Monday, October 29, 2012

A Bunch of Questions

Bridget calls this An Award
I call it A bunch of questions
Which is why I want to play along this time!

Here's the Rules:
1.  Each person tagged must post 11 things about themselves.
2.  They must also answer the 11 questions the “tagger” has set for them.
3.  They must create 11 more questions to ask bloggers they have decided to tag.
4.  They must then choose 11 bloggers and tag them in their post.
5.  These “lucky” bloggers must then be told.
6.  No tag backs

OK, I'm generally a "rule follower"
I'm breaking some rules here
I'm skipping number 4, and so 5 and 6 too.

I don't like to hurt anyone's feelings,
If you are reading, play along, 
either leave a comment
(sorry anonymous, I don't usually like what you have to say, 
and it's my blog, so I got rid of you)
put this same thing on your blog
(well, not the same thing, You can follow the rules, or make your own or whatever you want)

Hmmmm....11 things about myself?
How about things you might not know?
Or maybe you do

  1. Since my last baby, or maybe the one before that one, or maybe even after the 4th baby, I have not had time to send birthday cards, or sometimes (gasp!) even thank you's!  (but that last one is more since the last baby)  I think this will get easier and I will have more time for this again, but I'm not so sure at this point.  I'm sorry if you are one of those who have not received one of those things, and I'm happy for you (and me) if you have.
  2. Some people say, after I say my house is messy (I have 6 kids), "Oh, well, I'm sure it's surface clean"   Well, it's not, I mean, my kids have jobs and well, let's just say, they need some re-training and I just don't have time.
  3. I want 2 lives at once.  I want that life that I catch myself being jealous of.  That life, where the mama says good-bye to her big kids and they go off to school and then, she has all week long to spend with her littles and to go exercise and get all her laundry and cleaning done.  But, I can't let go of my crazy life where none of that happens.  Ever.  Because I believe in the reasons we homeschool and know it's what God has called me to do.  It's my struggle within.
  4. It takes me 1 1/2 hours each time I pump to get 12 ounces of milk (2 1/2 bottles) and I pump every 6 hours.  What will I do with all that time when I quit pumping?
  5. I cannot do a cartwheel, never have been able to.  I wanted to be a cheerleader, but couldn't because I looked like a toad trying to do it.  
  6. I've had 9 surgeries plus my wisdom teeth taken out (technically 10)
  7. I'm a "no" mom, trying to be a "yes" mom.  Often, I say "no" first then quickly say "yes". I have control issues.
  8. I cannot carry a tune to save my life, but all my girls sing wonderfully!
  9. Tom and I met on a blind date!
  10. I have no cavities and have never had one 
  11. I live in Minnesota, but do NOT like winter, not even one little bit.  

And now for Bridget's questions for me:

1. What’s your favorite fantasy world (please don’t say wherever the heck Harry Potter is from)?
Umm...could you repeat the question?  Ok, I'd have to say, the world that my 3 and 6 year olds live in, everything is happy & sing songy in their world!
2. Favorite prayer?  The Rosary
3. What color is the sky in your world? Bright blue and sunny!
4. Are you addicted to Pinterest too? Nope!
5. Would you be interested in potty training my 2 year old for me? No, but I  have free advice:  If he's a boy, wait til he's 3 years and 3 months, that worked for my son and for all my daycare boys, I trained like 4 boys and this was the magic age...If it's a girl, between 2 and 3, do it yourself, they're easy, 2 weeks, hit it hard!  (and no pull ups)
6. Favorite flavor of ice cream? Chocolate
7. Coffee or tea? Depends on if it's cold or hot....International Foods French Vanilla Coffee only and Ice tea!
8. Star Trek fan? Nope (we are Star Wars fans though, does that count?)
9. What is your idea of the perfect date? Anything with Tom and away from the kiddos!
10. Finish the quote and tell me why it’s from one of the best movies/plays ever: “It profit a man nothing to give his soul for the whole world, but for Wales"  One of the best movies ever, because it's A Man for All Seasons....about the late great St Thomas More
11. What’s your best parenting tip?  Do your best and don't compare yourself to other mamas.

