Friday, September 5, 2014

We Have a New 10 Year Old!

 My sweet 10 year old!
(she turned 10 on Tuesday)
I think with each freckle, she gets sweeter and sweeter.
For her birthday, she worked ahead and took the day off school
(we homeschoolers can do that)
She wanted to go to Mass at noon with me, 
and afterward wanted to stay longer for Adoration than me even!
She then, went with her dad for a holy hour at our Adoration chapel.

I tell you, this girl is special.

Age 2 1/2 here
 Come on boys...the girls are looking and smiling!

Oh, my.
 She is one of his favorite sisters
(he has 4 favorites)
 She is so loving and kind and so very good with children!

 We do homemade cards here

 It was a beautiful day, after several days of rain, 
so we took advantage and went to a park in the afternoon.
(it's been raining every day since)
Sisters, ages 12, and 10 here

Ages 2 and 4 here!
Time goes fast
(once it's gone)
 She's mad here, because I wanted her to put 10 candles on too, 
my fault, in the end, who cares?
Candles that say 10 alone, 
or the "10" candles and 10 candles?
It doesn't matter and it's her birthday not mine.

(keeping it real here folks, sometimes my mouth gets me into trouble
and ruins special moments)

Good thing my family forgives me.
Plus, they wanted cake.
The best chocolate cake EVER!

Good old Hershey's "Perfectly Chocolate" Chocolate Cake

So rich and amazing, you do not need to go to Pinterest to pin any more chocolate cakes.
Seriously, this was the best cake I've ever had.
(except when I made it another time)
(and when my daughter's friend Miriam made it for us)

Everyone else agreed, best cake we've ever had.
(I did the 2 layer version)
Recipe is actually right off the Hershey's Cocoa can.

You must use the frosting recipe too.
Really, you must.
(otherwise it wouldn't be the best cake EVER)
 Tenzi anyone?
Super fun game! (one of her gifts)

 Saturday she had a couple friends over for a pie making birthday
She wanted pancakes and sausages for brunch it is!
(we always make Barbara's I-Hop Pancakes--HERE's the Recipe)

Hi Barbara!  We got your beautiful scapulars!  Thank you!
 These girls are so much fun!
 Once we got their aprons on,
(Wal-mart, 7 bucks, in case you were wondering)
 They were ready to take orders
 I bought those mini graham cracker pie crusts (24 of them)
made a cheesecakey puddingy base
(vanilla pudding, milk, sour cream, cream cheese and cool whip)
had fruit, candy, cherry pie filling, jarred cherries, Cool Whip, Redi Spray,
Chocolate pudding, cheesecake flavored pudding and 
lots of finger licking!!
 And giggles....
 She was nice enough to include her little sister for the party, her idea.
(I told you she was sweet)
Oh, my, that counter behind her is my "catch all" counter.
(Please tell me you have one of those too)
Their masterpiece pies!

(We went swimming afterward at the Y to work off some of that sugar!)

Her middle name is Celeste
 (I can tell you that right?)
Celeste means "Heavenly" 
Let's just say her name fits her.

God has blessed us with amazing children.

God bless you my sweet 10 year old!


  1. What a doll you have! And what a birthday! So much happiness here. Wishing her abundant birthday blessings!

  2. Happy birthday to the dearest Mary Hannah.. May God bless her with happiness and success. She is indeed like sunshine.. loved the pics.. especially the 4th one from the top.. look at Simeon's face. he is so cute and funny.

  3. I love her name, what a sweet sweet girl and the pie making party - what a fantastic idea! The girls look like they are having a blast!

  4. Happy birthday sweet, heavenly girl!

    PS did I not make them short enough?

  5. Happy birthday to a wonderfully sweet, caring, loving, and beautiful girl! May God continue to shower blessings upon her!

  6. Happy Birthday to you! God Bless you always. Looks like you had a great time...come and cook for Christine!!! babies every grow up fast. I love the pictures of her when she was little and her sister. I folded laundry this week and my system was all messed up because zachs bucket wasnt in place. it is strange to have a child leave the home. it is like one very long extended weekend he is gone with friends. I miss him. no more about me....

    10 is such a special two digit number I sure hope she had a great day!

  7. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl! She sounds like a doll. Looks like you celebrated in a grand way. I love all the pictures and smiling faces.
    And yes, my mouth has ruined special moments as well.
    And yes, I have a catch-all counter. Drives me nuts.
    I love those cute graham cracker crusts. I don't even need them filled - they're so yummy!

  8. Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter, Jamie!
    She is so beatiful. I adore her hair!
    You make the best birthdays. Ever.
    We do homemade cards here too. And I save them.
    I have always wondered about that cake!!!
    Yours is beautiful! And I'm trying it...soon!!!!
    I loved the pictures of your babies before I knew you.
    Sweetie pies.
    And please relay to Christine how much I miss her blogging...
    I feel as if I lost a friend.
    Have a wonderful weekend!!!!!

  9. Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl!

  10. How can your girls have THAT MUCH hair at 2 and 4?! I still can't believe it. I've never cut my girls hair except for the very tips! I guess my girls hair grows really slow.

    Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!

  11. Happy birthday to your 10 year old! I have one too, though I don't want to show her all the fun you guys had. We were flying back to Germany the day before her birthday, so the festivities were small. I think it is funny that mine wanted our candles that are just like those on your cake and not ten individual candles.

  12. I hope the day was wonderful. It looked like a blast. I know we talked about on this on Facebook but there is nothing greater than watching those sibling friendships develop. I think that it is so natural for our homeschooling kiddos. I am loving seeing the fruits of these friendships in my older kiddos. We try to foster it at every turn but truth is we are not needed. Happy birthday to the beautiful young woman!


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