Monday, July 8, 2013

Time To Get Up!!

Do you get up right away when the alarm goes off?


Do you set your alarm,
 knowing you will snooze 2-5 times before getting up?


What's an alarm?  (I have kids)


What do you think I do?

(I'll be back to update and tell you in a couple days!)

Check the comments for my answer!!


  1. I think you just published this post!

    I say you snooze. I have no idea really.

    I used to get up on my own before an alarm but a medicine I am on really screws with my sleep so now it's I wake up with the alarm but if I need up before 7 I am likely to snooze.

  2. I am a get right up when the alarm goes off kind of person. I don't ever let myself snooze or I will oversleep and be late. I hate being late.
    I bet you're a get up and go-er. No idea if that's true but if you're like me with a list and things to accomplish I think get up and go-er.

  3. I always get up before the alarm. My body is programmed to get up at 4 AM everyday, I guess after so many years of doing it, and I can't break it.

    I'll bet you get up and go.

  4. I am a forced morning person. I hate getting up, but now the kids get me up. And when they sleep in, I always feel like we are running behind... but not enough that I would set an alarm to guarantee we are all up by 7. :-)

  5. Ok, I LOve love love love sleep and hate waking up. I definitely was a professional snoozer before children. Now I don't even set a clock. The girls are my alarm and my love for them is greater than my love of sleep. I think the same goes for you.

  6. I have to get up...the dogs won't let me lay there!

  7. No need for an alarm here...I am a morning person! My body just wakes up...and if not, a cute little 3 year old does the trick! I don't like to lay in bed...I have to get up and get going before everyone else is up. If not, I feel behind for the rest of the day!

    Having said that, I may or may not admit to a little snuggle on the sofa in the afternoon.

    You, my friend? I'm thinking you get up and go! : )

  8. What is an alarm :) I used to set mine way early and hit snooze many, many times. I ended up changing that because it ended up I was way more well-rested if I just set one alarm and woke up!

  9. I ignore my alarm, and usually the kids wake me up, but today they decided to pplay upstairs and I didn't get up until 6:41 and I have to be at work at 7!!! Quick shower and a yogurt to go, and I was only 6 minutes late. Phew!

    P.S. Nice family photo at the top :)

    1. I slept in till 6:41... lol. Just had an image of you saying that in like your twenties... would that have been "sleeping in"? Can so tell you're a responsible parent.

  10. We don't need our alarm either. The kids are up at 6am every morning. Sean usually gets up about 7am and I stay in bed until we get in the shower, which is around 8am. He spends the next hour or two procrastinating before heading out the door to work. I usually get the kids breakfast and then it's off to homeschool land for the next 6+ hours. Sean gets home around 5pm, dinner is on the table by 5:30 and then its showers for all and bed. Just in time to start the whole process all over again.

  11. Hi JamieJo!
    I do usually tend to snooze the alarm. Shocked, are you?! haha. IF I can get to bed by a decent hour, say, 10:30... I can get up when the alarm goes off. But... lately I haven't been getting to bed until midnight or so, then then it is just too hard to get up at 6 when the alarm sounds.

    I'm guessing you snooze it too... but really, I have no idea! :-D

    Blessing for you all!
    p.s. - Love the new photo on top!!

  12. I laughed right outloud at all you who thought I got up right away!!! (although, when I DO get up, I DO go!!)

    I SNOOZE!! Drives my husband crazy, the non snoozer.

    I actually sometimes set my alarm (OK, I almost always do) set my alarm so I can snooze. You know, set it like 15 or 20 minutes earlier...told you it drives my husband crazy!!

    I usually set it for 6am...and if I snooze once, it makes getting ready for Mass a little rushed, if I snooze 2 times, it means no shower, I'm putting my hair up...

    I am a night person and I can't have it both ways....wish I could, but I just can't. (stay up late and get up early)

    I'm picking up my daughter at a camp way down south in Sleepy Eye (yes, it is a real town, not just on Little House on the Prairie) (it's a little town though) from camp (Schoenstatt girls camp) And tomorrow is her birthday!!!

  13. I always set my alarm for about 15 minutes but in my defense those 15 minutes tend to be time for quiet whispers to the Lord reminding me that the day is His and I seek only to do His will. However, I do have to say darn iphone only having a 9 minute snooze requires me to switch over to the timer.

  14. I am a night person also. I get up around 730 every day. snooze snooze snooze!

  15. I get up right away if I set my alarm...drives me nuts when my hubbie snoozes or sets the clocks ahead so 'there's more time'. I always wonder why the snooze, do you really get quality sleep? I can never get back to sleep if I wake up.


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