Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thankful Thursday

 Thankful for girls who turn 3
and the fun they bring to our family
 Thankful she can't always figure out how to open the fridge...
 Thankful she has built in friends!
Ava did not want Sweetie Pie to dance with her
she wanted to dance alone, 
the girls had a Kidsbop CD on and she definetely
was not used to dancing with lots of little girls 
and made it clear she wanted to dance alone!
(so funny)
 Thankful she's such a good mama to her babies...
 Thankful for Christine's Pinterest...I get lots of ideas there!
 This is those canned cinnamon rolls, easy peasy in the waffle maker
the kids like these on "Waffle Wednesday"
 (only once in a while)
 Thankful for sharing ice cream cones in the summer with sisters...
 Thankful (still) for piggy tails...
 and play times at the park....
 Thankful for newly 8 year old girls...with angel kisses
 and the sweetest disposition ever.
She's growing up right before my eyes...please stop growing!
Lord, help me to savor these days....
 Thankful for fall leaves and preserving them best we can....

 Thankful for gymnastics, our new sport, something they all love!
(it's so fun to watch them!)
 Thankful for apple painting....
 and trampoline games!
(Jedi jumps now but not when others are on, 
he made up a game called "wolf attack"
 where the girls are jumping and playing in the woods, 
and he is the wolf and attacks them)
Thankful his foot fully healed!
 Thankful for bright blue eyes, curly curls and 3 year olds
 and 6 year olds, and 
Thankful for homemade cookies
(I asked the kiddos what they prefer, store bought cookies,
 like the Sam's Club yummy ones,
or homemade ones, hands down, they all picked homemade! 
I feel the guilt just typing this)
Thankful I found time to bake some!
 Thankful for the man of my life that is also the love of my life
 Thankful for babies in the sink (bye bye baby tub)
 Thankful for back fat, can't you just feel it through the picture?
soft as can be, how cute is that?
 Thankful for sweet little red heads that can sit up now!!
Thankful for 7th grade boys 
he's not only not late for school 
OK, yes we homeschool,
but, he is very diligent and works really hard 
to finish in a timely manner every day!

Thankful for so much more, 
but hopefully this catches you up a little!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
God's blessings to you all.


  1. Yay, a thankful Thursday post! These are always fun. Kids do grow up too fast. Love the fridge picture. And, I wish my 3 year old would let me put pigtails in. Usually her hair looks like a wild animal's nest despite brushing. Oh, and babies and sinks - we have a similar picture. ;) God bless and enjoy your day.

    1. Nicole, she lets me put them in, but within 5 minutes, they look pretty messy and frizzy!!

      Yes, love, love babes in sinks!

  2. Loved all of these, but especially your little spider monkey manipulating the fridge doors! How precious is Simeon?!!! He has really grown and chunked up...and he is healing beautifully! Those eyes slay me!

    1. I've had 2 kiddos who have been able to climb door knobs, so funny!!!That takes some strength, right?

  3. Gosh, the girls and Jedi have grown so much- and little Sim's baby back fat is precious! I love reading your thankful posts- a wonderful reminder of how truly blessed we all are. Thank you, Jamie, for spreading ther goodness!

    1. Shelly--
      I need these posts to help me remember the blessings all around us...sometimes it's hard to see them all!

  4. LoooooooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOve these pics. They totally made me smile. Thankful for your post...and you!

  5. You have got very cute kiddos. I can't even begin to tell you how jealous I am that are able to observe leaves changing colors. I miss that so much. I love your pictures, please continue to post lots of them.

    1. I'll remind you how jealous you were when it's 50 below zero here and 70-80 degrees above zero where you are--OK?

      I used to live in CA, though, and you are right, that is hard to not really see the seasons change.

  6. Excellent list with lots of happy faces. Love it.

  7. I love bathing my babies in the sink. My kids have all done and enjoyed gymnastics, too. Though the only one actively doing it right now is my oldest boy. It's been hard for us to afford to have them all doing outside activities, but we try to give them each a turn at doing an activity that they enjoy. Right now my oldest girl is playing competitive volleyball (she has a game this afternoon) and my younger set will be taking swimming lessons. Hopefully in the spring we'll be able to put a few of them back into gymnastics again. It's tricky balancing it all. Not only financially, but time wise as well. Love those fall leaves! Fall is my most favorite season. We'd like to try the dipping them in bees wax to preserve them. Maybe next week. I'm going to try those cinnamon roll waffles soon, too. What a neat idea!!
    God love you, Jamie. You and little Simeon continue to be in my daily prayers. xo

    1. I know Kelly--the girls had to wait til mid September when we actually had money to pay for it....Jedi really wants to do Tae Kwon Do again, but we just cant' afford it right now, hoping to soon.

      Hmmmmm...beeswax? sounds fun!

      Thank you for those prayers, we really need them, got not so good news today with a dental appt for Simeon....trying not to cry about it.

  8. Ha! Funny thing about Pinterest is that I have never done any of the cool things I have pinned. Will try it now that you make it look so easy!

    What's up with Sims? Oh hope all is well. So much that little guy has to go through.

    Fun seeing the girls together. We sure are blessed to have 3 or almost 3 yr olds in the home.

