Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Pioneer Woman

 Have you caught this show on the Food Network?
It's great!
It's one of my favorites
(I have many favorites on that channel)
I DVR this one though
She always cooks things that I say,
"I'll have to make that, I can do that!"
She makes me want to have people over and cook what she cooks.
Then, I remember that I need to pump again...and realize that will have to wait a while.
She makes it look so easy, yet gives lots of tips for shortcuts.
Her life is interesting.
It's different.
I think that's what draws people in.
She has 2 great kitchens for petes sake!
I don't get that whole "lodge" thing, I mean,
How does she stock 2 kitchens?
How far away is the lodge from her home?
She drives there, so it must be kind of far...
I hope people like her show as much as I do.
She's natural, real and dorky.
She homeschools, she blogs, she loves taking pictures.
(of course she's much better at it all than me, but that's why it's fun to watch)


  1. I love the Pioneer Woman! I don't have her cookbook, but several friends do. I don't think I've ever had a bad meal. One friend shared her homemade chicken fingers...to die for! And probably to die from! LOL

    I will have to check her show out!

  2. I love her Sour Cream Noodle Bake recipe from her blog, I posted it on mine at one point, it's so good and so easy! We don't watch much tv, let alone have cable so I can't watch it, but I know if I did, I would like it :)

  3. Have you read her book, Pioneer Woman, Black Heels to Tractor Wheels? It's not my regular kind of read but I laughed until I cried. Some of the situations she gets herself into are just hysterical.

  4. I love her, too. Her writings and her shows are just the tyoe of thing I like. Now only if she would come to my house and cook...

  5. Wow thanks for sharing. I haven't watched, but now I will. I went to her blog and immediately felt the urge for a carb free burger. BTW, I was so glad to see pics of YOU on facebook recently. You're just beautiful. Kisses to Simeon.

  6. Hello! I found your blog through Martin Family Moments, and I too am a fan of Pioneer Woman, and a Catholic homeschooling mamma. I'm also your newest follower! Blessings to you and your family!


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