Thursday, July 16, 2015

Thankful Summer

Gosh, I have to say Thankful Summer, because, like, I haven't even done a post
for weeks!  I thought this would be the best way to catch up.
I haven't done anything that special, just life.
Sometimes life just takes over.
And it should.
Because it's fleeting.
This time with my children will be gone in a flash.
I try to be more present and I admit,
I shouldn't have to try, right?
With all the world's distractions sometimes it's
hard to focus and just tune it all out.
Sometimes I wish there was no Facebook, or Pinterest,
or blogs or just busy-time stealing-wastes of time out there.
All in balance.
Balance, because there are a lot of good things
that come out of those things I listed.
That's where the word try comes in.

Anyway, remembering to always be Thankful to God for His many blessings.
Here's a catch-up from June:

Thankful for time with my beautiful cousin Kristin.
She's so thoughtful and fun to be around. 
Thankful she's so close now, because I'll miss her so much when we move.
 Her kiddos are so sweet and beautiful!
Thankful for Nolan and Samantha and that my kiddos get to play with them!
Thankful June had parades....we have unicyclists in!
I really enjoy going and watching  
 We are parade pros man!
Thankful for girl summer camps
(I drove 10 wonderful girls down to this camp-it was such a fun drive!) 

Thankful the sisters in charge are so COOL!
 Thankful for our diocese's Vocations Camp for boys!
(hosted by the lovely Mrs 12 Lives at the Lake +1 and her family)
Thankful the priest in charge and seminarians are also very COOL!!
(Fr Scott here)
Thankful my children have the best father in the world!
Celebrating Father's day here
And here with my father.

Thankful for summer.   
Thankful for loving, caring big older brothers....
Thankful pre-school speech classes started for Simeon here
He was not too crazy about mama leaving here, but he did fine.

With a crash nap afterward, of course!
Thankful even Superman takes a nap sometimes!
Thankful for bedtime stories in bed with my littles!
 Thankful he has this deep hearty laugh, "Mwaaaahahahahahah"
Thankful these water shooters are the best thing you can buy for only 99cents!
Thankful for summer time feet-washing at the sink!
She's out of water here,
Thankful I have big kiddos that help me water the flowers!
Oh, my!
Thankful we spend lots of days here
Thankful for my beautiful porch to hang our beach towels to dry. 
Summer....I love summer.

And to end
Thankful I tried this new salad!
Found it HERE
(updated, I forgot I did not add mango or avocado,
 but added craisons for added sweetness!)

I'll leave you with this yummy salad for now
and be back with my July Thankful's soon.



  1. Awesome pictures -- happy kids! I love that salad too, except I don't add the mango. I don't know why, I just don't, but I love the edamame and the toasted ramen. Oh, and I add carrots because I like orange. Yum. That's a meal for me!

    1. You know what? I didn't do the mango either...and I also didn't do the avocado, but I did put in Craisons...for that added sweetness. Mmmmmm extra carrots would be good. It is a meal for me too!

  2. Gotta get this out is going into the shop tomorrow because the screen doesn't work!
    Looks like you and the kids are having an awesome summer! So nice they get to go to religious camps. We haven't made it to one parade and I don't think we will this year:( I love parades!! Love seeing pictures of the kiddos...growing up so fast!

  3. Your front porch is so beautiful with all the flowers and plants looking so lovely. I would never make it off that porch! I would just sit there with my coffee and get nothing done!

    Those camps sound amazing!

  4. Jamie posted! Jamie posted!
    Happy day!
    So happy to get caught up with you, my friend.
    And happy that you and your littles are enjoying the summer.
    When is the move?
    How are you?
    Inquiring minds. : )

  5. What great June Thankfuls! They are the best and sweetest, grabbing the tidbits of every day life. Your kids always make me smile and I enjoy the beauty of your flowers and yard. So pretty. Keep enjoying these July days, sweet Jamie!


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