Thursday, May 28, 2015

An Answer to Prayer

 If you haven't already heard or read,
we've decided to move to Arizona!
 After talking with one of the women in the Catholic homeschool group
in the Phoenix area, we decided on these cities:
Mesa, Gilbert or Chandler
The homes listed in those cities alone, weekly,
 is overwhelming.
How do we decide?
Where should we move to?
How will we know, all the homes are awesome, there are tons of parks,
there are Catholic churches all around.
Calm down Jamie.
During my holy hour, during Adoration,
I was kind of spazzing like that to Jesus.
My mind racing.
Then, I remembered, I should ask Jesus where HE wants us to move.
"Jesus, where do YOU want us to move?"
The rest of the hour, all I heard in my head was Gilbert.
(because God knows I need direct, clear answers)
And a sign.
I need signs.
I asked, "Gilbert?"
"Why Gilbert?"
"That is not the one I would have picked."
"OK, but I need a sign"
(because "Gilbert" going off in my head for an hour is not enough)
"Please give me a sign"

 For all of you wondering why we are moving.
It is the sun.
Yes, we know it's hot there.
That is why we are moving.
 Plus, if we ever miss the snow (Hahahahahahah)
we could always drive up north a couple hours and see it again
(this picture is in Flagstaff, AZ)
So, after getting home and feeding my family,
I decided to check on the parishes in Gilbert.
They were amazing!
The faith seemed so alive, it was very exciting to know
that I could go to daily Mass, confession and Adoration whenever I wanted.
(this is my number one thing I look up, when looking at cities)
during the school year, has Confession available from 6:20am-6:20pm 2 days a week,
and is also available 3 other days for like an hour and a half!
Plus 3 daily Masses.
(their summer hours are different starting June 1)
And 24 hour Adoration!
has daily Confession and Mass and Adoration after morning Mass
from 9am to 9pm
I was excited.
Now, for the normal person,
this probably would be enough of a "sign", right?
Not me.
I wanted a sign, that only I would know was for me.
 The next day Simeon wanted to wear his "shark shirt"
We got it in Texas. 
It's his favorite shirt.
I knew there were types of sharks on there, but never really paid attention
until what he asked me next.
"Mama, read the shark's names!"
"OK, Hammerhead...."
"No mama, their names!"
Me: "Oh, OK"
(I had not realized they all had names)
"Sammy, the Hammerhead"
(reading from left to right, top to bottom)
"Bubba, the Blue Shark?"
"Tony, the Tiger Shark"
"Marky, the Mako Shark?"
Brace yourself.
"Gilbert, the Great White Shark"
I froze.
I laughed.
I yelled.
(to everyone in the house to come see!!)
Everyone made fun of me.
So, I asked for yet, another sign.
I went to Confession and ran into a friend,
Simeon's godfather, and he told me that Gilbert is a great saint!
Who knew?
(not me!)
Sure enough!
"OK, God, Gilbert it is!"
3 more reassurances happened this week,
Gilbert, Arizona, was listed as number 2, in the Top 10 safest cities over 200,000

I saw my cousin at his grandmother's funeral.
He'd flown in from Arizona.
I didn't even know he lived in AZ til this past year
when we became friends on Facebook.
He was in the process of moving from Queen Creek, AZ
Guess where!!
And last, but not least,
My good blogger friend,
that I knew lived in the Phoenix area,
actually lives in GILBERT!
The kids found a favorite house in Mesa, that has everything we are looking for,
(including lots of citrus trees)
It is located on a corner, the street on the side of the home is "Gilbert Street"
Hmmmmm....the kids are trying to talk me into this being the house,
even though, it's in Mesa.
On Gilbert Street.
God is Good and answers prayers.
I have no doubt He will lead us to where He wants us to be.

(whether that be in Gilbert or in Mesa on Gilbert Street)


  1. Very exciting!! Do you have a house hunting trip planned for you or your husband (or the entire family)?

    1. We are planning on flying out to Arizona once we get an offer on our home, so we can then, put an offer on a home out will be a "House Hunter" type situation...see a few homes and decide! Tom and I will fly out with the 2 youngest and the others are going to friends' homes to spend time with them before we move!

  2. Jamie Jo - you are going to love Gilbert, I am sure. Thanks for linking to my blog. So happy that God has answered your prayers. By the way, guess who came by my house this last week - some "Catholics Come Home" missionaries from St. Anne's Parish. They were looking for Catholics and I thought of you! I have one of the parish announcement magazines and I want to send it to you. It has lots of good info you might need/want. PM me your snail mail address on FB or email me and I will get it in the mail to you. So excited for you to be moving out here!

    1. Thank you so much Deb, that is so sweet of you!!

      We are excited to be moving out there and I am even more excited to have a built in friend already there! :) (YOU!)

  3. It sounds like a wonderful place!! Thanks for sharing such a neat story. I love it. God's hand is in it. Prayers answered.

  4. Love this. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Kind of stupid...but you just know when a prayer is answered....!

  5. I just love this and am so very happy for you and your family!!!

  6. You sound just like me! Well, unless it's plastered on a billboard, I'm just not quite sure that's God's plan. And then He plasters it on a shirt :) lol. I am sure whichever Gilbert town or street you find yourselves at, it will be perfect. And don't think that I'm not storing that cheap flight info you gave me back in my brain for an icky winter day. I am. :0

    1. Yay!! (storing it in the back of my mind now too!)

  7. Get out!!!!
    Love when God sends us directions in Black and White!!!!
    So excited for you all. : )
    And...I love Deb! : )

    1. Me too! Wish everything had clear answers like that!

  8. LUV this kind of stuff and wishing you the best!

  9. That's a lot of signs! I was wondering the other day myself if the Holy Spirit doesn't get tired of repeating himself. :-)

  10. So excited for you! Gilbert sounds like the perfect place!

  11. I need signs like that too. I can't help be excited for you and your brave journey! :D !!!


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