Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Movie Reviews, Recipes and Other Things

 This past week we went to the zoo!!
To the Zoo!  To the Zoo!
(anyone have that book?)
 Are my kids the only ones that do not know how to smile and look into the camera?
(at the same time)
I mean, come on.

This was our first time going in over 14 years without 
a stroller.
I felt kind of like I was forgetting something.
It felt really weird and kind of sad.  

But it was really fun!
 I ordered this for our Art this year.
I love it!
And better yet, 
The kids love it!
You can order it 
 Guess what the 2nd lesson was?

A mailbox!
They had me at mailbox.
I love that all ages can do this.
It's fun to see each of their levels of drawing the same thing.
 Aren't these fun mailbox pictures?
 Oh, don't worry, we caught them before they ran into the street!
One of the many reasons I love mailboxes, the excitement it brings.
Here's a close up
(you're welcome!) 
 Local Farmer's Stand
I can't garden because we have so many deer
so I buy local!
See that zucchini in the upper left of this picture?
 Yeah, it became this.
Gave away a few loaves
I always pray that God puts the right people in my path to give my baked goods to.
I wanted to give a loaf to a homeless person,
but every time I drove anywhere with the bread, it was raining 
and no one was out.

My recipe?
 I saw this on Facebook this week and totally loved it!
Can you guess which one I am?

Oh, I love just about everything happy. 
And Christmas is happy. 
Even in September.
 I've got to try this.

 Country Fried Steak
Almost my whole family's favorite recipe

but 5 out of 8, makes this a hit!

 Am I the only one in the world that 
automatically thinks of this scene from The Office
when people say "I'm going to get my hair done"?

One of the funniest episodes.

 The sky is on fire!!
Oh, this has to go down as one of the most beautiful sunsets I've ever seen
This picture does not do it justice, it was amazing!

 We watched this movie this past weekend!
Loved it!
Really good and clean
(it is PG-13)

 My husband and I are watching this show, via Netflix.
We are on Season 2
(Season 1 was a really short season)
We are really liking it.
We are waiting for the last season of Person of Interest to come out
in September!
(on Netflix)

I am watching this show!!
Did any of you watch it when it was a mini-series?
I remember parts of it 
I don't remember it being this long
(it's like 8 discs)
Fun to see the actors now

(Patrick Swayze is not alive though anymore)

Kind of funny, this mini series was before Dirty Dancing.

I am loving this song!
I love the CLEAN version of course, 
which is why I had to put this particular one on
What is wrong with singers nowadays?
Why do they have to push the limits and swear in every stinkin' song?
I call this song "Pretty Pretty Please"
You don't want to know the real name of the song.

Any Lord of the Rings fans?

Oh, gosh, I live for Jesus.
I am on Fire for Him
I look so forward to my holy hour each week, 
where I get to be with Him.  

All the Saints had a great love for Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

"Oh, God, Thou art all powerful, Make me a saint!"
-St Alphonsus de Liguori

I have a beautiful girl turning 10 today!
I'll be back hopefully soon with pictures of her and her day!


  1. Jamie Jo, oir kids are TOTALLY the same with photos. I mean seriously, how hard is it? I often wonder when I see a bunch of kids smiling in a family picture, "how'd they get them to DO that?"

    Great post! Beautiful pics! I have the same morning glories. They come back every year!

    Wish I were closer to be one of those lucky zucchini bread recipients!

  2. Marijanna--my mother in law gets her morning glories to come back too! Mine don't! I have to seed them every year. Maybe it's because this is right by the road and that sand and salt from the winter kills everything?

    Wish you lived closer too!

  3. The zoo...how fun! We went to Como in July. Hubby and I were just talking about it yesterday and were both like "was that really this summer??!!" Where has the time gone??
    Gorgeous sunset. WOW!
    Ok, I laughed a little picturing you driving around with zucchini bread looking for just the right person and then it was raining. You are so sweet.

    I hope school is going well over at your house. Happy September! That feels just wrong saying that. How did we get here already??

  4. I know, where are the homeless when I need them? (totally kidding) God knows, they probably didn't need it that day. I think sometimes it needs to go to people for the "love" factor, to feel loved by someone.

    We have not been to Como in 9 years!!!! 9!!! Tom likes the MN Zoo better. I do NOT. I love Como, love that we were done in a couple hours! Perfect amount of time for littles. (and tired mamas)

    September? I know....I get a knot in my stomach just saying it.
    Do you think the lakes will still be open? We could pretend it's still summer.

  5. Okay. Lots to say about this here post ;)
    First, north and south! Loved it! It's like almost 20 years old. I remember David and I watched on our First Wedding Anniversary while we ate left over cake! Lol.

    We have that entire art/ drawing series. It is quite loved in our family!!! Highly recommend them all.

    Beautiful, stunning sunset!

    Recipes look delicious. Country fried steak is BIG down here in TX.

    And the best part of your posts? Your kids' faces :)

  6. Great post! I wanted to say more but oh no, I hear kids crying already! They must have heard me sit down, lol!
    Yes, the sunset pic is beautiful!

  7. We watched Divergent yesterday!!!!
    I loved it!!!!!
    Now I'm going to read the whole series.
    You know.
    In my free time.
    Love ya!!!!

  8. Great post! We've been having some beautiful Texas sunsets and sunrises lately-orange, gold, pink and purple. I do love J.R.R. Tolkien! The Lord of the Rings is the only book we read or listen to over and over again. (Besides the Bible, that is :-) ) Happy 10th birthday to your sweet girl!

  9. So many birthdays to celebrate...your lucky family gets to eat lots of cake! Thanks for the movie reviews as always. I read Divergent...but not the ending of the 3rd book because the kids hated how it ended. I LOVE ART! looks like they are having fun!


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