Friday, June 13, 2014

Rosary Give-Away Winner!

 Look at how excited these two littles are to help!
We first mixed up the names...
 Then, put them back in the bowl...
 I told her to draw a name
(she then, told me that she doesn't know how to spell, so, 
she can't draw a name)

I explained that one a little better.
 Now, you are going to think this is rigged, aren't you?
Her being her goddaughter and one of my closest friends.
I promise, it was not rigged.
 As she said, "I can't even spell mama!"
I already know Christine only likes milk chocolate, 
so maybe we'll keep the dark chocolate for ourselves!
No, she'll share the dark chocolate with her family!

Congratulations Christine!! 

I'll be sending a package soon
(Or visiting you)

As an extra bonus, I have prayed for all of you!
Thank you for entering!
Thank you Barbara for the beautiful rosary!


  1. YAY Christine! Congratulations!


    Jaime, thanks for doing this fun giveaway!

    Maria :)

    1. You are welcome Maria....sorry you did not win!

  2. Congratulations! Yay for Christine!!!!

  3. Tell her she doesn't collect her winnings until she makes her blog public again ;)
    JK...Congrats Christine!

    1. I can get to her blog--it's public, I wonder why you can't go there....

  4. I agree with Kathleen! I'm a mom of three from Iowa and stumbled upon one blog, then another, then another and I love checking in on your lives. I have a group of moms from the Midwest I check on every day and another group from out West. I know....kind of pathetic, and yet I learn so much from you all!

    1. Well, welcome!! It's not pathetic, it's the times we live in, we are blessed to live in these times and have this opportunity to "meet" so many other faith filled women!

  5. I'm so glad Christine won. :-)

    1. I knew you would be. And since Bridget is her goddaughter, I think it is so very very sweet and I'm glad she picked her name too!

  6. YIPPEE...oh my goodness. I am so blessed and little sweetie pie pulled my name. meant to be? or it was rigged because you know how much I love chocolate! I am so happy and thankful and honored to have a rosary Barbara made. The rosary will be blessed...(or is it already blessed?) and become a treasure.

    My blog is closed right now and only opened to those I invite. I am no longer blogging so why keep it open? I will just blog here!!!ha ha ha. lets see....survived the grad party to my first born and made way way WAY too much food. so embarrassing. I am trying to quit drinking diet pop but it is so hard. so very very hard. I usually go cold turkey but then I cannot make it through the afternoon. Went through McDonalds drive through to get the kids a treat and ordered the biggest diet coke they had. My body was happy. The clouds in my head parted. I cannot imagine how people go clean from REAL drugs....

    ...ok enough about me. see why I quit blogging..I write about stupid stuff.

    Thanks again for hosting this special rosary give-a-way. I am so excited!

    Had a great birthday for Brian. Surprised him after work. The kids hid behind his car and jumped out...SURPRISE!! probably shouldnt do that to an ol'man. heart attack. we had a picnic and went rollerblading. then watched the movie Lone Survivor. hard show to watch

    God Bless.

    1. Congrats on your son's recent graduation and for winning the rosary and chocolate. I had just begun to follow your blog when you shut it down. Just my luck! LOL I know it takes a lot of work to keep a blog going, but if you ever decide to start yours up again, please allow me to follow you. You are hysterical! Take care! :)

  7. Congratulations to Christine for winning the beautiful rosary :)

    Hey Jamie, Simeon's hair looks nice. Quite noticeably thick, pretty and shiny. Looks like they are turning out well :) What a handsome toddler! <3


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