Saturday, February 21, 2015

Reviews and Special Prayers

 Trying to get a good blog header photo in the sun
The sound of the ocean and the sunrise from this morning
 I thought this was funny.
It, for some reason bugs me when people all over the internet
post pictures of their ashes.
I don't know why.
Probably because it seems like bragging or something.
"Look at my ashes!"
Prayer is more of a private thing for me.
(that's why I have a blog--haha!)
When I think about it though, after wondering why it bugs me,
it is actually a really good thing.
Seeing other people making it a "normal" thing to do,
go to Mass, get ashes, pray and sacrifice for Lent.
It's actually a really good thing to do.
 We have TV down here!
We've been watching American Idol.
We haven't watched in like 3 years.
I really like how they do it now,
it's focused more on the talented and not the untalented.
Now that Simon Cowell is not on anymore,
it's not so negative, comments are not made for attention.
All these judges are sincere and really nice.
We don't have TV back home, just Netflix,
so this show will be missed.
 A couple of the girls and I saw this movie here on the Island.
I hesitate to review it, I'm not sure how I feel about it.
Remember, I love happy endings.
This doesn't really end like that,
it kind of shows what happens after the "happy ending"
It is a musical, so if you don't like musicals, you won't like it.
The funniest scene I thought, was the song "Agony" with 2 of the princes:
I loved Meryl Streep as the wicked witch.
If anything, see it for that.
I didn't care for the way some of the characters
were portrayed, after their "happy ending",
I think the writers could have had them go a different bad way.
Or better yet, just a different way.
OH, and Johnny Depp?
He was the big bad wolf!
His part was short, and awesome and kind of creepy.
And kind of funny.
That's kind of what we expect from Johnny Depp though, isn't it?
 I am really going to miss Texas Salsa.
There's something different about it, it's just better.
It's not as thick and it tastes fresher.

 If you love pickles (I do)
they also have the best pickles down here in Texas!
These are the best.  I think I could eat a whole jar!
 We've I've been using a Swifter Sweeper here in the condo we are staying in.
My review for this is:
It just seems so wasteful!
I miss my old mop.
You know, it's a sponge mop
and you use it and use and use it over and over again and again.
It only costs you the price of the mop.
With Swifter Sweeper, sure it's easy,
(so it's perfect for renting a condo)
but those sheets are very spendy, like 12 bucks for 24 sheets.
That's 50 cents each and we I use at least 6-8 each time I mop.
What do you think?
 Farmer's Market Lettuce.
Nothing like it.
I love it, I crave it.
This is the spicy mix, but I also love the mild mix.
(it's clean and lasts all week)
I will really miss seeing the people that sell this.
Lauren is the owner's daughter and she's a real sweetheart.
 I also got some of this yummy drink!
I love their purple beans too!
They turn bright green when they are cooked...veggie suppers, delicious! 

 Another fun product we've found
(maybe MN has this now too, I don't know)
It's really good, and addictive. 
This is Sarah.
She is a close friend of my friend Becky.
Becky is trying to raise money for Sarah.
Here are Becky's words:

"My friend Sarah, who has been fighting cancer for five years now, was just told a couple weeks ago that there are no other treatments for her. The cancer is moving extremely fast and he gave her less than six months. He doubts she will make it to June.

She is not religious but I think she would like to be. She has always been "interested" in the Catholic faith but never has taken the leap to commit to it.

I am more worried for her spiritually than I am for her physically. My brother and I set up a Go Fund Me account with her permission, and there have only been four donors---which one of them is me. It is depressing.

Her husband wants her to go see the Eiffel Tower, as this has always been her dream. I understand that to her, this is a distraction and a way of using her time rather than sit around waiting to die. But in the meantime, my brother and I have something in the works---we are going to also send them to Lourdes since they will already be in France. I think she would be open to it, especially since basically people are paying her to go...

My brother actually has everything lined up for her to go (including her family.) Do you have any idea how happy they will be to go together? Right now, they don't think it's possible for even Sarah to go. This could be her last chance, I so much want her to experience Lourdes. I went there and loved it. She needs healing. If not a physical healing then a spiritual one. She needs graces to get through this without trying to avoid it by using distractions. She needs to face God once and for all."

Sarah and her beautiful family

Will you please pray for Sarah and her family?
If you feel motivated by the Holy Spirit, donate HERE
Thank you so much.
Our time is dwindling down.
We leave for home in 5 days.


  1. Prayers for Sarah. Cancer just sucks. Plain and simple. I hope she gets to go to Lourdes.
    Your food looks yum yum! So healthy.

    Nope..dont buy those rag thingys. Like you said..too expensive. I use a mop..good ol'fashion mop.

    It is very cold here right now...well for February it seems.

    Enjoy those last 5 days of warmth and sun!

    Hugs and Love

    1. OH, my gosh...dreading coming home...looking forward to being in our home...and seeing people we know, but not looking forward to Minnesota will be our LENT.

      Hugs and love back!!

  2. If your swifter is like mine where it has the little holes on top that you poke the towel things in to hold them in place, then you can substitute a microfiber cloth. I use plain microfiber cloths just wet down with water for quick mops. For big mopping needs, I use my Schmop or my steam mop. But it's the same principle… reusable towels.

