Monday, July 22, 2013

A Few Things...

Just wondering why more people don't use this?
Seriously, we just, after owning it for a year an a half,
 saw this sign on the back of our van!
This was not even a selling point, I mean, the salesman did NOT
even tell us our van could use E-85!
We found it about 6 weeks ago.
Our town is pretty big, I mean there are a lot of  gas stations, 
yet only 3 carry it. 
When I go fill up, no one is in line for the one pump that carries it.
Seriously?  I save over $20 each fill up!

We notice no lack of gas mileage, it seems the same.
I'm wondering why more cars are not using it?
I know that it works for cars up to 2 years old
(our van)

Do you use E-85?
If not, and you have a vehicle that can use it, why not?

(I know older vehicles can not use it)
 Witch Fingers!
I found these today at the grocery store!
They are just grapes that look like tiny peppers, only if they were peppers, 
we'd say they look like grapes.
They are seedless grapes and are really juicy and the kids love them!

Now why in the world would they call them Witch Fingers?
I mean, couldn't they come up with a better name, like, maybe 
Fairy Fingers?
 After the birthday post
a couple people asked about the box at the end of the bed.
This was the before picture.
I posted it on Facebook, to show my brother, John.
It was ours when we were little, 
It was our toybox (we are talking over 40 years ago folks)
 and my mom painted it red and put this orange felty stuff on top.
Later, my brother had it as a teen,
 and put on these nice "Skoal Chewing Tobacco" stickers 

I found out that my uncle Larry (my mom's brother) actually made it originally,
and has since made similar boxes for his grandchildren.
Special box, huh?

 Somehow I ended up with it
My brother had fixed the hinges on it 10 or 20 years ago and the nails were
not the right size, and were sticking out the top, so it was too dangerous to use

I decided to fix it and surprise "Rosie" on her birthday
I put sticky, felt, circle, chair bottom thingy's on the nails that were sticking out 
painted it the color of her room
and added some padding and nice material
 At first I was planning on a window seat, 
but it looked better at the end of her bed.

 I spray painted her brown folding desk chair blue too
Yes, I know, I'm crafty sometimes.
See that pink thingy? 
Yep, I painted that too.
(no bed skirt on the bed, because spiders can crawl up those you know)

Last but not least
Well, maybe it is least, I don't really know.

Falling Skies 
is a show my husband and I have been watching via Netflix!
It is an Alien type show, but, now just stop there,
it's actually pretty good. 
But if you think about it, aliens?
Stupid.  I know. 
We are caught up now and are DVR-ing the new ones.
(It has Noah Wyle in it)


  1. We are Flex Fuel, too, but no E-85 stations within 50 miles. Argh. Love what you did with the furniture! Too cute, and the colors are the best.

    I would love to try witch fingers, and would also love to start a campaign to change the name of them!

  2. I've not heard of Flex Fuel. What is it? Those witch fingers are crazy to look at! And, yes, the furniture looks great! Fresh paint is amazing. :)

    1. I think Flex Fuel is just a vehicle that takes both, unleaded or E-85...not sure though....

  3. I don't know what flex fuel is, but I don't buy gas that has ethanol in it because it ruined the engine in my last car. A mechanic told me to think of corn syrup sitting on the bottom of the fuel tank as it separates from the gasoline.

    1. How did it ruin the engine? Was it a vehicle that was supposed to take it?

    2. It had a lot of trouble starting every time I turned the ignition. I was told any vehicle could handle ethanol(not by a mechanic), but that car didn't handle it well at all.

  4. Our new to us 2012 van is FlexFuel, but haven't tried it yet. Of course, in the towns near to us I don't think I've seen one with E85 yet either :( Someone recently told me that they were told when they just bought an E85 vehicle, that you shouldn't run the tank less than 1/4 though with E85 in it. Not sure why. Hmm...

    Love, love that bench!! Look at you, all crafty Jamie. So impressive!

    ps..when July is done kicking my butt with busyness, maybe we can finally set a meet up date with the kids in August?? Pretty please? ;)

    1. Oops. No one told us the 1/4 tank thing...Have to watch that.

      Tom said that it was a whole dollar less yesterday. That's a big deal.

      Can't wait to meet up with you!! We can meet in our town or even that town near you that begins with a big A!!

      Have to meet my Fargo Sarah there too!!

  5. I have never heard of or seen witch fingers in our grocery stores. I love what you did with the box. Very cute and crafty. Have a great week.

  6. Oh my gosh, the witch fingers are so cool!

  7. Never heard of that gas or witch fingers! You enlightened me!

    I hope to try the witch fingers for sure. I don't have a car that uses that kind of gas.

    The bench turned out so cool. crafty MAMA!

  8. I think it's better suited to be called Witch Fingers; those things are too ugly to be called Fairy Fingers. But I bet they're delicious!

    1. I guess they are kind of ugly...Simeon loves them, and they are not round chokey grapes...

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Witch Fingers sound fun to eat. I can see us playing Hansel and Gretel and getting back at the Witch by eating grapes. LOL I erased my last post because I put which instead of witch. I felt really stupid. Oh well. I also love what you did with the entire space for your daughter.

  11. We all goof up like that, don't worry about it! I suppose witch fingers are more fun for boys and girls to eat, where fairy fingers might not be as fun for boys?


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