Monday, February 18, 2008

Fancy Nancy Reading

These are wonderful books! We have had the first Fancy Nancy book for about a year and never tire of reading it. The illustrations are so fun to look at. After a trip to Sam's Club this weekend, in an effort to keep my girls occupied so I could shop, I could not get these next 2 Fancy Nancy books out of their hands! We have read them several times and they are wonderful. I do think there is a little bit of Nancy in every little girl.

Speaking of Sam's Club, do you ever feel like a bobble head when you bring your children with shopping? Constantly looking around to make sure they are following or holding on?


  1. I always feel like a bobble head at Sam's Club!

  2. Jamie-I love your blog! As a new blogger also, I can appreciate your enthusiasm with uploading pictures. Me too! I feel very hi tech. I love these books but they are for my grandkids. I'm just a "little" older than you. Your kids are beautiful. You seem a wonderful Christian woman. I will continue to visit your blog. Nerm

  3. Hello Jamie, Thank you for helping me with my blog. You are so cool and you will get awards for your blog I just know it.

    I love reading also. I look forward to summer when we get to the library a lot more then now.

  4. One of my daughters LOVES the Fancy Nancy books. They are so sweet. She has the first one memorized and pretends she's reading it all the time. I didn't know there were three - I'll have to check it out.

    I'm originally from MN - love the state although I'm not really missing the way below zero temps there or in ND (we lived in ND for the last six years and just moved to Ohio).


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