Friday, November 21, 2014


Thankful my grandma had cancer removed from her breast and 
she is doing AWESOME!!
(She's 92!)

 Thankful my father in law here (not a great picture of him, but
it's a great one of my mother in law!)
He has like 9 lives.
He's had some really amazing things happen to him,
with his health.
God is being Merciful,
We pray for his soul every day.

Please pray for him, he is going through cancer treatment

Thankful for Thanksgiving crafts!!

 Thankful for easy Art projects!
(OK, a little messy)
 Just paint black circles using a paper cup...wait for it to dry
 then water paint!
 So pretty!
 Adds some color to a usually dull November...(more on that later)
 Thankful for Awesome 5 year olds that love to do just about everything!
 She's showing her funny cats here!

 Thankful for sitting on the floor times...try it, just sit on the floor

 and watch them come and tackle you!!

 Thankful for little children in my life, these years are fleeting.
I tell you, they go from one activity to another...
Cute as can be...please stay this age for a few more years...
Thankful for Ramen noodles!!  Yes, I am. 
 They make for an easy lunch and the kids love them!
Ummm, and that dull November, well, we got snow early this year...
Just a few days after our graveyard walk
(thank goodness!)
It is pretty...this is the morning sunrise shining on the frosted branches...

Thankful even though we gave away all our boots, and had to buy 5 pairs
for our last couple weeks here,
it was worth it...
The kids love playing in the snow....
Thankful for kids....gosh, they make anything bearable!
I have no idea what they are doing here...
Snow and cold make me want to bake cookies.
But, I don't have time to bake cookies.
I baked Pan Cookies!!
Just put your dough in a 13x9 and bake for 20-30 minutes

Thankful for Frosty.
Oh, Frosty, you bring so much joy to all.
Over and over and over again and again!

My favorite line?

"Busy, busy, busy!" 

Come on, you know who says that in Frosty, don't you?
(The Magician)
Thankful winter means we take out our Easy Bake oven!!
Thanks to their auntie Heidi, we've had mixes to supply us for 8 years!
We just used up the last 2 packets!

Thankful for peppermint gum!
Did you know that peppermint gum helps prevent tears while chopping onions?
It works!

(I chop my onions and freeze them)
Thankful for awesome meatless meals for Fridays!
One of my very favorite recipes!
I even have sauteed just the veggies and spices (I use dried basil)
 with no yummy!

Here's the recipe!

Thankful for friends coming to say goodbye!!
I had to block out my whole week this week, I'm just too busy with a million things
trying to get ready for our winter get-away.
Christine and sweet Ava here...look at that awesome smile!! 
(she's my goddaughter)
Look at my little whitey next to Ava.  
They are so dang cute together.
Best friends.
It's so easy when you are little, isn't it?
Oh, Sims!
Little Red wanted in on the picture taking!! 

Thankful for flashlights!!
And Forts!
In the dark!!
It gets dark so dang early now, we have to figure out something fun to do!
This is another favorite when it's dark out!
Lite Brite!
Thankful for oldie but goodies
(I cut construction paper squares and they make designs and then staple them into books)

 Thankful for Lego masterpieces!

He's an awesome builder!

Thankful for a big brother nice enough to let them 
break apart his masterpieces and make their own...made up ones.

Thankful for rosie cheeks
and hot cocoa after playing in the snow!

Thankful, I got caught up on my laundry.
But as I type this, I'm already behind again.

Thankful for littles that want to make our giant water jug be unique to any others out there.

 Thankful our awesome piano teacher is letting us use
this keyboard to take to Texas this winter!! 


Thankful on the way to piano today, I spotted this beautiful tree.
The kids made fun of me, but I went home and got my camera.
I had to get a picture of it.
Isn't it amazing?
We need to notice these little things or they will pass us by.

Thankful for the love this sweet boy has for Elsa.
Her blanket must be laid flat on his bed
(yes it's a mattress on our bedroom floor--Sh!!)
Anyway, it must be laid flat, or he will freak out!!

Well, the other day, I saw this beautiful Elsa doll at Wal-mart for $19.99
so I got it for him.
(look how he holds her neck)
He loves Elsa!

My 5 year old, who had always NOT loved Elsa,
all of a sudden, decided she did love Elsa.
and was crushed.
(I felt like the worst parent of the year!)

So I went back that night and got another one.
Yep.  Best parent of the year. 

At least to these two.

And they have not "Let it go" (Elsa) since they got her!

Thankful for Elsa 
and Elsa dolls
and for Wal-mart.

Oh, my gosh, that was long, and if you are still here, 
I am thankful for you.


  1. I know this is a busy time for you and probably a bit of a bittersweet one, getting ready to move-but I think you'll love Texas!! You're wise to enjoy those littles now-they grow up so fast! Seems like yesterday I was thinking my kids were growing up too fast and all of the sudden, I'm wishing my grandkids would stay little for a while longer! Praying for a safe journey and easy move for you!