    1. It's not MY Swifter, it's the owner of the Condo's..but yes, it is like the one you have! I never even thought of that! (I'm kind of slow) AND in that case, I think I'd like it better than my old sponge mop!! I think with a cloth it would last a lot why a microfiber, I wonder...? I might have to get one when we get home. Thanks for the great idea!

      Schmop? Going to have to look that one up! :)

    2. I use microfiber for all of my cleaning because it's seems grabbier to me. Maybe it's just my perception. I think a regular cleaning rag would be fine. I have to use a mop with cleanable rags because my OCD tendencies worry about germs being spread around and not wiped away. When I use the Swiffer, I change the cloth about as often as you do. When I use my Schmop, I turn the rags inside out, use both sides, but still go through 4 or 5 to mop the whole house.

  3. Thanks for plugging my small post in. And a quick clarification--Sarah may be baptized. No one seems to be clear on that and really it's beside the point. Mainly, she needs this trip with her family for memories for her children. Medical expenses are on side for now though of course it will be used if there is anything left over. Right now, our primary concern is for Sarah and her family to get some time together both at the Eifel Tower and hopefully, Lourdes as well.

  4. Prayers for Sarah and I'll share her story as well.

    Ashes... it is good to see it as normal. A homeschool mom in my area posted to her facebook wall that her daughter was freaked out when she saw a lady with ashes on her forehead while they were out shopping and was scared, thinking who knows what (this was a teenager girl by the way). We missed Mass thanks to illness. I feel like it's been forever since we went to Mass since there was a snowstorm last weekend that dumped a foot of snow on us. Now today we have another sixish but the temp is warm (25) so it's kind of melting in spots on the roads and the wind is super calm so I should get to church tomorrow!!!

    American Idol -- I like how they're doing this season even better, but I did get annoyed with the judges during the live shows last year. Lots of attention-gathering stunts. Still, there are some really good singers on the show, and different types of singers, which is nice.

    Swiffer -- I don't use one anymore but in my old house I did. I used a cloth diaper insert (the white prefold) and pinned it on with big diaper clips. Easy peasy.

    And fresh veggies... YES!!! I so miss that here. I always feel it's easier to eat when it's nicer outside. Did you find that to be true in TX? You are seriously making me consider trying to swing at least a month down south next winter. Of course, then we'll have a super mild winter here. :)

    1. Yes, you are right, it's good to see it as even fun. Sorry you missed's not even a holy day of obligation...but I know, it's hard to start lent without it...God is giving you your lent with sickness and bad weather!!

      Was it the same judges last year for American Idol?

      It is SO much easier to eat healthy when it's nice outside!! There's no time to eat!! I'm loving that and really realizing how much we over eat and over bake....when it's cold outside, I like to bake! And that's fine, but...I like this much better. You'll see, I'll be baking again in March...ha!

      OH, we will never be able to afford this again, but maybe you could swing a month in me? They have no snow in MN, can you believe it? (it's COLD though)

      Am I the only one that hasn't thought of adding wash cloths to the Swifters?
      Awesome idea!

    2. Same judges yes. And, you have to bake when it's cold because the oven helps to warm the house. It did feel like a heat wave today in the mid-20s. I got the mail without a coat, haha!

  5. The food! The veggies look so yummy. I sure would love all that farmers market, fresh veggies goodness all year around. If I even had a taste of it like you have, I'd miss that a ton too.

    Just you talking about how miserable it is back here makes me realize how cold and miserable it is. Knowing nothing else (except the winter I was on NET and was in the south for three months) all my life, I guess I just count the days and wish for spring.

    I love that photo of the kids in the sun and warmth. That would be a great blog header! Safe travels on the way back here and I'll look forward to visiting in person again very soon. {{hugs}}

    1. OH, gosh, the fresh veggies is amazing. I have so many "favorite" things now....

      I"m sorry if I made you more miserable...I'm feeling a little anxiety about going back....
      Spring is coming and before you know it, we can visit and have ice tea on my porch!

      ((((hugs))) Warm hugs! I look forward to seeing you again too! Soon, very soon!

  6. Enjoy your last few days there, my friend.
    Oh, the memories you made. : )
    Prayers for the young mother and her family...
    And would you believe I don't even use a mop?
    Hands and knees and a bucket...
    But I do pay for it the next day! : )
    Can't wait to see some of your Home Sweet Home posts!

    1. OH, Billie Jo!! We just started using a mop like a year ago or so...I do like it for quick wipe ups, but we do hands and knees..I think it's good for the kids....Yep, the kids do it. The person that has "sweep floors" has to mop on Saturdays...poor kids. I let them use the mop sometimes though. Nothing like hands and knees, it's just the best way.

      Oh, yes, home sweet home...we are looking to our home again.
      love you Billie Jo!

  7. Praying for Sarah. Texas is going to miss having your family within its borders.

  8. Thank you, thank you, for the beach sounds. If only I could feel that warm wind on my face! I have an app on my i-pad so I can fall asleep to the ocean sounds. Sometimes I fall asleep to summer rain, but mostly the waves!

    Prayers for Sarah!

    1. OH, sleeping to the waves...sounds heavenly! I will always think of you when I listen to the waves!!

  9. Love Crunch is sooooo good! We have been plowing through it.
    I'm glad that yall enjoyed your time in TX!


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