Tuesday, September 9, 2014


 Thankful for this man, that God gave to me.
His birthday was yesterday
He's 2 years older than I
 Just about my whole world right here
(he loves pie, so I picked up a carmel apple struesel pie from Sam's Club)
Thankful for my beautiful family
 He shares a birthday with Mother Mary
and our goddaughter (you'll see her later)
Isn't that special to share a birthday with 2 very special people?
Thankful Jesus gave us His mother 
John 19:26-27
Thankful  my birthday is today! 
(It's late, so by the time you read this, it will be today)
I'm 45 
 Thankful our butterfly emerged 
(a couple weeks ago now)
so beautiful to witness new life

 Thankful for our backyard...so busy and yet so peaceful
 Thankful for funny boys who start a water fight
 and realize that the water is actually pretty cold!

Thankful for awesome helpers that help play with the little kids every single day!
What a blessing they are to each other!

 Thankful for my view from the porch
 even if it is changing right before my eyes
 Yes, those are fall leaves.
I used to like fall.
I don't think I do anymore.
It's too close to winter.
Thankful it's not winter yet!
 Thankful to be able to soak up as much of fall as I can
 Thankful for pretty girls with flowers
 And some school pictures done
(3rd grade)
 (4th grade)
 (9th grade)
I used my flash on this one, and I think maybe I might need to re-do these
He's going to love that.
(the other kids pictures are in THIS post)

 Thankful for a surprise visit from my cousin!
I love her so much!
We grew apart as adults and have grown close again 
in having children.
(and I love it!)

  And my kids love it!

 Thankful for surprise visits from my good friend Sarah!!
(OK, I knew a couple days ahead of time)
We never seem to get enough time together.
Her oldest is 15 now 
and she remembered that she was 15 when we first met.
I was working with her brother at Sam's Club
(who was Lutheran at the time)
(he's a priest now)
Her and her mother would go through my register 
when he wasn't working.
(I am 5 years older than she)

We went our own ways for several years, 
til they became Catholic, as a family.
I started seeing her at church things

We went our own ways again, married and started families.
Then, we ended up living near each other and 
going to the same church!!

We were fast friends.
And have been ever since, even through far away moves.

She is my "soul friend"
There's such a thing, isn't there?

Well, there should be.
And if there were, she would be it for me.
My daughter is her goddaughter
And her daughter is our goddaughter! 
(she's the one that Tom shares his birthday with)
Eva and my daughter are one year and one week apart
 Creamy White Chili

My friend Laura
wanted me to post this recipe!
I got it 

 Not sure if I'm the only one that does this, but I don't really follow the recipe, 
like I add way more beans and broth than it says....
and maybe sour cream and whipping cream.
 I use Garlic Salt instead of salt or Garlic powder...
but if you follow the recipe exactly, it is also delicious, I promise.
Don't forget to add some cheese to the top!

 Thankful for the beauty of childhood in my life
From the oldest to the youngest.
May we all notice the beauty around us
even in every day life.


Have a great week, God's love to you all!


  1. Yay! You told the story of how you and Sarah met! My sister Yvonne and I were just talking about it over coffee when I was home and she showed me the program from Sarah's mom's funeral. Such beautiful, holy people, that family! (And if you're reading, "Hi Sarah! Hi Yvonne!")

    I cannot wait to see how all these friendships play out in eternity. You will see then, sweet Jamie, what a difference you've made in countless lives! So on that note...

    Happy birthday, honey! I thank God for the gift of you. ♥

  2. Happy Birthday! May God bless you and may Our Blessed Mother keep you close to her Immaculate Heart!

  3. Happy Birthday Jamie...God Bless your day and YES YES YES you are blessed with a beautiful family and husband. and friends!! Because of who you are. All the pictures are so fun to see. Kids are getting big! Enjoy today. I wanna get together too!! My thursdays were open now.....well they are not. I need to schedule something during the day! love and hugs to you. and you are an old fart. Tom too! just kidding.