    Gymnastics is so much fun. I miss watching Colette tumbling. like everyone else the time and money are huge. She is just in piano and cheap volleyball. It frustrates me to watch the girls play because they cannot hit the ball over.

    Love your posts and glad to see all the faces and hear your voice through the bloggy. Have a great weekend.

    1. Christine, keep pinning, I like your stuff!

      I'll probably post my bad news....need to pray and cry and pray and then I can write about it.

      What's cheap volleyball? Are any sports cheap anymore?

  9. I've missed your TT posts, Jamie Jo. so I'm thankful!!! You always include in them the gamut of everything and everyone. it gives us all a glimpse at the whole family! where did you get those leotards for the girls for gymnastics, may I ask? I've only been able to find all black or all pink at target, except for the gym pro shop which is so expensive. I'll have to check out Christine's pinterest, even tho I'm already spending way too much time on that website. isn't it awesome though? I keep contemplating whether to do my own pinterest, but then I would never get the laundry done, ever. Flower loved taking a bath in the sink. she even took one in my master bath sink which is so much tinier than the kitchen sink. what is it with sink baths and kids. they love them. we called them monkey baths, not sure why. I hope you are doing well. S looks happy and healthy and his red locks are so adorable.

    1. Thanks Gardenia! I got the gymnastics leotards at Shopko...not sure they have them where you live, I know they have them in Wisconsin and MN....Maybe online?

      Monkey baths....funny! Hubby does not like that almost all the baby boy clothes now (that are new) have monkeys on them. I love them, I tell him it's for the mamas!

      I feel the same way about Pinterest, just another thing....I don't need more clutter in my head!! I just peek at Christine's, that way she does all the work!! (haha wink)

    2. thanks. I don't think we have a shopko around here, but I will check out our Sam's Club. I didn't think of that before.

  10. You do have a lovely family. Truly a lot to be thankful for!

  11. What a beautiful family-you are truly blessed!

  12. Jamie Jo what do you use for homeschooling? We use Setons and this year I have 3 to teach (K-1st and 4th). Could you please give me some suggestions on how to handle 3 or more kids. I am starting my school year on Friday and at a complete loss!!!HELP

    Also, what is your Pinterest ID? I am obsessed with it!

    Prayers for little man. Hope all is well.
    God Bless!

    1. Arly--We do a mix of Seton and CHC. I like CHC's Spelling better than Seton's. For the older kiddos, from about 3-rd or 4th grade, I use Voyages in English, by Loyala Press, it's a hard English, but I love it. (it's colorful and I'm visual) We use Saxon Math for all. We just enrolled Jedi in Seton for 7th grade. I think records will matter more in the later grades.

      It's hard to do more than one....especially with other littles not in school...Just remember that the Kindergartner really only needs a couple days a week, for probably 45 minutes max. You could do every day if they like it...First Grade I spend about 45 minutes with her per day, any time in the day, quite often she plays with my 3 year old and we do school in the afternoon. Sometimes we've done a day on Saturday. (45 minutes) The 4th grader you need to do every day and is best if on more of a schedule. They can follow lesson plans, (CHC, I buy the lesson plans and put them in a binder for her to read herself, with my notes, etc) That helps with the independent work. You can teach the oldest the lesson or lessons you need and then while they are doing them, get to the littler ones, keep them close.

      HOpe that helps a's always a work in progress. Just remember not to be so hard on yourself, it will not be perfect. You might not be the happy cookie mama on the first day or even the first couple weeks, but you will find your groove and bake cookies for fun soon!! (haha) I always find that the first couple weeks are the hardest. We are starting week 7 and have it down pretty good.

      I do not do Pinterest...I just read/look at Christine's!!!

      Thanks for the prayers, I'll be thinking about you this week, and praying all goes good so everyone can have cookies!!! hee hee!

    2. Thank you! This is actually the beginning of Declan's 5th year with Setons, but I have never had to teach 3 kiddos and 1 is a bit slow with learning. I also have a special needs child that isn't ready for school yet, he is my biggest concern with homeschooling. (If I turn my back on him for a second, he's off into all sort of trouble.)

      My 4th grader has 11 classes this year. (He's already complaining and school doesn't even start until Friday.)He's a great student, but as you already know, Seton's can be hard and I know I will need to spend more time with him. My question for you is, how do you work with all of them at once? Sean suggested I start Fionny at 9am with his Kindergarten classes and then start the others around 10am. Do you have them all doing the same classes at the same time, or all of them doing something different? I don't want one to be sitting around starring at the bulletin board while I explain an assignment to another.

      I think I need to take a chill I stress myself out too much around this time every year. It's even harder with Sean in a new job working 6 days a week at all hours of the day and night. I am so grateful for your help and guidance!

      Sure hope we can get to cookies soon!!!

    3. I think you need to just kneel down and just pray and leave it in God's hands and ask our Blessed MOther to wrap her mantle around you, and then be at PEACE. It will go fine and if it doesn't, you will work out the kinks!!!

      The power in just saying, at the end of your cries and prayers to our Lord, "I give it all to YOU Lord" try that!!!

  13. That fridge picture is AWESOME!! And I'm definitely trying the cinnamon rolls--what a great idea!!


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