Friday, January 13, 2017


This song has been out for a while, and I still love it!

I'm really loving this new song from Ed Sheeran too. He also has another new song out, I love the tune of it, as in for dancing and working out, but it's just not a very clean  song. Why do artists feel they need to make songs like that?

We might go to a Jeremy Camp concert and this man is opening for him. I love this song!

You know I have to add some Shawn Mendes! I think my kids' friends think I'm some crazy older woman in love with this teenage heart throb. (OK, maybe they don't think he's a heart throb) But, I am not. (Crazy or in love with him) I do, however, love all his songs!

OK enough of my favorite songs for now.

How about some movies?

This is one of my all-time favorites to watch at Christmas. You do know, that these Hallmark-type movies that are on at Christmas time, actually have nothing to do with Christmas, right? They are just love stories that happen around Christmas time. I love Hallmark-type movies. I love them because there's no guessing, there's no stress, just watch 2 people fall in love and get your happy ending.

We do  not have TV. We just stream Netflix and rent movies. SO, that means no Hallmark channel. You can watch Hallmark movies via YouTube but, the picture is just not as clear this way. I found something new this year, it's called "Feeln". It's an app I signed up for via the computer to be streamed to our TV.
For only $2.99/month I am able to watch a ton of Hallmark-type movies! All year long!!
So far, we, as in the girls and I, are loving Feeln.  Go HERE and check it out! (I think the price is now $3.99/month though, which is still an excellent price)

Tom and I watched this movie this past fall. I made a note to review it because it was such a good movie! Based on a true story. (I love those kind)
I don't really care for Matthew McConaughey, so I wasn't that excited to see this.
He really is a good actor though.
I don't  know, there are so many new actors out there, I just thought
it wouldn't be believable with such a popular actor, but he nailed it.

OK, back to Hallmark.
This show, we, as in, the girls and I, loved this!!
The first 2 seasons are on Netflix streaming.
Season 3 we had to order via Netflix
(you know, get the DVD's via the mail)
Good, clean, wholesome, love stories.

 Tom and I finished up Major Crimes via Netflix. We loved this show. It is a spinoff from the show The Closer. So if you are a fan of The Closer (we were) you'll love this one!
 This one is a favorite. What a  perfect role for James Spader. Seriously, he's the guy you hate to love. But you will love him. He's her dad. He has to be. This is another Netflix show we watch. I wanted to keep up with this season though and not wait a whole year for it to come to Netflix, so I'm watching current episodes via on the computer. With my headphones on. Late at night.
 This show goes down as one of my all-time favorites. Not only do I love this actor, who is actually Australian, playing American roles, but I loved this show! This one is another show that is DVD only, so Netflix would send this to you.
Tom and I just started watching this one.
We just started season 3
I really like it for the cases they have. I like it for the look into the life of lawyers.
But, it's a little scandalous...there's affairs and just not much of happy.
I like happy.

What do you watch?
Are there any good "couple" shows that guys like to watch too?
I just think it's slim pickin's these days.

OK, if you are still with me, I've got a scarf review:

 OK, so I saw this scarf at Walgreens, you know, walking through the whole store to the back to pick up prescriptions, because the drive-thru line was too long. They sucked me in, I bought this scarf. I thought it was so pretty and I thought, "it's so pretty, I can pull this off, I can wear a scarf and look cool."

Well, I put it on and my kids kept looking at me funny all morning. They laughed and told me I'm not a "scarf person". What's a "scarf person"?
 What if I wear it like this? Lots of people wear scarfs like this. "Who mom?" I guess no one wears scarfs like this. I think they should. I think it looks pretty. My kids don't. They laughed.
 This is my review of the scarf. I'm not wearing it. But it  is a pretty scarf, isn't it? Waste of money.

I have no sense of fashion.
My husband  Santa bought me a pretty pearl necklace and my first thought was,
"What about  my medal?"
I wear a Miraculous Medal every day.
No big deal, I just decided to add a medal to my necklace.
It looks OK, doesn't it?

See? I can be stylish by wearing jewelry (not scarves)
and still wear my medal, right?

Alright, songs, movies, TV shows, fashion (haha!)
I think we're done.
Anyone want a scarf?

(I apologize blogger kept switching from left margin to centering my paragraphs. Left margin was my goal)


  1. Please wear that scarf! It looks great, and the colors are lovely. I wear scarfs like that (although as a teacher in her 40's that might not be a winning fashion endorsement.) My HS and college age daughters (the fashionable ones!) wear scarves. Ignore the remarks of your kids and Go for it!

