Saturday, September 1, 2012

Grandpa Shuffling

I heard this song today and it reminded me of Grandpa shuffling and had to share it with you!

Our computer is dead.
It got fixed in June, but not really.

I can't do pictures, but wanted to post something.

Life has been busy
As it has been for everyone, I'm sure.

Sweetie Pie turned 3 last week.
My sweet little curly haired girly, is 3. 
She's such a big girl now.

Mary Hannah turns 8 tomorrow.
The loooong awaited number 8!

Next weekend is Tom's 45th birthday
my 43rd birthday, which will end our 4 birthday in 2 weeks marathon!

Simeon weighs (as of Friday) 14 pounds 7 ounces!! 
He's chubbing right before our eyes,
He's getting rubber band hands
and chins galore!
He turned 8 months last week!!
8 months!
I've been catching myself wondering what I'll do with all the extra time I'll have next spring when I'm done pumping breastmilk all the time...(I pump 2 1/2 bottles each time, which sometimes takes over an hour, but am down to every 5-6 hours now only)

We started school 2 weeks ago
The first week went OK
The first day of the 2nd week didn't go so well
I ended up screaming, a crazy mama scream, literally,
and took the 4 youngest to the park for a picnic to escape
the 2 oldest complaints and arguments they had for the teacher (me)

I cried all the way to the park
and then, prayed, with the 4 littles.
Begging for God's mercy.
and Grace,
the Grace He gives to us when we ask.

And then,
The rest of the week went pretty good.

Grace, I tell you
And Mercy.

Simeon goes to the Minneapolis Children's Hospital this Thursday for his tests.
Those long tests that are awful, but very much needed to see how his kidneys are doing.

Not sure what to pray for, if he needs surgery, I'm fine with it, if not, I'm fine with it.
I accept God's will whatever way and am praying that way.

If they put him out for the Lasics Renalgram, they have not told us that, if you were wondering.
That's the test, he will have to lie still for 50 minutes, while dye goes through his IV.

Grace and Mercy
That's how I pray.
That's what I live on

God bless you, with Graces and Mercy!


  1. Jamie Jo, I am so glad to see a new post up. I gave been thinking of you. And you are right, we need grace and mercy like the very air we breathe. I am glad you were able to escape and pray. We all have those moments (well I do anyway). God bless and God's will be done for little - or not so little now! - Simeon.

    1. Thank you NIcole--I want to get a time in my life when I don't have those moments though....I'll probably need to be in heaven for that to happen...

  2. What wonderful birthday celebrations! Happy birthday now in case you don't get another post up before then. I am so happy to hear little Sims is chubbing out- he's going to turn into the muscular Hulk!

    Praying school is over the first bumps and goes smoothly. Praying for Sims' tests and that his kidneys be functioning fine. Praying for you to have rest and peace, and a wonderful birthday!

    1. Thank you for all your prayers Shelly!! Rest and peace? What's that? (haha)

  3. Sometimes it is right to pray for grace in God's will, but there is nothing wrong in praying for what we want. Pray they give him anesthesia fior the test, or pray he sleeps through the whole thing. Pray his kidneys are perfect healthy and pray the doctors see that right away. Pray he doesn't have to go through anything that upsets him. And then pray that if he does you have the grace to live through it without losing it. :-)

    1. Thank you so much Barbara-you are right. I always seem to pray for God's will....I don't need to think or worry that way, I think.

      The first time he had these tests, he was only 2 weeks old, so he fell asleep after 10 minutes...but now, he's older and will nap probably on the hour and 1/2 car ride down there...I hate putting him out, but if it's best then....We do have his kidneys checked every 3 mos because he has hydro oh, cant' think of it now, but up to last month's obstruction, they have been fine....we'll see. Thank you so much Barbara!

  4. Been missing you. I'm stealing that song for my fbook pg. He can totally dance way better than me. I'm up there with Elaine from Seinfeld.

    I love your honesty. There are days we all want to scream (and do) and that's why we need to forgiveness... and that's when he gives it... and we learn to be forgiving towards others... and our children learn from us. So lessons were being had all over!

    Sounds like a birthday marathon! I love birthdays!

    Will be thinking of you and Simeon. That there are answers and the grace to get you all through it. xoxoxo (sending those across the miles)

    1. Marjanna--I'm on my hubby's laptop, not easy for my fat fingers to type on....

      I've missed everyone, including you too! And that sweet Ava!!

      hugs and kisses sent right back, thank you for your prayers!

    2. Thank you so much Marijanna, especially for the prayers and hugs and kisses, sending them right back!!

      I'm on hubby's laptop, my fat fingers have a hard time typing on this thing....

  5. Will be keeping your sweet boy in our prayers over kiddos love to pray for others...especially when they feel like they "know" them thru mama's blogging!

    1. Thank you so much Valerie--those kiddos prayers are so innocent and miraculous!!

  6. Yay for an update!! So good to hear from you Jamie. I think of you almost daily and wonder how you've been. What a wonder that little Sim is turning into a chubber...hooray! Just like my babies always do :)
    We start school on Tuesday and while I'm ready to get going, fear the crazy mama yelling that may inevitable happen. It's a transition thing. But we so need to get back to routine.
    I keep sending hugs and happy thoughts and prayers your way.

  7. I can identify a little as I had 2 daughters with birthdays in Aug. and 1 of them had an anniversary in between the birthdays and then another birthday in september. Yes busy for everyone. My part time job is going well and I will be laboring on labor day. I don't really mind thought. Always have you and your sweet family on my mind and tickled to see a post from you. Take care and say hi to everyone from Odie way down south.

  8. Grace and Mercy...what an absolutely perfect duo to pray for and to live the life relying on. How did you think of that!!! :) God bless you family. sending up prayers for Simeon.

  9. HI JAMIE,
    Miss seeing you on bloggy land. Hope that computer gets fixed soon.
    Kiss any sweet baby chub chub for me. So glad to hear Sims is gaining and is happy.
    Don't feel bad about screaming...I have had my moments too. Good days and bad days. We all have them. Always relying on God's mercy here.
    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beautiful curly hair goddaughter...she is precious..and getting so big.
    Happy Birthday to the old folks in the home. GEEEEEZERS! hee hee
    just keep shuffling!

  10. I here you with the birthday thing. July is our big month. It is like everyone in our family had babies in July. I understand the pumping thing. I did that with Hannah every 4hrs. for 8 months. At that point I had enough milk to keep her fed until she was 12+ months old. I pumped and fed her at the same time. It is a very time consuming thing. But a good time consuming thing. Keep it up and you will truly enjoy all your extra time when you are done pumping. LOL Which cleft team do you use? The one in St. Cloud? We use MPLS Childrens. We were living in the Metro when my oldest were born. And when we moved here the clinic wasn't the best and we had great doctors in the cities. That and we didn't want to switch teams mid treatment. So as we added cleft kids we have just stayed. Our main surgeon is retiring the end of the year. We have had him for 20 years. Crazy. Anyway, I have now written a book and I have homework to do. Have a great week. Hope your little ones test goes well. Gods Peace.
    Chris Rivers-Phillips


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