Monday, June 6, 2011

Many Things/One Post!

 Sweetie Pie is weaned!
I can wear night gowns, no more nursing.
I was a little sad the first night.
I miss holding her all night.
Well, you know, til midnight.
She only cried maybe 2 minutes and the girls talked to her and calmed her down
and she just laid down and went to sleep.
No problem since, it's been 3 nights now!
 I got all my planting done!
This year it seems a major accomplishment

With all this cuteness, I'm constantly grabbing my camera.
I just want to photograph her all day! 

That, and the fact that she's always running away from me.... 

And stepping right where we are trying to plant! 

 My assigned waterer for the summer.
She is a true gardener, she loves being outside, looking for bugs and digging in the dirt.
 Summer has finally arrived here in Minnesota, temps in the 80's all week expected!!
I love summer!

 My Iris's are blooming
 We planted Cosmos and Zinnia's in the box
 Purple Zinnia's in front of the box (the side by the road)
Those big bushy plants are Black Eyed Susans and Daisies
3 tomato plants, 1 cherry tomato plant,
1 jalapeno, and 1 habenero plant (Tom's)
Yellow and red Yarrow and Purple Perennial --dang, I can't remember the name.....they spread like crazy and I've' planted them in the back garden.... 
I got all my pots planted, still hoping to get some hanging pots for the porch.
My mailbox, has Pink Petunias and daisies and that purple plant....hmmm, where is my memory?
I also planted Morning Glories to climb up the mailbox.
If you are new to my blog, I love mailboxes.
We go there every day, the mail man goes there every day, it is something so simple, yet 
we see it every day.  That is why I love them! 

 Our summer reading on the porch.
Finally it's warm enough in the mornings to sit and read!

I got this scent a few weeks ago and had to throw it out, it now makes me gag every time I smell it.
How am I feeling?
nausea all day, very very tired, like tired to the bones tired, every time I sit down, I feel I can't get up tired.
And my tummy is already showing. 
I always start showing very quickly, this started with the 4th baby.
It's exciting though!
My husband and son informed me they don't want to know the sex of the baby.
I'm finding out.
Since my hubby doesn't want to know til we have the baby, I can't tell anyone else.
We didn't find out with our first baby, found out at 32 weeks with the 2nd but didn't tell anyone 
(which was really fun)
found out with the rest.  

I figured out why I couldn't leave comments at some blogs (lots of them)
I needed to update to "Google Chrome".
Everything is fine now.
It's the replaced "Internet Explorer"
We haven't figured out how to access my "favorites" yet though....

Check it out and try to guess 

Planning my cupcakes for the shower!!!

Have a great day everyone!!


  1. I use Firefox and can comment, it's a different web browser as well. I don't like IE, and I've thought about doing a post on it, but I recently saw a commercial of Google Chrome's supporting some gay project. So I don't use them.

  2. Yeah! I just changed to Google chrome to see if it would does!! Yeah!!

  3. I use Firefox as well. LOVE all the pictures! Wish we could get together-feel like it is long overdue! Praying you feel better!

  4. Chrome works fine for me. Glad the warm temps are with you so you can have fun outside. Beautiful pictures

  5. I'd be photographing them ll day long too. Beautiful garden, beautiful children.

    Not a green thumb girl, so I really appreciate your hardwork.

  6. Hi Jamie, your daughter is delightful! Such sweet pictures. Sorry to hear about the tiredness... but you've accomplished alot for being so tired. All that planting? That's fantastic!!

    I tried to update with Google Chrome last night and it didn't go through...not sure why. Did you have any issues?

  7. Noreen, my husband said he had to unload it and then reload it and then it worked.

  8. Look at sweetie-pie's beautiful curls. I would do anything to have your hair...or hers. Mine is so stupid and ugly right now I want to go bald and do a Dolly.

    Good to see that you got some garden stuff in. I watered today. I need to pass that job off but I like to do it myself.

    I will officially nurse this baby till she is 25yrs old. She still nurses sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo..much.

    Showing?? ALready?? Maybe TWINS!!!??

    Hope you feel better.

  9. I just weaned my little one too.. Actually it has been about a week now, and today she really wanted to nurse. I found her a treat instead. :( I just am not able to nurse while pregnant, without causing complications.

    I would have SUCH a hard time knowing what we were having, and keeping it a secret from my Husband!

    And thank you so much for your help with the Baby Shower, and for sharing the link!! :)

  10. Hi Jamie!

    First of all, jalapenos?! You are brave! I'm too sensitive to the hot stuff!

    I hope you're feeling better. Not easy in the early stages of pregnancy, is it? I'm doing a little better with fatigue, though one day I feel like I have energy and the next I can barely get off the couch!

  11. Becky-Oh, no the peppers are for Tom!

    Jessica, not sure how I will be able to keep a's not fair he should want a surprise, is it?

  12. Hi Jamie Jo~Having fun getting caught up on your posts. I know what you mean about photographing those cute little toddlers:) Oh boy, I felt nauseous and tired with all of empathy and prayers are with you. Have a great VBS week and take care of yourself!

  13. Just stopping by to see if I can comment here without trouble :)

    Love the Sweetie Pie photos and those curls!!!

  14. I Also use Firefox and cute baby . beautiful looking and nice pink dress . lovely posting and good family . awesome posting so thanks

  15. Excellent Posting ! so cute baby


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