    1. It's a winning endorsement, BECAUSE you are a teacher in her 40's!! :)
      You are too sweet!

  2. HiJamie! I just wanted to say I'm thrilled you're posting again! Also, that scarf is beautiful and it looks GREAT on you. I'm not just saying that! I'm not a scarf person either but I love how it looks with the black shirt. Also, look online for other ways to tie it. Try tying it so the knot is down just above your chest and then it just hangs down if you know what I mean. Do not give it away!!
    I love cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies too! Thanks for the reviews! God bless!

    1. Oh, I'm glad Elizabeth! I love blogging but it seems these days everything is so fast paced and things have moved onto Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram....etc. I think I miss the warmness of blogging. If that even makes sense!

      I'll have to look for other ways to tie, there used to be a youtube video that showed tons of ways to tie. Thanks for the idea! God bless you too!

  3. I love that scarf on you! Wear it. The kids just aren't used to seeing you in scarves, probably.
    I never would have thought to attach my miraculous medal to another necklace, but that's a fantastic idea. I'm going to have to try that.
    Great reviews. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.

    1. The kids weren't being mean, but I could tell they didn't think it was "me" so I probed and then they were totally laughing and especially when I put it around me like a shawl!!

      I have several Miraculous medals so I just attach one to every necklace I have. People probably think its weird but who cares?

      You have a wonderful weekend too!

  4. I have been wanting to see the Free State of Jones for a while so I appreciate your review. I am not big on scarves either. I think your medal looks awesome no matter where or how you wear it b because it is a token of your faith! Have a good week!

  5. I love your scarf look! I wear them all the time. I usually wear it like this ( ), but that's probably so last year. But, hey, so am I! The kids will get used to it!

    I watch Blue Bloods every week, and Madam Secretary. I am sad that The Good Wife got cancelled. :-( I watch mostly British series -- especially police series -- they are my favorite. It's so hard to find good shows, especially streaming. I watch the same ones over and over. I know -- boring!

    1. That link didn't work -- I think it's called the pretzel tie

    2. The link worked from my email. Love it! Now, though, since I posted this, people will be like, "She decided to wear it!" Even more embarrassing! Ha! I'm going to have to look up Madam Secretary....

    3. Tom said he started Madam Secretary but quit because he thought it got boring....what do you think? I'll have to try it out.

    4. It's just my speed! He might not like it but I bet you will.

  6. First, the scarf looks so pretty on you (and you're pretty!). I think it's hard trying new things like this - always doubt myself.

    Music - love the songs. I wouldn't call the one unclean necessarily (my mind goes right to sex and language with that title). That song simply spoke of growing up - maybe doing some stupid things.

    Hallmark movies - I have always loved them and it's one channel I still miss. We gave up cable a long, long time ago so I'm definitely checking out that link. We do have netflix (just streaming). Watched When Calls the Heart - the kids enjoyed whenever they caught me at it. Blacklist - love!!! Though someone made a recent comment that the show went political this current season. We'll see what happens. And we loved the Mentalist too.

    Two recommendations for you on Netflix... Glory Road - basketball coach of a Texas division 1 team brings on 6 black players (PG, based on true story). The other is Psych (TV show) but it's no longer streaming. Oh, we just watched Flushed Away with the kids. Funny for kids and adults. I see it's on dvd for Netflix.

    1. Yeah, I think that's it, I doubt myself, it doesn't feel comfortable because it's different!

      The song by Ed Sheeran that I put in the post is a clean one, growing up, etc...but he also released another song at the same time and it is NOT clean, something about loving her body, over and over again and I think it's called The Shape of You. Where he loves the shape of her body. Nice. Why? I suppose his other songs aren't that "clean" of my very favorites is's about drugs! Ha!

      I'm watching the current season of Blacklist on and it's not political at all. Wonder what they were talking about.
      We did watch Psych, the kids loved it! (the big kids) They still make comments about it. Whenever they hear the name "Gus" they look at each other and laugh. It's funny.

      I'll look up Glory Road....Flushed Away, not sure if we saw that one or not, I'll ask the kiddos! Thanks for the recommendations!

    2. Have you heard of the NBC show This is Us? I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. Love. I don't want to say much about it if you haven't so I won't. I'll just say it's a life kind of show. Love and sacrifice and family and choices kind of show. Forgot to mention it in previous reply.

    3. I've heard of it, but since we don't have you watch on I'll have to try to catch an episode! Thanks!

  7. We use Chromecast to use our phone/tablet to cast shows and movies to TV. So if on Netflix I connect it, control from phone but it plays on TV. NBC has an app to watch free episodes. I am the only one who watches This is Us but my husband and I have been watching Timeless together.

  8. Love, love, love The Blacklist. We started watching it on Netflix a few years back when one of the babies had the stomach flu and we couldn't leave him alone at night. Anyhow, I can't get enough of it! Did I see a teaser for a spin-off? Although, if Red isn't in it, I don't know if it would be worth watching.


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