Saturday, April 18, 2015


It's so hard to catch up after taking a blog absence,
so I thought I'd update with a "Thankful" post.
I'll have to update more again soon hopefully.
We have been busy doctoring, schooling and trying to get our home
ready to sell.
 Thankful for Easter!
God is so Good and Merciful!
Thankful for my beautiful children.
 Thankful for my wonderful husband and our marriage.
(yes, my boobs are that big)
That tan I got in Texas?  Yep, it's gone. 
 Thankful for silly kiddos,
(planning on re-staining our porch this next week)
 Fun Easter cakes
And homemade pretzels!  
 Thankful I still have littles.
So very Thankful for that.
They bring so much joy
 boy am I going to miss it when they are not little anymore.

 Thankful for almost 9 year olds that are still little and big at the same time.
 which means they still enjoy the little kid things.
 Thankful we keep it simple, just the cheapest egg coloring kit there is
and good ol' crayons!

 Thankful I got to spend Easter with my family
Since we are moving, I'm trying to enjoy these "last" things.
Thankful for my sister Brenna.
 And my whole family.
Here we are in order of age.
I'm the oldest, my brother John is 1 year younger,
my sister Brenna is 9 years younger and Jordan, the baby, is 16 years younger.  
 Christine asked me if I had a "Bubba"
I was like, "???"
Thankful she brought me one!
Speaking of Christine
(not sure if she wants me to link her or not?!!?)
She's an ol' lady now...
Her birthday is this Sunday.
(she's like 2 years older than me!)
Happy birthday friend!!
 Thankful for my bookend boys.
My oldest is now 15
Gosh that time flew by.
 Our Hobbit cake!
 His fun "teenager cake"!
I love how the girls are like, "Are you going to share?"
 Thankful he's only 15.
I still have a few more years with him here.
He's an awesome kid.
 So is this little stinker.
We started potty training a couple weeks ago,
but the kid would not go potty at all.
Like, he'd go 12 hours without going potty and be in terrible pain.
we just wanted him to go.
So we went back to diapers.
In which, he had a hard time even going in his diapers at first.
Then, he'd tell me every single time and want me to change it right away.
 We used up the rest of our diapers and ran out today.
He seems excited to be wearing underwear and understands
we have no diapers.
he hasn't gone potty since his last diaper around 1pm.
 Thankful Wal-mart sells markers for pretty cheap.
I found this in the cupboard, in our "marker box"
All the lids off every single marker.
Some of the markers were smashed flat and all (yes all) of them were dried out.
"Not Me" did it.
He lives here and he does everything.
 Thankful for Nutella smiles.
 Christine showed how Ava is biking on her own now,
so we figured we better get our 5 year old a bike!
(all our old broken down bikes went into the dumpster)
 And of course if the 5 year old gets a bike,
the 3  year old needs one too!

 Thankful for beautiful sunsets seen at the top of our stairs.
I love this house.
I will miss this home so very much.
Happy weekend everyone!
May the joy of Easter and God's Divine Mercy fill your heart!


  1. What? Am I really the first one to comment? Boy, what a moment.

    I feel for you with the potty training. We got lucky with all our kids. I have never known the burden of potty training. All of our kids wanted to be potty trained. Probably not what you want to hear right now.

    However, you got me beat with the bike thing! Anna *just* started riding a bike this year and she is five also. Last year, she fell off of her bike and we couldn't get her to get back on. (Now I know where that saying comes from!) So this year, she's finally riding a bike, but with training wheels.

    Your house is gorgeous, it should sell well!


    1. Yay, you were the first to comment! People probably gave up on me, it's been so long since I"ve blogged!

      I have to say that all my kiddos were easy night time trainers...they all wake up dry. Simeon does too. The boys really are the only hard ones for me...They don't poop. For days.

      She is not actually "riding" in that picture, but rather being pushed! Ha! So we are even I think Becky!

      We live on a hill, so our driveway is really steep, so the kids learn in the yard! :)

  2. Jamie Jo, there's so much here to be grateful for, and you do it so beautifully. I am always so thankful to see this post come up because it makes me pause and smile and be grateful for the things in my own life. Have a beautiful Sunday!

    1. OH, good Patty, that's my goal. To show normal everyday things so people pause and think about their own lives with thanksgiving!

      You have a wonderful weekend too!

  3. Love this and you, Jamie Jo. Have a beautiful Sunday.

  4. I have one of those Bubba cups haha! I want to get a "real" bike for my daughter this summer, she'll be 4. So far she just has a trike. Hoping I can find one at a garage sale!

    1. I do like that my "Bubba" holds 4 cups, instead of my old water bottle that held only 3. Hoping you find a treasure this spring! Our old trainer bike (that went into the dumpster) was a garage sale one, got it for 5 bucks and lasted through 4 kiddos!

  5. So happy to see you here, Jamie!!!
    And your beautiful family. : )
    I know how hard it is preparing for a move, but I hope you keep posting!
    Have a blessed, happy weekend. : )

    1. I'm going to try. Mama's need a break sometimes, right? :)

      Happy to see you here too!

  6. Oh I love all your thankfuls and pictures! Sweetie pie looks like she's doing great riding her bike without training wheels. Lucia is still scared to ride without them, but she only gets to ride at my mom's house, so that might be why to.

    1. I think she was being pushed there! Ha!! But she keeps trying and trying! Our driveway is too steep (we live on a hill) so we need to practice in the yard!

  7. I know I say it every single time, but...I really do love your Thankfuls. Like Patty, they help me recall the Thankfuls from my day/week(s) which are sometimes hidden in the midst of the chaos. Another treasure of wonderful photos of your growing up family and sweet smiles.

    1. I'm so glad Sarah! (I tried to not make them so long...really I did)

      We need to get together soon!!

  8. I just picked up a Bubba yesterday! It's nice and big, just wish the straw popped back out easier.
    I love seeing your updates for your family and joy filled days and happy smiles!

    1. I actually thought the straw was a little, I don't know...creepy at first!! It's rubber. It feels weird. I'm OK with it, but it still creeps me out a little.

      Love to you Mary!

  9. Love seeing all your kids! Potty training....maybe once we're settled in the new house. We had a NASTY stomach bug a few weeks back and Peter would sit on the toilet for that which was good because there was no diaper that could contain it! He goes pee a couple times a day and tells me when he goes....I know he's ready, I just don't have the time or energy to clean up accidents right now.

    God Bless you!

  10. I love the thankful posts for they remind me to look at the hard days with a gentler heart.

  11. I always love your thankful posts so much! The teenager cake is the best, I'm making one for the next kiddo who becomes a teenager!

  12. I hope you like your Bubba! I gave one to Ellie for her birthday. It is my new gift to others. I just love mine! You are can fit so much water in it. I love the handle on it.
    So many nice pictures here. It is hard to start blogging when it has been so long. I am glad you still do. I miss it when you don't blog.

    Hope Sweetie-Pie likes her new if it will only get warmer. Stupid cold MN.

    Your eggs look great!
    Your family together. Precious moments and pictures are wonderful keepsakes.
    Thanks for your thankfuls!

  13. I'm also back to blogging after months of not blogging. Its great to read your updates on your family. I still keep the link to your blog on my reading list. You have been a great motivator over the past few years. Thank you.


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