Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Some Reviews!

First up, The Paradise
I heard about it through a friend on Facebook, 
she asked what people were thinking about it.
I looked it up and started Season 1
Only 8 episodes 
I loved it.
I loved the innocence of it 
I loved that it stayed innocent throughout it
It is about the nation's first ever department store, the people, and the employees.
You can see it on Netflix
This is  Moray, the owner of The Paradise, 
 played by Emun Elliot.
Now you can stand to look at him for 8 episodes, can't you?

The only disappointing thing is that there was a season 2 
but it has not been released to Netflix yet and the only way you can get it 
is to order the DVD, and the DVD's are made for English DVD players.
So, I'm out of luck with being able to see the next season.
I guess it was not racy enough and it was not renewed for a 3rd season.

Well worth the 8 episodes though, I'm glad I watched them.
If you are a Downton Abbey fan, you will love this one.
If you are a man, you might not, as my husband wants me to clarify 
to you that he did not watch this. (nor does he plan to)

 Since my husband and I caught up with all the Person of Interest's on Netflix,
(waiting for the last season to be released)
we have been trying to find something worth our time to watch.

A couple months ago, we decided to give up TV. or Direct TV
in order to save 100 bucks per month.
So now we only do  Netflix 

EUReKa, we tried, but Tom did not care for it's quirky comic, yet serious style

(I'm currently in season 3 though, when there's nothing to watch, 
I watch it)

I give it an "it's OK" rating.

This past weekend, we found this one!
We've watched a couple shows and both agree, it's really good
It's about this man, Lognmire, a Wyoming sheriff trying to go on 
with his life after the death of his wife.
It's a crime/investigation type series.

Lou Diamond Philips is in it
I saw him on some Celebrity Food Network Star thing or something like that 
and he was really really nice and down to earth.

I like the show for the country of it, 
the cowboy hats, jeans and boots.
The scenery is amazing too.

Thumbs up so far.
Watch HERE

Now, onto movies in the theaters right now!
Last week, on $5 Tuesday, I saw this with my oldest son
it was Awesome!
I only wished I'd watched the first one again to refresh my memory a little.
I really love the actor playing Spiderman in these, Andrew Garfield.
(way way better than the Tobie Maguire Spiderman)

And Jamie Foxx as a bad guy?  I thought, "No way!"
But he pulled it off.
Thumbs up!
Great movie!

Now, today, $5 Tuesday, 
I brought my oldest 2 daughters to this movie!
I heard and saw some terrible reviews of this movie, 
reviews accusing this movie of things that are not true.
Accusing it of some kind of hidden agenda.

I can tell you first hand, there was no hidden agenda
At all.
It was an awesome movie!

I loved Angelina Jolie as Maleficent
I loved the redeeming qualities of her in this version of Sleeping Beauty.
I loved how they showed that there is good in us all, even Maleficent.
Things are not always as they seem.

If you are a fan of Once Upon a Time
you will love the "everyone wants a happy ending" in this movie.
Well, except maybe the King.

Thumbs up!!


  1. I too loved The Paradise. The dark-haired Lady I recognize from the new reality TV show Ladies Of London. Forgive me....

    1. Ha! Made me laugh...really? She's in a reality show? Do you think they will release season 2

  2. If the quirkiness of Eureka doesn't appeal to your husband, have him check out Haven. It's kind of, sort of like Eureka but without the quirkiness.

    1. I'll tell him, I put it in our Que!! Thanks Charlotte!

  3. Thank you for these. The Paradise sounds great.

    1. You are welcome Mary and The Paradise is!! (great!)

  4. I love The Paradise! I was sad that they didn't continue it. If you do want to watch Season 2, you can watch it at this website (it's where I watched it as well as the new season of Downton Abbey before it showed in the US)

    1. Allison--you are awesome!! I've already started the first one...been trying to watch it for 5 minutes at a time, I'm into it 20 minutes now!! How did you find that site?

      Thank you!!

  5. Thanks for the reviews! I have like 15 movies I've wanted to review on my blog, but I keep skipping it and moving on to other blog posts. Maybe someday!

    1. Kari--I'd love to see your reviews!! Pick a day, like "Movie Monday"!!

    2. Thank you! But, I don't think anyone really looks at my blog, so I'm not sure if it would really be worth the time.

  6. We're thinking about giving up cable and picking up Hulu. I'm adding Paradise to my Netflix list! And Longmire...I've seen previews for the new season. Can't wait for House of Cards to come back on in January!

    1. We looked up House of Cards and it "says" it has some pretty bad stuff in it...we try to stay away from that, and it is proving to be hard to find good, clean shows to watch. Tom is OK with swearing in movies, I am not...that adds another thing that's hard to find a show we can both watch together. (like, he's watching The Wire, he says is a really good show, but there's a lot of swearing in it, and so he watches it, I don't)

  7. I can't wait to see the Amazing Spiderman 2 (love that the leading characters are real life loves too!) and the new X-Men movies, but I think I will have to wait until they are available on DVD since I'm not one to bring a nursing baby to the theater.

    1. I am not one to bring babies either...it's way too loud anyway!

      I thought that was neat that they are real life loves too!

  8. I found The Paradise a month or so ago, and watched the season twice. Loved it. So sad to see it end. But I won't pay to see more. At least not more than I already pay. ;-)

    I just discovered Longmire and surprisingly, because I am so not a Western gal, I enjoy it. There is an episode with a, let's say, unfortunate sexual relationship in it, and another steamy relationship, but so far most of it is pretty clean. I wouldn't watch it twice, but it's entertaining.

    1. I like how you explain, you wouldn't watch it twice, but it's entertaining...kind of like Eureka...no, Eureka is not even that good...it's OK!

      We found another called The Killing or The Killings...we've watched 2 episodes and so far so good. (it's a murder/crime show)

      I tried Allison's link (above) for season 2 of The Paradise--and it works!! I have the last show left. Sad to know it's ended though.


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