Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Feast of the Immaculate Conception!

I love that.

This is one of my favorite Feast days.

Well, any Feast day with our Lady is a favorite!

When I was a kid, I thought it was the Immaculate Conception of Jesus.

It is not.

 It is the day to celebrate Mary's Immaculate Conception.

To celebrate that God chose her from the very beginning.

God knew she would say yes.

We will eat blueberry muffins, go to Mass tonight, color these 

******I met with the Perintologist today and it was very positive!******
He sees no reason to deliver any earlier than my scheduled date of Jan 3, unless my fluid drops below a 6.
Which could happen the week before, just like my last baby.
But as of now, the fluid level is at an 8!!
(the other day it was a 7 and last week was a 6)
He also was very positive and explained the kidney issue much better than any of the other 3 doctors we've had.
This is very common (so I'm told) and is just an obstruction in the ureter.
It's one of 2 kinds of obstructions,
either a piece of tissue blocking it or
2 of the nerves coming down, instead of them being behind the ureter, one would be in front and one in the back of it,
causing pressure on the ureter.
Both of these things can fix themselves after birth,
if it's a blockage of tissue, could need to be "flushed" out with a surgery,
not needing anything within the first 72 hours after birth.
He explained to me that the baby's kidneys can work much differently outside the womb than inside,
which is how it could fix itself.
Because there is urine in the bladder of the baby,
at least one of the kidneys is working,
possibly both, just the left one might not be draining completely, causing the backup.
make any sense?
It does to me,
which gives me much more peace of mind and heart.

Thank you God for small miracles.
They happen every day, don't they?

I have been an emotional mess since Tuesday worrying about this appt.
I'm feeling much better now.

Hoping to come back to do a Thankful Thursday post, but with school to teach, 
Mass, and a doctor appt, no promises!

God bless you, happy Feast day!!


  1. You will have such a busy day today, but I am praying your appointment ends with good news. Don't try to do too much!

  2. Me too, praying for a good appointment for you. No doubt Our Lady is presenting you and baby to Our Lord today :)

  3. God bless you as well! I hope your appointment goes well. Hard to believe it's so close. At least, for me it is!

    Enjoy your day!

  4. You're doing great. :)
    Thank you for your Christmas card: I felt so loved! You must have gone to a lot of work hunting down our address. Thank you!

  5. Thank you ladies for all your beautiful prayers.

    They mean the world to me.

    Laura--it's called a "Church Directory"!! :)

    So glad to hear you are doing OK~

    I gots the worries too yaknow!!!

    Already did Mass this morning with my crazy toddler. man oh man she keeps me busy. LUB her though.

    Missing a certain man in my life right now.

    I keep thinking and praying for you every day. HANG IN THERE!!!!

  7. Yay! sounds like you guys are getting ready!

    By the way, in Feb (I know you'll need it before then) I can send you several of the valves and rings for the bottles, so you'd just have to buy nipples if you want. We use the Evenflo glass bottles and they work perfectly with the special needs feeder system.

    Happy feast day - and happy birthday to Leo! woohoo! one year!!! We're celebrating one year of pumping too - and he is 21.75 lbs! If I can do it, you can do it!!

  8. Our Lady will surely guide you through the rest of this pregnancy! Your beautiful devotion is surely pleasing to Our Lord. Praise God for the small glimmers of hope:)

  9. Such wonderful news from the doctor's appointment- We will keep praying that the kidney does correct itself, that the fluid levels continue to stay stable, and that you are filled with the peace of our Lord always. :)

  10. 2 blessings for me today...this hopeful news and your card.

    Sending you love and hugs, friend! God bless you all.

  11. It sounds like much better news! Glad to hear you feel more at ease, very important. You'll still be in my prayers.

    God bless!

  12. Oh, I'm so glad you got some reassuring news from the doctor! Happy feast day!!

  13. So glad to read the updated news. Doctors can make a world of difference, don't they, in how they communicate? I pray it stays on the up and up and baby can safely wait until your scheduled date. :)


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