Now your turn:

  1. Cookies or cake?
  2. Halloween celebrations?
  3. How many cavities do you have?
  4. Coffee or Diet Coke?
  5. Rainy day or snowy day?
  6. What's your favorite season?
  7. If you had one hour to do anything you wanted, without kids or interruptions, what would you do? 
  8. What's your favorite movie?
  9. What's your favorite holiday?
  10. What is your favorite day of the week and why?
  11. Salty or sweet?
You can answer in the comment box or on your own blog, but don't forget to tell us so we can go read your answers!


  1. I loved finding out more about you! One of my favorites in this post is #11. What you wrote is spot on!

  2. Oops Shelly and Marijanna- I forgot to do number 3, asking questions for you...I updated it for you!


  3. Cookies or cake? Wish I could have either!
    Halloween celebrations? Our church has a big outreach on Halloween, so we are usually involved with that.
    How many cavities do you have? I think 4???
    Coffee or Diet Coke? Sigh. Neither.
    Rainy day or snowy day? Would LOVE to see snow
    What's your favorite season? Fall
    If you had one hour to do anything you wanted, without kids or interruptions, what would you do? Sleep deeply.
    What's your favorite movie? Right now, My Big Fat Greek Wedding
    What's your favorite holiday? Thanksgiving
    What is your favorite day of the week and why? Saturday- freedom!
    Salty or sweet? Both-

  4. Fun post!

    #1 Cookies
    #2 Carnival at church, party at Grandma's
    #3 More than five, less than ten
    #4 Neither
    #5 Either
    #6 Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring--in that order. :)
    #7 Read
    #8 Return to Me
    #9 Christmas
    #10 Friday--I just let my brain relax and forget about kids' homework for a day.
    #11 Sweet

  5. 1.Cookies or cake? - cake with ice cream
    2.Halloween celebrations? - we skip it totally
    3.How many cavities do you have? - a few
    4.Coffee or Diet Coke? - coffee
    5.Rainy day or snowy day? snowy
    6.What's your favorite season? - spring
    7.If you had one hour to do anything you wanted, without kids or interruptions, what would you do? - sew or quilt
    8.What's your favorite movie? - Pride and Predjudice with Colin Firth
    9.What's your favorite holiday? - Christmas
    10.What is your favorite day of the week and why? - Sunday because that day we spend all day doing family things like curling up in front of the tv and watching a family movie.
    11.Salty or sweet? - both together. I am a sucker for eating plain chips with chocolate.

  6. Cookies or cake? JUST PLAIN CHOCOLATE
    Halloween celebrations?TRICK OR TREAT!
    How many cavities do you have?A TON.
    Coffee or Diet Coke?BOTH
    Rainy day or snowy day?SNOW..I LOVE SNOW!
    What's your favorite season? Summer
    If you had one hour to do anything you wanted, without kids or interruptions, what would you do? EXERCISE
    What's your favorite movie? I DUNNO..TOO MANY GOOD ONES.
    What's your favorite holiday? CHRISTMAS
    What is your favorite day of the week and why? FRIDAY..TIME FOR THE WEEKEND
    Salty or sweet? BOTH

  7. Hi Jamie! Kinda late, but here none-the-less!
    #2-trick or treat in our neighborhood
    #3-about 6 or 7
    #4-neither, but high-octane coke, yes.
    #5-love them both
    #6 fall, for sure
    #7-hmm, waste too much time trying to decide if I should clean, sew or read!
    #8-It's a Wonderful Life
    #10-Sunday. We always start with early morning Mass (perfect way to begin the day!!), and have the rest of the day as Family Day, doing whatever we do that day, together.
    #11-Both!! When pregnant with my #3, back in 1988, I'd eat a bite of Hershey's Chocolate with a potato chip. Have you heard of Chippers? Carol Widman's Shoppe in Grand Forks and Fargo.. they make these wonderful potato chips coated in chocolate - YUM!

    I played along too, and you can see my post at



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