing to celebrate:) Hope things are the mend. We have several things on a "fixit" list..doesn't that list ever go away? God bless you, dear Jamie Jo!


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