Friday, October 17, 2014

Just Breathe

We've had a week filled with a lot of little stresses.
You know, family things.
We all have them.
things we can't tell the world on a blog.
 We've got anxiety issues  and
depression issues.
We've got oppositional behaviors and ADHD

It's heartbreaking when you are the parent, the wife
and are helpless
except to deal with it as it comes.
 We have 8 people living here each with a different personality.
Everyone needs some kind of attention
Some are needy and show it
Some are needy and demand it
Some are needy and pretend not to be.

We've had cut fingers, runny noses and sick kids this week
 I had one day this week where I really wanted to go to the noon Mass
one particular child made me late
So late, I ended up leaving without her
but by the time I got to the church it was already 10 minutes after 12

I decided to go to the Adoration chapel instead
(at another Catholic church)

I was mad, but, as I got out of the van
and started walking towards the chapel,
the anger completely left and I felt it lift away. 
As if Jesus had taken it away for me.

I knew in that instant, that I was not mad, 
it was my own fault I was late
I am the adult here, I could have left sooner.

(it was not this sweet girl pictured, just so you know)
 Once inside, I kept hearing these words
Just Breathe
Just Breathe

And you know what?
I did.
(this is the song I kept hearing while in the chapel)

And Jesus filled me with
His Graces
His Joy
His Peace

 Hard things happen to us all.
Every day
 It's up to us to turn to God,
 beg Him for His mercy,
waiting there for us to ask for
And Thank Him for all the blessings He has given us.
Blessings like these little ones

without a problem in the world.
 Except those temporary runny noses, cut fingers and little kid things

Oh, and type 1 diabetes and a cleft lip/palate, but who's counting those?

Life is pretty great 

Remember to
Go to God
He makes all things new.

Go to any Catholic church, 
find the Tabernacle, and sit in front of it.
(you know the gold box with a red candle lit by it)
If your church has Adoration, go visit Jesus.

He waits for you and I

(this is in my neighbors backyard, perfectly in my view)


  1. Oh Jamie I needed this so much today. Being 5 days overdue and being told "see you Tuesday and we'll see how you're doing" was NOT what I wanted to hear. You better believe I am getting myself to morning Mass tomorrow. I crave Jesus more than ever right now and I need to be thankful for a healthy baby. (Even though I just want her OUT!)

    1. Madeline, prayers coming your way!! It's so hard at the end, God bless you and that sweet baby!!

  2. Hi Jamie...isn't Madeline just blessed to be having a baby! So much joy comes to a family when a babe is brought home.

    There are fires everyday at my home to be put you said...very different personalities living within these four walls.

    Jesus is the answer. We are so blessed to have our faith. What do people do who don't? smoke dope???!!!!! just kidding. sort of.

    When I look at Sweetie-pie I see Ava...just that sweet little face. We are also blessed to have ..well I have only one...but little ones at home. They make it fun.

    Thanks for this post. It was a good one!

    1. Couldn't have said it better myself. Love you. Both of you. : )

  3. Wonderful, beautiful, timely post! Thank you for being you and lifting my spirits and reminding me where I need to turn in these trying moments.

  4. Very wise and beautifully written. I try to correct things on my own before consulting with God. I need to let go more and let God. Love and hugs !

  5. I love that you found your peace in Jesus. We learn from these days, still I pray for you. God bless. Your last photo, with the fall leaves and gate is just lovely!

  6. We all have those Just Breathe weeks. I know them well. I also know well that that mine happen when I try to be in control, too many people demand too much of me and then Jesus gets less of me. Thank you for the reminder of the peace Jesus gives and His mercy that waits for us.

    May the days ahead be blessed with more peaceful moments for you Jamie. Sending hugs and a prayer.

  7. So, so poignant and a beautiful baring of your soul, as always!

    (Unfortunately, the last time I visited the room of reservation in our local church, the red candle was not even lit.)

    Thank you for sharing this - your joys, your sorrows, your perspective. You always remind us to enjoy these precious, sweet souls we have in our care and protection. And we do have to breathe lest our flame burns out!

  8. Yes. Beautiful. God bless you and your family.

  9. He loves when we run to His arms and His arms are always open, and give us peace, as you describe. What darling children are in these photos.

  10. Your blog is such an oasis of loveliness and truth. Thank you, my friend!

  11. Great post. Yes, God is there for us, especially during the rough times. I find the peace you describe going to the temple that I post about so often in my blog. It is so good to know that God will grant us HIS "let not your hearts be troubled" kind of peace. Thanks for posting. So good to be back visiting my blog friends. I will return again soon!

  12. What??? All my blogger friends aren't perfect? No way! ;) But you are a beautiful soul, Jamie Jo, and this was a beautiful post. I loved it. God bless you and all your efforts.

  13. The gold box- or as we say in catechism class, the Godbox. My kids are all grown, but I'm still their father. Today I took one of my sons to buy some shoes for a new job. He lives under a bridge right now. Sometimes I gotta Just Breathe too.

    1. Christian, I'll pray for your son. Love that...the Godbox! I'm going to tell my kiddos!

  14. So many beautiful faces. We do and to get lost in the making it all happen and keeping it together aspect of life. I forget to see each little person and appreciate who God made them to be. Your kids are all so gorgeous. Your faith leaps off the screen. Thank you for this reminder. I am so happy that God has surrounded you but he beauty of those leaves He painted each one just to show you how much he loves you. I don't understand the grey skies because I have never lived in a area like that, I am sorry if it adds to the frustrations. Love from Texas!

  15. Much love to you, dear friend. You have been in my prayers.

    1. Thank you Laura! This is an old post, but I could have written the exact same post this week. Much love to you too dear friend!


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