    1. Oh, Jan, I KNOW I'll love Texas!! We are only going for the winter though...3 months away!!

      Oh, that is so sweet what you said about your grandchildren...I believe it. Thank you for your beautiful prayers. God bless you!

  2. It is exciting for the Jamster family...but we are going to miss you. I know I know..we dont get together very much but I still will miss you guys. Ava wanted to see Sweetie pie again and I told her she is getting ready to move...made her sad. But I know you need to do what is best for the family. Hard work packing and cleaning but exciting to go to Texas and have a warm winter. I am glad I got time with you...thanks so much for seeing me. I felt guilty because I know how busy you guys are.

    Those art projects look great...and that Elsa story still makes me smile and I think that is the cutest and funniest story. Sims is so sweet to love Elsa. They both have the same hair color!

    1. We Loved seeing you two! I'm feeling stuck, I have so much to do, but don't even know where to start...yes, I do, Advent and Christmas stuff first....then bathroom stuff....craft projects...I have a ton of lists going.

      We are not moving YET. This is just a long vacation...where we still have to do school.

  3. BAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! you're not moving already, are you?!! I won't come by because I know you're busy but TRULY I am going to miss you!

    I feel so bad: I hope I didn't make you give away your boots!

  4. No, YOU didn't make me give away my never snows before Thanksgiving!! I've always got a goodwill pile going...

    We are not moving (yet)...this is just a "leaving for the winter" thing this year.

    Oh, I am going to miss you too sweet heart! And those amazing little boys you have!

  5. I loved actually seeing all the things you are thankful for. And flashlights! They are the best toys.

    1. Oh, good Jenny!! Yes, flashlights sure entertain! Wal-mart sells a 2 pack with the batteries for $4.95!!

  6. Don't you wish we could figure out a way to keep these little ones little for a bit longer...
    All that little ones stuff is so cute!
    Totally jealous of you and Christine.
    Admitting that. Publically.
    Am excited for you this winter, Jamie...
    Can't wait to follow along!

    1. Oh, yes, I sure do!! But like Jan said, up above, now her grandchildren are growing up too fast too...I hope stopping to notice and be thankful helps a not wish it away, because sometimes, it's hard too.

      I wonder if someday we could plan a weekend getaway with our girl blogger friends...someplace warm...sometime when our littles are a little know, just a couple days...nothing too much or too long, but just enough to re-charge...even some kind of retreat...but it has to be warm...but not too warm, because you wouldn't like that either! See? I know you!

      Not sure how much blogging I'll will be on a laptop...I'm sure I'll pop in once in a while!!

      Love to you Billie Jo!!

  7. know about Edel don't you?? Just noticing your last comment there about the blogger retreat. Jen Fullwiger hosts it and a bunch of bloggers all come together for a couple days retreat of just girl fun, talks and more fun~! At least, this is what I've heard, not that I have gone or anything!

    Anyway, love your "thankfuls" as always! Yes, snow came way too early this year! I think this will be a good year to escape the snow...

    Little Sims is so cute about that Elsa doll; and how many times have I gone to the store to make up for hurt feelings! I don't want to do that too often but it's worth it to see their joy, isn't it? The flashlight picture made me laugh--I actually thought I was looking at a miracle picture at first. Thought I was seeing Simeon's guardian angel. My head is in the clouds lately! Anna wants a flashlight for her birthday too!

    I could comment on everything you wrote about--you make it all so interesting! I always find myself saying, "Oh!" or "Interesting!", lol! But I have to go to bed now, so I will tear myself away.

    Good luck with your packing! Enjoy your winter vacation!

    1. I read maybe a little about Edel...something with a horse's head....Not sure I'd want to be with all bloggers, just the ones I know--hahah! We bloggers can talk quite a bit, it would be pretty overwhelming to do that...but maybe stay with the ones I know...I was thinking more of a relaxing kind of thing, (think BEACH) (think WARM) Not conference lots of people and an agenda....more of a mamas getting together to laugh and have some fun!! Want to come?

      Yes, that snow came way too early, felt like we were robbed of 2 weeks of fall...but for the kids, I'm glad.

      OH, my gosh, I'm glad I'm not the only mama who has had to go back to the store!! Yay, Becky gets best mama award!!

      Thanks Becky, God bless you, Love you!

  8. Loved this post and all those smiling faces. And your grandma is beautiful. I am struck by how really PRETTY she is, and I'm so glad she's doing well!

  9. Lovely post. So much to be grateful for. You house looks like such a fun place. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  10. I just wanted to let you know how much I love reading your thankful posts. It's such a good reminder to look for the joy in the ordinary, everyday things. Your Little Red with his Elsa is one of the sweetest things I have ever seen. What a blessing to have such sweet, joyful children.

  11. So many things to be thankful for. More blessings to you! Happy Thanksgiving!


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