  4. Happy Birthday to one of the sweetest ladies I am blessed to know! May your day be blessed in abundance and the year ahead another amazing one.
    I enjoyed another wonderful list of Thankfuls and great photos. They started my morning off right.
    Happy Birthday!!

  5. Wishing you the happiest, healthiest year! God bless you all. All the photos of your gorgeous faces made me smile. I have luved watching this family grow. Thanks for sharing.

  6. What a wonderful time of celebrations at your house! I hope this year's birthdays have been the best yet for both of you! That white chili looks like the bomb- yum! And all your pictures, and especially that last one, are so very wonderful.

  7. I will have to try that chili, looks amazing!
    I was showing your thankful post to my husband this morning and he says "Well, I know our families would get along great" - He has never made such an observation regarding my blogging friendships. I asked him what made him think so and he replied "One child is wearing an Iron Man shirt and one is wearing Spider Man, they are Catholic and homeschool so I can tell we'd get along great - a mix of the fun and the spiritual makes for good friends" - I love that guy!

  8. Happy Birthday to you and your husband! You are indeed blessed!

  9. Okay, it looks like I can comment now - hooray! :)

    Jaime and Hubby, Happy Birthday to two wonderful Catholic pro-life Mom and Dad! May God Bless you both and your beautiful family! You are often in my thoughts and prayers! Have a lovely day! Thank you Jaime, for your always uplifting blog and for sharing your beautiful faith and family with us! Visiting your blog always brightens my day! Thank you so much!

    Love, prayers, and hugs!
    Maria XO

  10. Happy Birthday, my friend!
    And my friend's hubby!!!!
    You two have a beautiful life with beautiful babies. : )
    Love that last picture. : )

  11. Happy birthday dear, dear Jamie! I'm with you this year - fall is too close to winter. I am not ready for pumpkin spice anything quite yet. Summer was entirely too short. Savor these times!

    1. Tracy, you said it perfectly, "I am not ready for pumpkin spice anything quite yet" That is exactly how I feel. I'll be ready when October comes.

  12. Hey Jamie... I am a bit late.. A very happy birthday to you and Tom, and your Goddaughter. Sending you lots of love.. XOXO.
    And I can't believe you are 45.. You look wayyyy to younger to be 45.. You know, my Mom turned 45 too, in June this year..
    Needless to say, I loved all the lively pictures of the kiddos like I always do.. :)

    1. Manju!!! Your mama is 45? Wow. Thank you for your sweet comments, they always make my day!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Thank you everyone for the beautiful comments and well wishes!!

    No time today to answer all of you individually, so sorry.

  14. Birthday time at your house! Happy birthday to you and your hubby. Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

  15. Jamie, I found an old Christmas card with your blog address this summer. I am glad to have a glimpse of your beautiful family. This post reminds of Fr. Darin Didier, we were on a road trip and he said "let's take our rosaries and on each bead tell the Lord something we are thankful for." O me of little faith!! I didn't think that we would make it all the way around... we actually made it around TWICE! Many blessings on this feast of the Triumph of the Holy Cross!! Fr. Asselin

    1. Father Asselin!! How are you? Wow, maybe Fr Darin is the one inspiring me to be thankful always. Thank you for telling me that.

      Are you in Fargo still? I think of you often and pray for you! If you are ever in our area, we'd love to have you over!

  16. Hey, I'm just a little late here, Jamie, but I was in such a holy whirlwind when you sent the link for this. But truly...it is a blessing for me to read it now. And by the way, I'm a September baby too, and just a year ahead of you. I turned 46 on Sept. 2 (Labor Day initially). Glad to be in such kind company, and again, to share such a beautiful friend. We are both so blessed. And I love Fr. Anderl too. He was out priest for a while, and I worked with him for a short while too when I was communications coordinator at our parish. I have great admiration for him. And his sister. So happy to know you've had so many years knowing these beautiful people! And your family is so beautiful and your home so lovely, and your heart so pure. Thank you!


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